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Help with test results


hi, I had a blue horizon thyroid +15 test. I need some advice about whether they are ok or I have issues. If anyone can help.

HbA1c (IFCC) -31

CRP- 1.80

Ferritin- 71.4

Magnesium- 1.05

Insulin - 47.1

TSH- 1.73

T4 total -108.9

Free T4- 14.97

Free T3- 5.32

Reverse T3- 17.0

Reverse T3 ratio- 20.37

Anti Thyriodperoxidase abs- 17.0

Anti - thyroglobulin Abs- 24.9

Vit D- 166

Vit B12- 1476

Serum folate 34.72. © 2016 HealthUnlocked

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Blue Horizon have doctors who comment on the results. Did you get this? They are always very much to the point, and are agood starting point to take to your GP, if you wish to do that.

They also put ranges on their results, so if you could include these, it would be helpful for anyone wishing to comment.

Thank you Marram,, here is what the doctors say.. Just want other opinions and what I should do next.....

Doctors Comments

The very small rise in magnesium is highly unlikely to be of significance. A repeat test in a few weeks time would be reasonable if you are concerned to ensure the level is not rising. A sustained higher level of magnesium may be a sign of Addison's disease, hyperparathyroidism, hypothyroidism, high intake of antacids or laxatives, or kidney disease.

The Vitamin B12 level is elevated. This is not likely to represent significant overdose, as B12 is well tolerated by the great majority of people even in very high concentrations (as indeed are most water soluble vitamins). Excess levels are usually a result of supplementation or from following a diet rich in the vitamin. A few exceptions to this rule include those who suffer from a rare hereditary eye complaint known as Leber’s disease. Too much vitamin B12 in these individuals can lead to damage of the optic nerve, which might lead to blindness. Anyone who is allergic to cobalt should also avoid taking vitamin B12 - as the vitamin contains a significant amount of this element. Rarely, high dose supplements or injections of Vitamin B12 cause diarrhoea, itching, blood clotting and allergic reactions. Liver disease and myeloproliferative disease (disorder of the bone marrow) can lead to elevated levels of B12. Some practitioners advocate high doses of Vitamin B12 to help sufferers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and to combat the development of Alzheimer's disease, amongst other conditions.

In brackets are the 'what's normal ranges) for your information I have been treated recently for vitb12 deficiency and low Vit d.

HbA1c (IFCC) - 31 (20-42)

CRP - 1.80 (< 5.0)

Ferritin - 71.4 (20-150)

Magnesium- 1.05 (0.6 - 1.0)

Insulin- 47.1 (<88)

TSH - 1.73 (027- 4.20)

T4 total - 108.9 (64.5-142.0)

Free T4- 14.97 (12 - 22)

Free T3 - 5.32 (3.1 - 6.8)

Reverse T3- 17.0 (10 - 24)

Reverse T3 ratio- 20.37.(norm >15)

Anti Thyriodperoxidase 17.0, (normal < 34)

Anti thyroglobulin Abs- 24.9 , (normal <115)

Vit d - 166 , (reduce dose >175)

Vit b12- 1476.( >725 reduce


Serum folate- 34.72.( 8.83- 60.8)

in reply to Curlybob

few dodgy bits in the comments on B12

- Leber's only a factor if you are using cyanocobalamin as it is sensitivity to the cyano molecule.

you can't 'overdose' on B12 so the phrase is a bit irritating. High levels of B12 in serum can cause a functional B12 deficiency - lots in the blood but not enough getting through to cells but that is a different issue and not overdosing.

I presume that the reason for the elevation is that you have been supplementing ... and presumably with methyl.

in reply to Gambit62

Yes, was given injections with hydroxocobalamin at my doctors as my level was 362... My Vit was also low.

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