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Help with blood test please



6 months ago my doc told me there was a problem my thyroid from a routine blood test. I retested today and asked for my old results which tested for

diabetes, thyroid and kidney function. I'll get my new results in a week or so.

My TSH is 5.2 mU/L (0.27-4.5)

Free T4 is 18.2 pmil/L (11-23)

My kidney function is slightly lower than expected 85 mL (90-200)

Seems the only problem is my TSH is slightly high.

I'm disappointed the my T3 wasn't tested or vitamin levels but I had my blood tested initially because I wasn't feeling well so maybe that's why they haven't done the full scale? I think I'm going to pay privately for those.

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Your TSH has to be high for a reason, so your FT3 is probably low. Is your doctor going to start treatment for you hypothyroidism? Or is he going to 'wait and see'? Do another blood test in a couple of months time? If so, you should ask for your antibodies to be tested. :)

Brad07 in reply to greygoose


Thanks for your response This is my blood test from 6 months ago, I asked for a Prink out today, I've also had a blood test for my thyroid today so I'm hoping it's a full test and will show low T3? So far I'm not on any meds. I've been quite submissive about it all because I'm always at the doctors these days and I'm sure they think I'm a hypochondriac!...but maybe the health problems I have had are connected to this.

greygoose in reply to Brad07

Actually, FT3 is very rarely tested, I'm afraid.

I don't believe in hypochondria. Doctors use that term when they don't know what is wrong with you. But, just because they don't know what's wrong with you, doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with you.

It's perfectly possible that all your health problems are connected to your thyroid. The problem is that doctors don't know the symptoms of thyroid disease. And, given their love of blaming the patient for everything that's wrong with them, they're not in a hurry to learn!

Brad07 in reply to greygoose

I couldn't agree more. My experience so far with doctors hasnt been great, if I do need meds for my thyroid I feel it's just going to be another battle. So tiring 🙁

Start the battle before you feel any worse! Some find they are worse in winter too. Consider having a private blood test if your doc doesn’t include t3 and antibodies. It gave me some leverage when I returned with results saying I felt so bad that I had resorted to private test.

The folk here are really good at helping. Grey goose give sound advice.

I'll wait for my recent blood results to come through and then go to battle with them. I'd convinced myself that everything was fine because I don't have all the symptoms, I'm not over weight and I suffer with insomnia. I do have lots of other hypothyroidism symptoms though.

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