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NO libido & other sympts / Full LAB results / thoughts?

Well, my libido/sexual drive has been decreasing slowly for the last 7-8 years (I'm a 34yo MALE) to a point where it's not there anymore - whatsoever!!! Also seen less ejaculation volume, no morning erections, less penis skin sensitivity and few/none sexual fantasies. Reduced effect of Cialis-Levitra-Viagra has been observed.

Other symptoms: "void/empty" feeling, mood changes, less sociability, less interest for new things, lack of motivation, passive attitude.

All tests done around 8:30am after 12hs fasting. NO SUPPLEMENTS/NO MEDS AT ALL!!!

BIOCHEMISTRY (only borderline results):

Potassium: 3.4 nmol/L (3.5 - 5.1)

Chloride: 95 nmol/L (98 - 107)

Uric Acid: 541 umol/L (266 - 474)

Ferritin: 407 ug/L (30 - 400)

Homocysteine: 14 umol/L ( < 15) /// OPTIMUM: <7?

Vitamin B6: 32.5 ug/L (8.7 - 27.2)

Vitamin D25 Oh: 46 nmol/L (50 - 200)

Copper: 21.3 umol/L (11 - 22)

Microalbumin/Creatinine ratio (URINE): 6.21 mg/nmol (0.0 - 2.80)

ENDOCRINOLOGY (all results):

DHEA-SULPHATE (SERUM): 10.3 umol/L (5.8 - 25) /// OPTIMUM: 19-24?

DHEA (SALIVARY AM): 1.60 nmol/L (0.25 - 2.22)

DHEA (SALIVARY PM): 0.40 nmol/L (0.25 - 2.22)

FSH: 1.6 IU/L (1.5 - 12.4)

LH: 3.0 IU/L (1.7 - 8.6)

TESTO TOTAL: 14.1 nmol/L (7.6 - 31.0) /// 30-34yo: 19-22?

SHBG: 26 nmol/L (16 - 55) /// 30-34yo: 35-40?

FREE ANDROGEN INDEX (T/SHBG): 50.4% (24 - 104)


TESTO FREE (CALCULATED): 2.05% (1.1 - 2.5)

DHT: 0.74 nmol/L (0.34 - 2.06) /// 20-40yo: 2.77 - 3.80?

CORTISOL (SERUM 8:30AM): 167 nmol/L (172 - 497) /// 30-35yo: 340-350?

CORTISOL (SALIVARY 8AM): 31 nmol/L (7.45 - 33)

CORTISOL (SALIVARY 1PM): 18 nmol/L (2.76 - 11)

CORTISOL (SALIVARY 5PM): 3.3 nmol/L (1.4 - 7.5)

CORTISOL (SALIVARY 10PM): 1.9 nmol/L (0.8 - 3.9)

MELATONIN (SALIVARY 8AM): <0.50 pg/mL (< 10.50)

MELATONIN (SALIVARY 5PM): <0.50 pg/mL (< 0.88)

MELATONIN (SALIVARY 2AM): 4.40 pg/mL (2.5 - 31)

PROGESTERONE: 2.1 nmol/L (0.70 - 4.30) /// MALES: 0.38 - 0.85?

OESTRADIOL/E2: 100 nmol/L (100 - 192)



PROLACTIN: 266 mIU/L (86 - 324)

IGF-1: 17.6 nmol/L (16.3 - 39.3) /// 25-40yo: 15-65?

ACTH: 12.2 ng/L (< 46)


TSH: 2.8 mIU/L (0.27 - 4.20) /// OPTIMUM: 0.3-2.5?

FREE T4: 15.7 pmol/L (12 - 22)

TOTAL T4: 73 nmol/L (60 - 154)

FREE T3: 4.4 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8)




-Secondary Hypogonadism

-Adrenal Insufficiency

-Low Testo for age

-Mild Hypothyroidism

-Aromatase Disorders

-Apnea? (I have episodes, not diagnosed)

Hope you can help me with some thoughts!


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your TSH is higher than most would like to see

your free t4 is not particularily low

your free t3 is about in balance

its possible you are going hypothyroid but I doubt the NHS would recognise that for ages and you certainly would not get treated

Maybe you are stressing about a natural drop in libido which many people suffer for no discernible reason

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Been to an Endocri in home country and he said I have many variables in borderline ranges but nothing too obvious so is difficult to start with one. He recommended 3 months of 50mg DHEA without any other supplements. He thinks my thyroid profile is not abnormal so far.

I will see a Thyroid-UK recommended Endocri later this week and come back with his thoughts.


Like most of us on here, I'm no expert but your vitamin D levels are low, which has been linked to erectile dysfunction in some studies. Try supplementing 5000IU per day along with vitamin K2. I'm not saying it'll help but keeping vitamin D levels in the range they should be helps so many things that it's worth doing.

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Been told these Vit-D levels are "normal" for winter time in the UK and not so low to affect libido but will supplement with some or try to get more sun.


Yes, but are 'normal' vit D levels for winter in the UK, 'normal' for you? That sounds like just an excuse to do nothing. Lots of us supplement vit D3 because it isn't 'normal' for us. I think you ought to at least try supplementing.

Your potassium could be higher.

Why no vit B12? Low B12 affects an awful lot of things.

Always remember that doctors know nothing about nutrition and nutritional deficiencies. :)

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Yes - there's a lot of debate about "normal" as opposed to "optimal". Most advocates for Vitamin D will tell you that the optimal level is 125-175 nmol/L so you can see how short you are. Deficiency is never "normal" and in the UK the vitamin D window has only just opened and it's hard to get enough from the sun here. 5000iu/day is the minimum you should be taking to get your levels up.


Thanks! how much time would you wait during supplementing to have the Vit-D level checked again?


I get mine checked privately with City Assays and left three months between checks. I'm due to have them rechecked but am not overly worried about it any more as the last checked showed my level at 200 nmol/L and I've kept up a maintenance dose since then. :)


Perhaps ask yout GP to check you for a pituitary adenoma.

Sexual dysfunction is one of the first signs in males.

An eye test might help, but only if you have a large tumour.



There has to be a reason for your drop in libido to a point that there is none at all - I most definitely did stress about it when it happened to me and I'm female and 10 years older. My private doctor put me on DHEA and testosterone which made a remarkable difference.


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