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Adrenal Stress Testing: A Few Questions

So, I'm still knackered and cold; I figure it's time to get an adrenal stress test done. Got the kit, but have some questions to ask of those members who have been down the postal route.

Genova recommend an overnight postal delivery service; the last sample is supposed to be taken before going to bed. Would I be right in thinking that you take samples on one day and then send them the next day by guaranteed special delivery (looks like the best option)? Would you leave it as late in the day as possible before sending so the cool block doesn't thaw out massively? Also, do samples need to be kept refrigerated / frozen after collection? (Yes, this information is probably on the info sheet they sent, but I've not got it at work with me.) If so, then I would need to do this on a weekend, freeze the samples and send on a Monday.

How have others done it?

Many thanks


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In advance of producing the samples, ask at the post office you intend to use when the latest time is for posting something for guaranteed next day delivery. Remember to allow time for delays and queues. Also remember to post your samples on a Monday - Wednesday, so that the lab has time to do the testing before the end of the working week.

Freeze the cool block. Freeze every sample immediately you've produced it. Leave the samples and the cool block in the freezer overnight.

The next day, package up the cool block and the samples according to the instructions provided by Genova. Go to the post office in time for the last collection for "Guaranteed Next Day Delivery".

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Thanks, humanbean. So I'll produce the samples on a weekend (when I have access to a freezer) and send on the Monday.


That's what I do. :)


humanbean - just had a quick look on the Royal Mail website and it looks as though frozen water/ice is prohibited. Does that mean 'cool gel' is permitted?

Is confused!


Ooh - I didn't know that. They've obviously changed the rules since I last did an adrenal stress test. I think if it was not allowed then Genova would have to tell their customers that, and would have to insist on people using a courier. But since they don't I'm guessing it is okay. They actually label their return envelopes now to say they contain blood or saliva. So it isn't as if anyone is hiding anything. I'm sure the cool block is completely sealed so it can't leak, even if it defrosts.


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