FINALLY Blood test results after 3 + months on Naturethroid!!

3 month results on Naturethroid:

Free T3 2.98 Range 2.5-3.9

Free T4 11.4 Range 6.1-11.2

TSH 3rd Gen 0.095 Range 0.40-3.50

Ac anti-TPO 541πŸ˜„

Ac anti-TG 1

Vit B12 966 Range 180-914

Folates 21.69

NEW-Vit D2/D3 54 Range 30-60

NEW-Zinc 12 Range 11-24

Transminase GOT 33

Transminase GPT 47

Gamma Glutamyl Transferase 18

Range 5-38

Vit B12 966 Range 180-914

Folates Vit B9 21.69

NEW-Debit CKD-EPI 120

Sodium 138 RANGE 136-145

Potassium 3.5 Range 3.5-5.1

Chlorine 102Range 98-107

NEW-Magnesium 19.4 Range 16-26

Iron 163

Ferritine 163

14/02/15 Results:

Transaminase GOT 22

Transaminase GPT 27

Gamma Glutamyl Transferase 14

Sodium 135

Potassium 3.8

Chlorine 99

Iron 130

Ferritine 38

Previously 04/04/15 Results:

Free T3 2.50

Free T4 9.1

TSH 3rd Generation 1.817

Ac anti-TPO 997

Ac anti-TG 1

Vit B12 678 Range 180-914

Folates Vit B9 15.42

14/02/15 Results:

Transaminase GOT 22

Transaminase GPT 27

Gamma Glutamyl Transferase 14

Sodium 135

Potassium 3.8

Chlorine 99

Iron 130

Ferritine 38

14/02/15 Results:

Transaminase GOT 22

Transaminase GPT 27

Gamma Glutamyl Transferase 14

Sodium 135

Potassium 3.8

Chlorine 99

Iron 130

Ferritine 38

I am still waiting for my results on Selenium, Mercury and REVERSE T3.

Please kindly give me your feedback. At this point, I believe I should begin raising my 3 grain to now 3.5 hold 2 weeks and continue raising, etc. I am getting closer to suppressing my TSH, but I still have a ways to go. I know my ferritine is high which I believe caused my Transaminase GPT to be high. Nonetheless, I am estatic and I haven't been able to increase it in the last 2 years-THANK YOU CLUTTER!!

BUT ok now I am lstopping the iron supplements for I don't know how long?

I may have been low or deficient in Magnesium, Zinc, Vit D2/D3 as I just started these supplements approx 3 months ago?

I still have the LOW Free T3 and

HIGH Free T4 pattern?

But my TSH looks like it is moving in the right direction?


I WILL ADD MY Selenium, Mercury and

Reverse T3 once I get the results any day now.

Thank you so very, very much!!

Now my hair is REALLY, REALLY growing!!


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Enfrance, I don't think you need more NDT, it will push up your FT4 but doesn't appear to be doing much for your FT3. I'd add 6.25-12.5mcg T3. I suggest holding at 12.5mcg for 6-8 weeks and retesting FT3 because I had hairloss when FT3 was over range.

TPOab have dropped and Ferritin looks very good. I wonder whether that's due to your gluten-free diet? Stop the iron for 4-6 months and retest.

I think you can stop supplementing D3 and folate too, although a maintenance dose of 2-3,000iu D3 may be useful Oct-April.

Clutter- Thank you for your response. So then I should stay at the 3 grains? The only problem is it will be awhile before I get my hands on some T3. Since I will have go the snail route to get some as here in France-I haven't found a Dr to prescribe it for me.

Is there a T3 extended release?

I am continue to swell ALOT in the ankles and bloating remains an issue and weight. I imagine the heat doesn't help? But are they bad because I am still not at a zero TSH?

I will stop the D3, iron and I stopped folate a long time ago.

However, should I stop the B12?

Enfrance, I would stick at 3 grains until you get T3. It's no good the FT4 getting higher if it isn't converting, it will make you feel ill.

Your TSH is low, it doesn't have to be zero but it will drop when you add T3 and your FT3 rises. The only slow release T3 I know of is 75mcg Triyotex from Mexico and that's too high a dose for you.

I wouldn't stop B12 but would reduce to 500-1,000mcg daily as maintenance.

OK. Will do. I will stay at only 3 grains and see what T3 I can find to start slowly.

Thank you again!😘

To get back to you on the drop of TPOab and for anyone who is desperate to try and stop the attack-I have done the following:

-I went to a Naturopathe who gave accupressure and recommended essential oils:

EleuthΓ©rocoque, Helichrysum,

Pin Slyvestre, Epinette Noire and I added Milk Thistle for the liver.

I also have been drinking Aloe Vera and taking a teaspoon of pollen everday.

-I have followed the Paleo diet and especially no gluten and dairy.

-I have been taking digestive enzymes and Betaine HCI to help with the leaky gut problems.

All this plus the supplements mentioned in previous posts to now include Tumeric, Magnesium, and Zinc. I also think the addition of Selenium was key as well.

Although, I not sure if it was deficient, but it seems Zinc, and Magnesium were low so I bet my Selenium was low too.

The was my first time going to a Naturopathe and I admit I was skeptical...but I strongly believe now in all these "alternative measures" plus I even think the Naturethroid has helped even though I have a conversion problem (contrary to the info that it may increase Hashi antibodies at least in my case thus far).

I strongly recommend to not leave any stone unturned. I just pray my antibodies will continue to drop.

I found an old blood tests from 5 yrs ago and my antibodies were 1300 then 3 mths ago only down to 1000 now it only 3 months down to 546. If only I had done these things 5 yrs ago or found all of you lovely people to help me....

But I am determined to see this through!!

Do you mean T3, Clutter? Her T3 is quite low, not over range.

Humphrey, I suggested Enfrance adds T3 to her NDT to raise her low FT3.

You are not converting. Your t4 is high, t3 is low..this is not the med for you, truly. You will have to lower it way back and add t3. Your t3 is just too low.

Thank you!!

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