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Zero libido/mood swings/other symp on 34yo male > help with diagnose please (LAB RESULTS attached!)

Zero libido/mood swings/other symp on 34yo male > help with diagnose please (LAB RESULTS attached!)

Hi all! I live in the UK and reached your forum looking for some answers. I will see an Endocrinologist soon but I don't know how 'conservative' is - so would like to have some opinions beforehand...

ME: Male / 34yo / No past-current affections / No STDs / No meds / No supplements / Healthy diet / Good sleep


ALL of the symptoms started in my early 20s and have increased in a slowly but constant fashion until many of then are unbearable now or I have only realised about them because of how they affect my life.

- low to none/zero libido (sex drive)

- no morning erections

- reduced penis sensitivity

- reduced ejaculation volume

- none spontaneous sexual thoughts/no arousal from watching porn

- premature ejaculation (only in intercourse, not masturbating)

- no working effect of cialis/levitra/viagra (even max dose, only cialis work to some extent) -> because of sex desire lack I think

- somewhat good erections when masturbating only

- slight less superficial (skin) sensitivity on all left side of body (from 2008 stress episode) - CT brain scan was good / No MRI done yet.

- mood swings/irritable (specially when in front of people I know)

- fluctuating low energy (not constant)

- lack of motivation and self confidence

- diminished enthusiasm/depression

- passive attitude / depressed mood

- reduced interest in life

- not looking for desire/reward feeling

- closed to meeting new people/more anti-social

- flushed face when in front of people or stressful situations

- brain fog (not constant, some days I'm really clear)

- "Void" feeling -> as a general description

Currently on psychotherapy but not working. Actually, my therapist recommended me seeing an Endocri.

You can review all my lab results in the IMAGE ATTACHED or this PDF:

All were done around 8-9am after a 12hr fasting. I did all of those tests after own research, only some where asked by my GP on primary consultation.

After some homework I have noticed from the lab tests:

DHEA-S: Low for optimum range

FSH: Low

Testosterone Total: Low for age

Testo Bioavailable - lab measured: 50% less than calculated

T/E2 ratio: Low

SHBG: Low for age

DHT: Low for age

Cortisol (serum): Low for age (waiting for a 24hr saliva test result)

Progesterone: High for males

IGF-1: Lower range

ACTH: Lower range

TSH: High for optimum range

Homocysteine: High (cardio risk)

Lp-PLA2: High (cardio risk)

Potassium: Low

Chloride: Low

Uric Acid: High (no gout, ever)

Ferritin: HIgh (no hemochromatosis gene present)

Copper: Upper range

Hope you can add you 2cents to this, I'm kind of desperate - specially because of my complete lack of sexual desire being 34!

Would like to find the root of all this and the borderline results - just don't know where to start.

IDEAS from own research:

- Secondary Hypogonadism

- Adrenal Insufficiency

- Hypothyroidism

- Pituitary disorders

- Low Testosterone (causes?)

- Aromatase Disorders



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Would be good if you printed actual results and ranges. I think you would get better comments.

It looks Like your adrenals need some help but also you need to get done your thyroid hormones T4 and T3 to get a better idea of what s happenning with you thyroid. TSH is only part of the story. You may have to pay to get those done privately as GPs not always keen to test.


I've had T3, T4 and more done, they are all here on this PDF with their ranges:




It does look as though your doctor has been very thorough. The computer has flagged up all the out-of-range and non-optimal results. It is very interesting to see that your thyroid results are flagged as not being optimal at TSH=2.8, because many people are made to wait until their TSH is over range or even over 10 before they are taken seriously.

Your FT4 and FT3 results are below half way in the range, and I think you might be right that your thyroid is starting to fail. You don't seem to have an autoimmune thyroid condition though, because the antibody tests are both negative.

If your endocrinologist is happy to give you a trial of Levothyroxine I think you should accept it, take it for a few weeks (it takes 6-8 weeks to build up in your system) and then repeat the tests. For thyroid tests you need to have the blood test first thing in the morning without having taken Levothyroxine for 24 hours before hand. Your dose of Thyroxine should be increased until your TSH is below 1, and then you should find your FT3 and FT4 levels are above half way and preferably in the top 25% of the range. Some people can tell almost immediately if the Levothyroxine is helping them, and others have to wait 6-8 weeks to notice the difference. If it works for you then you should be able to feel the difference.

Meanwhile you should take some vitamin D (not the supermarket ones which won't help you much) eg 5000iu a day for a week or two, then you can go down to the cheap 800iu a day ones. You may find that helps a bit.

Can I ask whether you have had any lifestyle changes recently (eg sudden change in diet or exercise levels)? Or a head/neck injury (eg whiplash)?


Exceedingly thorough and easy to see where the lows are.Low testosterone is clearly a problem for you. B12 couldbe higher.


Looking like you've a Pituitary gland problem. Suggest you arrange a MRI to exclude Adenoma which most likely causing your Hypopituitarism.

Good luck.


Thank you all for this. I see I have many variables off or at borderline level. Most of them are related to Testo/DHT/FSH/DHEA-S/Cortisol/Progesterone/IGF-1 but not too related to the Thyroid (only TSH is borderline for optimum levels).

Could this be more related to Testo or something before that?


Hypothyroid in men can cause a host of libido and erection problems

As others have said this could be a pituarity problem you will need a really clued up endo who specialises in such problems majority of endoprats will brush you aside


Hi.Look at your gut and liver first. The most conversion of T4into T 3 takes place here.Also consider your diet.How many meals ,snacks you get a day.You have to eat every 2.45/3 h as living bigger gaps affects your blood sugar and brings stress hormones into play.When stress is high sex is suppressed .Its lot to talk about but it's a start.I hope it helps.


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