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T3 ONLY Results finally in...but confusing??

Last bloodtest with Naturethroid June 27 2015

New bloodtest with T3 Only due to conversion problem Sept 7 2015

*Free T3 was 2.98 now 1.82

Range 2.5 to 3.9

*Free T4 was 11.4 now <2.5

Range 6.1 to 11.2

*TSH 3G was 0.095 now 0.030

Range 0.40 to 3.50

*Ac Anti-TPO was 541 now 868 "(

Ac Anti-TG was 1 now same 1

*Ferritine was 163 now 185?

*Iron was 163 now 125?

Sodium 138 (136 to 145) same

Potassium was 3.5 now 3.6

Chlore 102 same

Transaminase GOT ASAT

was 33 now 28 (10-42)

Trans. GPT was 47 now 37

GGT was 14 now 18

Cholesterol total 2.00 was 2.09

Range 1.50 to 2.40

HDL was 1.11 now 1.13

Range 0.40 to 0.60

LDL was .91 now .80

Range inferior a 1.60

Triglycerides was .35 now .37

Range inferior a 1.50

Uree was 0.26 now 0.24


Creatinine was 5.2 same


-Ferritine higher but no iron supplements and Iron lower? Huh???

-Both GOT and GPT Transaminases lower...better for liver

----Free T3 1.82 still not

in range of 2.5 to 3.9??

----Free T4 was 11.4 and now <2.5 ok as this bloodtest only on T3

----TSH 3G 0.030 if almost asleep why are my Anti-TPO going up???

was 541 to 868?????😭 WHY???

Please guide me and help me understand on how to proceed with T3.

Also, please note I was mercury toxic last bloodtest 216 Range <75 so I am still dealing with this. I have been taking supplements to detox and zeolite. I feel much better, but I am wondering if I should stop all the detox supplements for awhile as something is affecting my Anti-TPO and I don't know why its going back up????????

Any/all help is appreciated!!

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Enfrance, FT3 is below range, so you need to increase dose. I don't know why antibodies have risen as TSH is suppressed so there isn't thyroid activity stirring it up. Why would detox supplements affect thyroid antibodies?


Clutter-Thanks for the quick response. How much should I increase the T3? I am currently taking 62.5? I am completely baffled as to.why my antibodies went up which is why I thought the detox supplements may have caused it??


Enfrance, I'd increase by 12.5mcg now and another 6.25-12.5mcg in 4 weeks and retest 6-8 weeks later. Antibodies have risen because you've had a recent Hashi attack. I can't see why detox supps should increase antibodies but don't know they wouldn't. I'd focus on detoxing to reduce the mercury levels and not worry about the antibody levels.

Ferritin and iron levels fluctuate throughout the day because excess iron to requirements is dumped into ferritin (storehouse) and then drawn out when more iron is required.


Shew...thank you for putting my mind at ease. The only thing I can think of is that I went on vacation just before the bloodtest. I actually took a vacation from all the pills and I ate out at several restaurants even though I requested gluten free etc. Maybe it was the combo of not taking the supplements like normal and eating grains when I ate gluten free products?

I will proceed according!! I will increase by 12.5 etc. Thank you SO much!!


Enfrance, falling off the gluten wagon may have triggered an attack.


But I did buy GF bread and I ordered only GF pasta and GF everything...😞 Italy is imposible sigh...


Enfrance, not saying you didn't try to stick with it, or even the food served wasn't g-f, but cross-contamination happens. I hate to tell you this but g-f doesn't guarantee antibodies will drop, just that removing it may help reduce attacks and antibodies. Sometimes the reward for doing the right thing is a slap in the kisser :(


Yep, I have been slapped!! I think you are right. I also think that GF products are a joke, because of the grains. I just tried to adapt thinking if I ate GF I would be okay for holiday ...especially since I couldn't eat anything I'm all the wiser! No GF but ZERO GF foods!!


Interesting that you say Italy is a nightmare as we're in Sicily right now and I'm managing to find all sorts of sensa glutine stuff - cereal, bread, crackers etc. Even had a g-f pizza last night. I've been pleasantly surprised.


Yes, I thought this was my answer, but prior to vacation I was following a strict AIP diet...than even though I thought Italy was modern with all the GF options...I ended up eating alot of grains in the GF foods. My headaches returned and ended up very constipated. :( So careful...

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How much T3 are you taking now? It's obviously not enough.


62.5 . How much should I increase? Any thoughts as to why my antibodies went up??


OK... No, I have no thoughts about your antibodies, I'm afraid. I would err on the side of caution, and up your dose by 5 or 10. But maybe some people would think that too cautious!


The best thing I have done is to take a chance with all of this so by golly I am going for the 12.5 increase etc.


Enfrance, could it possibly be you are not absorbing well? You need to take the T3 in a way that this zeolite and whatnot else you are taking doesn't interfere with absorption.

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Oh yes, I forgot your tablets are 25. lol


So now with the increase- I am at a total of 75.


OK. Well, let's hope it raises your FT3 a bit!

