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My bloodwork results feeling hypo help?

Here are my results after beging my doc to check free t3 and not only tsh and t4

Free t4 0.935 (0.90-1.80)

Third Generation Tsh 1.99 (0.400-4.00)

Free t3 3.34 (1.80-4.20)

Anti -Tpo <10 (10-35)

DHEA 134 (80-560)

Cortisol 16.3 (5-25)

Thyroglobulin 15.3 (0.20-55)

I feel "off" i gain weight despite being in a caloric deficit, i have stomach pain and indigestion and Zero appetite. I constantly have a moon face and a bloated stomach despite doing 1 hour of fasted cardio + weight training daily.

I'm getting annoyed with all my endos and I'm tempted to jump on cytomel and just live my life. This is getting annoying i checked my ferritin it was 33 wich is in the normal range but for an 18 y/o who bidybuilds and eats a balanced diet that's simply low. I'm passed even more since im losing hair and have dry skin wich is irreversible and i can't just seld medicate for the rest of my life. I've seen a couple of doctors and they all say the same.

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Ferritin less than 70 can lead to hair loss...http://www.healthguidance.org/entry/4272/1/Research-Links-Causes-Of-Hair-Loss-To-Nutritional-Deficiency.html

Your free t4 is low but the free t3 is just over mid range...... Hmmmm. Suspicious. Wonder if you have a reverse t3 problem? Worth checking this site out....


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Sorry what does your reply mean ?


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Alex, you don't say whether you are on any medication for your thyroid. If you are then it's probably not enough because if you are on medication your TSH should be at or below 1 (that's where most people feel comfortable). As galathea says, your FT4 is low, especially when compared with your FT3 level. It seems that all the T4 your thyroid produces is being turned into T3 for your body to use. If you were thinking of self medicating it might be worth trying Levothyroxine first because it should bring your FT4 levels up and because it is much cheaper than Cytomel and there may be less risk of you becoming hyper.


No I'm not using anything


If you are 18 years old - I'm sorry you are having a thyroid problem so young.

The first thing I noticed is - that you say:-

"I constantly have a moon face and a bloated stomach despite doing 1 hour of fasted cardio + weight training daily".

Unless you are at an optimum with thyroid hormones, fasting plus weight training will deplete your T3 (the active hormone) required in all of your billions of receptor cells and probably causing you to have the symptoms.

Because our whole metabolism has slowed down with hypothyroidism, we try to raise it with thyroid hormones but if we are doing the 'opposite' i.e. lowering it without realising that we're doing so - problems can arise. Taking T3 and carrying on as you're doing might not work in your favour either. If you can do simple exercises initially till you build up your stores of thyroid hormones might be the best thing. Also fasting doesn't reduce weight if hypo - increasing our metabolism helps.


I'm not fasting I'm dieting to lower my bodyfat percentage with a moderate caloric restriction . I'm a photomodel and a personal fitness trainer so i know how metabolism works. I do refeeds with carbs every 5 days to keep optimal leptin levels and to boost thyroid but I'm feeling catastrophic these days i can't even think clearly i feel stupid :/ and i used to study 10 hours without any problems


Alex5, even though you have studied and know many things, your body isn't feeling very well at all. We need T3 in all of our cells and this is a link which I hope will be helpful. I do know what it is like to feel very unwell when hypo as most of us, at one time or another, have 'been there - done that'. If anything is out of tune in our bodies we cannot function.



It took me a long time to recover but I am now well and energetic again.


This is a link which may be helpful.



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