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Test results queries


I live in Spain and got tested in March and (of course!) was told everything was fine. I'm thinking of jiggling my T3/T4 about and have just noticed another line on the test results I didn't notice before. All of the first numbers of the actual results are in bold except the one marked " "

T3 Total 1.02 0.59-2.00

underneath this just in normal print is

"1.58" 0.91 -3.10 (this is the bit I missed)

Free T4 1.20 0.80-1.80

TSH 0.07 0.23-5.50

Can anyone tell me what the second line represents please?

Thanks x

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I should imagine it's a result for the same thing, but with a different range. On blood test results in France, they give you your last two results under the present result. Have you had a TT3 test before?

Not in Spain, no.

Oh, well, never mind. But I do think it's the same test with a different range, judging by the numbers, but I don't know why they would do that.

Me neither! Thanks for your help x

You're welcome. :)

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