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Blood test results and feeling rubbish



I have hashimoto's, am on 100mcg of levothyroxine and have some recent blood test results. I have an appointment with endocrinology next week as I'm increasingly very fatigued and getting more hypothyroid symptoms and my doctor is hoping they'll give me some T3. I 'm also on HRT (transdermal patches) which I think has possibly affected the amount of T4 or something.

Anyway, results from 6th Jan:

TPO antibodies 441. 0 (<<6.0 U) This is actually a huge improvement, last year they were at 905. I attribute this to my gluten-free diet and use of selenium.

TSH 0.94 (0.35 - 5.00 U) this is up from 0.02 6 months ago

Free T4 13.0 (9.0 - 21.0 U) This is lower than the 16.0 it was 6 months ago

I managed to get a test for total T3 1.4 (0.9 - 2.5 U) I couldn't get the free T3 test though they said the endo would do that.

They tested ferritin - 80 (15 - 200 U) This has actually dropped - it was at 123 about 6 months ago.

My full blood count is low, but then again it always is.

White blood count 4.2 (4.0 - 11.0) This is actually up a wee bit fro the last time when it was off the bottom of the range.

That's mostly it - all the rest looks fine. They haven't done recent B12, folic acid. Vitamin D was tested a few months ago and was climbing to a healthy level.

I supplement with D3, K2, magnesium, selenium, vitamin C, rhodiola rosea, digestive enzymes, occasional b12 spray and occasional methyl folate.

Apart from getting them to test my free T3, has anyone any suggestions of what I can get them to test at my appointment ext week?

Many thanks

Helen xxx

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Maybe ask Endo if he could add some T3 to your Levo. 100mcg is quite a low dose of thyroid hormones. Before the blood tests we were given doses of between 200 and 400mcg until well with relief of all clinical symptoms. (that's with NDTand before the introduction of levo only and blood tests). Now the doctors think it is so simple just prescribe according to the TSH.

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Hi shaws

Thanks - I will definitely be asking for T3! Just so so tired these days, work is totally wiping me out and I'm starting to forget work-related things too, which is really worrying :-( I may also ask for a candida test, and sex hormones too - although maybe too much to ask for on the first appointment ;-)

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Why not go for the whole hog. She can refuse or agree. GPs don't usually prescribe T3 but she might seeing the new Guidelines of the BTA now say that T3 might be added to T4. She might not be aware of this change. I think they've copied the ATA guidelines which is better than nothing.

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Oooh I'll have a look at that and maybe print it out! Writing up lists of symptoms and thoughts so that I don't get caught out not remembering things :-)

Thank you!

I would definately ask for a new B12 test. Low B12 can make you feel so ill.

Well the endo refused to test me for anything! He refused a free T3 test or a reverse T3 test. He suggested I get the Mirena coil for progesterone and laughed at the idea of bio-identical hormones. He warned me off Armour, told me I was taking way too much vitamin D3, was wasting my time with magnesium and Vitamin K2. However he is giving me T3 to add to my levothyroxine, so although I was a bit dispirited by his reactions, I am getting the T3 to try :-) I did explain myself - however and when I did that, he accepted my reasons for doing so, so not all bad. He accepted that I had managed to raise my levels of D from 12 to 123 in a year. He thought B12 levels looked fine at 514 (from a year ago!) He was a wee bit more informed about vitamins and minerals than the GP, but not much. He said he was concerned that I was spending too much money on them when you can get some from the doctor - eg folic acid, or fulitum (crap D3 they give you). I did say that I wanted the option to try NDT and if T3 didn't work for me, I would be giving that a shot ;-)

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