75 was a good dose for me when I was taking the French T3. But with the Mexican Cynomel, I had to put it up to 100. I think different brands tend to have different potencies!


Thanks as always for your support! I am not on the french T3 as the Drs still refuse to give it to me despite showing vey high RT3. I am using Tiromel from Turkey. :)


Yes, so be aware that you might still need an increase. You'll have to see how it goes. :)


Gabkad- great thought. Except I always take my T3 at 4.30 AM so it doesnt interfere with anything. I guess I just need alot of T3 because finally now my ranges are moving in the right direction.

The zeolite by the way is INCREDIBLE!! Everyday, I feel better plus now I have stopped all fish to stop any-all mercury!


Hello enfrance

I think your time in Italy might have stirred antibody activity and now risen dramatically because you are detoxing.

An inflammatory response would be expected as your body deals with all the toxins leaving deep tissue and you could feel very unwell with unusual symptoms like sudden flu, joint pain or swollen lymph nodes. Equally you say you feel great inferring that your body is dealing with it well. We are all genetically and biochemically unique and some people are better at getting rid of toxins and waste than others.

Heavy metal molecules tend to be stubbornly enmeshed in internal tissue matter or remain in the blood because they cannot be metabolised or filtered out easily by the liver and kidneys or eliminated through the skin with perspiration.

Because the toxins have been circulating continually between the liver and intestines you may need support to improve liver function, and gut flora to resolve any candida, pathogens, stomach acid problems, etc.

Your food intolerances will hopefully decline as your immune responses dampen and inflammation leaves the body. Drink loads and loads and loads of water.

I would rIse T3 slowly and go with the smaller dose, as it's easier to add later than take away. Being over medicated is horrible and you sound as if you are coping ok with being under, so a slow increase could be tolerated.

Your poor body is going through enough with the zeolite. Also I would think the detox is interfering with thyroid meds because it draws from such a deep cellular level from all over your body on a 24 hour basis.

I have started bentonite clay and will be having chelation after having amalgam fillings removed from my teeth soon. I can't get my thyroid hormones to raise at present even with dose increases and my immune responses are heightened ....I have been feeling rubbish for a while.

I would concentrate on detoxing and then sort thyroid hormones as your levels will probably change again anyway, hopefully working much better in your new cleansed body. ..your conversion problem might be better.... and you may even need a dose decrease...!!!..



Flower-Wow, thank you it makes sense. I did go through a rough patch where now I remember I thought it was really odd, but I was really tired and I had terrible sore throats!! This was right after the vacation so I thought I had just been fighting off a cold or detox side effects. Also, I thought my body was just having a hard time having to wake up at 6.30 AM vs 9 or 10 AM.

To quote you:

***Because the toxins have been circulating continually between the liver and intestines you may need support to improve liver function, and gut flora to resolve any candida, pathogens, stomach acid problems, etc.

Your food intolerances will hopefully decline as your immune responses dampen and inflammation leaves the body. Drink loads and loads and loads of water.

Me-In fact, my food intolerances have really declined as now I barely hear my stomach having storms and thus I use much less enzymes and HCI. I actually forget to take them as my stomach seems much better!! Also, because I have been out of probiotics, I have making and drinking my own kefir out of coconut milk. I have also incorporated gelatin in mixes and soups to help the lining of my stomach.

I feel much better only now, but I am convinced it is because of all of this and the MOST important....I began detoxing 5 tsp a days with zeolite on Sept 4th and it has been night and day!!!

I was having severe patella tendonitis for absolutely no apparent reason ( I hadn't been running at all as I couldn't. I couldn't bend my leg, it is was like my knee was frozen.) I couldn't even get in the car without folding my leg with my hands and at night I had difficulty findling the right position to sleep due to the pain!!!

I decided even though I had radically reduced my intake of all fish and leaned towards mollusks etc...I was still receiving small amounts of mercury that was continuing the I made a ***HUGE***decision.

Enough was enough, I had to survive and stop any mercury and get it out yesterday!!!!!

I decided to seriously detox 5tsps without fail with the zeolite, stop eating anything with ANY possible mercury

amounts and yes, I stopped 100% being a Pescatarian and I decided to eat meat after 5, yes FIVE years.

I believe I was contributing to poisoning myself by continuing to eat food from the ocean. Plus my mercury level was through the roof!

Today, is the 12th of Sept. My knee issues are gone! I only have a sore knee. I can walk stairs again like normal and I not crippled like before. Everyday, odd but I feel less and less unfrozen and with more stamina!! I have began running on a constant basis again with NO pain!!! I have been eating very sound Paleo with no binging on processed foods or chocolate, my appetite has decreased substantially and believe it for once in MANY months the scale is going down.

I am convinced the high mercury was doing me in!!!

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Fab...and only 8 days. I wish everything were that simple to cure.

I don't know what my chelation program consists of yet....still to receive.

Thank you for telling of gives me confidence.



You do not have to test on t3 only!! You go by relief of symptoms, raising every week or 2. I would contact Shaws about the use of t3 only, the way Dr. Lowe did it...Shaws has links to good information.


Great...will do!


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