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Adrenal Stress Profile results and thyroid med problems

I have been on Levo for 10 years. In May I had an A&E trip with horrible heart poundings in the early hours, shaking, nausea etc. ECG all clear. The GP and I think I had become 'overmediacted' on Levo which I believe had not been suiting me for 3 years or so. I am currently referred to an endo who has done 24 hr urine ACTH (?) test which he said came back 'borderline' and has followed it up with a blood test for which we are awaiting results. He also took me off Levo altogether as I was getting allergic reactions and couldn't breathe and says next week we will try 'a different thyroid hormone' which I hope will be T3. So I was off Levo for around 4 days prior to collecting the saliva below.

While waiting for the blood results I thought it might be informative to get an Adrenal Stress Profile done (previous time was 18 months ago) and have received the results belowe which I don't quite understand.


sample 1: 29.8 H (range 12-22) Sample 2: 3.4 L (5 - 9) Sample 3: 3.7 (3 - 7) Sample 4: 10.7 H (0.2-0.7)

DHEA : am 0.09 L pm 0.08 L (DHEA mean 0.02 - 0.7)

DHEA:Cortisol ratio 0.18 L (0.6 -3.0)

However a few days ago I had to get some anti biotics for an infection in a tooth which has had some previous work done on it and this infection would have been coming on a few days prior to my saliva collection. Could this infection have affected my cortisol readings, does anyone know please ?

Thank you


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Daffers123, what does 'borderline' in regards to ACTH mean? Borderline high or borderline low?

Infection can cause high cortisol and also high blood glucose. And fever. Swollen lymph nodes. The whole nine yards. Seems the body is cranked up to fight but makes sure the brain gets enough glucose in the process.

Sometimes, especially with diabetics, it will result in tremendously high blood glucose. My grandfather died because of type 2 diabetes, so I'm entirely over concerned about my oral hygiene. I don't want anything going wrong in my mouth. Not even gingivitis. My doctor initially thought I was out of my mind because I have a glucose meter and every so often I'll spend a week-end day doing glucose testing but once I told her about my family history she decided maybe excess caution is better than being too casual.

In early January I got sick and the sinuses got congested. My blood glucose was spiking all over the place way higher than I'd ever seen it. It was going up to 10 and then would plummet to low 3s. It was doing a very uncomfortable yoyo even from eating a small baked potato. Once the infection cleared up, blood glucose responses went back to normal. Thank goodness. This was 3 weeks after starting to take Cytomel which comes with a warning that it can cause high blood sugars........... So I didn't know for sure what was going on.


Just to say that I tried to reply to you a few minutes ago but not sure if it went off.If not thanks for all that info and get mmore info from the endo this Wednesday. I think/hope he is going to put me on T3 as I get a bad reaction to Levo but we'll see.

Did you get your Prednisone and T3 sorted out ?


Daffers, I was on 10 mcg Cytomel in Jan - May and now on 15 mcg. But also on Levo.

Suze is on 'purified levo' which I don't know what it is. Maybe you could PM her.


Hi, I cant comment on your results. What I can do is recommend that you google Autonomic Nervous System Health/Dr L Wilson and also Keeping your Autonomic Nervous System Health by Lawrence Wilson MD - 2 similar articles by same person. Also ARL: Nutritional Causes of Allergies at Then it would be wise to get a hair mineral analysis done.

I am in Australia but have had a couple done by Trace Elements in the US. The last one was $120 Australian but it is well worth it. You can see what minerals are high or low and what the different ratios are. They also recommend a diet to help balance the body.

I hope this helps.


Thanks so much h. Will Google as you suggest. Have just phoned UK lab re hair mineral analysis so thank you again


I hope it will at least get things going in the right direction for you. Unfortunately GPs are not up to date with the hair mineral analysis resource but they can be educated if they are willing to listen. Once you get a hair mineral analysis done you can run that by your GP. I hope they will be open to learning from it.


If you take a look at you will see how intricate mineral interactions are and what a snowballing effect it can have if you supplement something which is not needed. Last year I had a blood test which showed my minerals were all at perfect levels in my bloodstream. But at cellular level it was a different story which was indicated by the hair mineral analysis.

Minerals work in pairs and also are antagonist or synergistic. Without a hair analysis it is like trying to win lotto. You could go on forever having the wrong combination of minerals.


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