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Can anyone help with these blood results s

Sorry to ask again just had blood done again. Told all's normal but feel awful.

Tsh 0. 42 (0. 27-4. 20)

Plasma c reactive protein 2mg/L (0. 00-4. 00)

Serum gamma GT 49Iu/L (4. 00-60)

White blood cell count.8.5-10*9/L (4. 00-11. 00)

Red blood cell 4.50-10*12/L (3. 95-5. 15)

Haemoglobin estimation145g/L (120-150)

Packed cell volume 0. 439 L/L (0. 36-0. 47)

Serum calcium 2. 42mmo/L (2. 15-2. 55)

Serum inorganic phosphate 1.3mmo/L (0.90-1. 40)

Serum totally bilirubin 4umol/L (0. 00-21. 00)

Serum ALT 30IU/L (4. 00-45)

Serum alkaline phosphatase 62IU/L (35-129)

Serum albumin 46g/L (40-52)

Serum sodium 143mmo/L (135-145)

Serum potassium 4. 8mmo/L (3. 50-5)

Serum creatinine 64umol/L (45-84)

GFR calculated abbreviatedMDRD82mL/min (70-130)

Serum ferritin 152ug/L (22-275)

Erthrocyte sedimentation 9mm/hr (0-15)

Serum B12 362ng/L (187-883)

Serum folate 12.0 ug/L (3. 10-20U. 5)

Serum leG levels 1172KU/L (0. 00-81. 00)

HbA1c level -IFCC Standardised40mM/M (20-42)

HbA1c (DCCT aligned )5. 8 (4. 20-6. 20 percent )

Tissue tranglutaminase Abs 0. 6 (0. 00-7. 00)

mean corpuscular volume 97fL (80-100)

Mean corpuscular haemoglobin 32. 2pg (27-32)

Red cell distribution width13. 3 (11-16)

platelet count 246 -10*9/L (150-400)

Lymphocyte count 3. 6-10*9/L (1. 20-3. 50)

Monocyte count 0. 9-10*9/L (0. 20-1. 00)

Eosinphil count 0. 1-10*9/L (0. 00-0.4010)

nucleated red blood count 0.0-10*9/L

BMI25. 1kg/m2

O/E weight 66kg

. I would be grateful if anyone could help with supplements I could take. To make me feel a little bit normal. As doctors say all is normal. I take 75 and 100 levothyroxine alternate days. Thanks.

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Those results are only normal if they have ruled out CENTRAL /Pituarity Hypothyroid


free T4

Free T3

Thyroid Antibodies



Vit d3 are done

TSH and Folate are simply not enough

Central Hypothyroid has a LOW TSH and low t4 and t3

wheras primary Hypothyroid will have a HIGH TSH and a low t4 and t3

The NHS is totally wrong to only test TSH

they must test Free T4 and Free T3 too




Vit D3

are all affected by Hypothyroid


Lizcosgrove, TSH 0.42 is low in range but is no guarantee that FT4 or FT3 are good or that you are converting sufficient T3. If FT4 is low you need a dose increase even though it will suppress TSH. You can order private thyroid tests via Blue Horizon and Genova and vitamin D from City Assays via

B12 <500 can cause neuropathy, PA Society recommend 1,000 is optimal. Supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches and take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced. Folate and ferritin are good.

Serum IGE is an allergy test. Your result has increased since your previous test posted a month ago.

ALT and Alkaline phosphatase are very elevated indicating liver disorder. I would check these with your GP. I'm not sure that being six times over range is normal.

Nucleated RBC are supposed to be low/not evident in adults. film/details/

All other result appear to be in range.


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