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recommended blood tests

A nurse rang tonight and has made an appointment to come tomorrow morning first thing and take bloods.

I had hoped to have a little more time to make a list and speak to my Doctor but I now need to decide tonight.

This is the list I was intending to give the nurse tomorrow . I'd welcome any suggestions or comments please . I am struggling to concentrate tonight as I have migraine .




Vit D3

Vit B12




Liver function test





Urea and electrolytes

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Johnny, that's quite a comprehensive list. Don't be surprised if lab declines to test FT3 if TSH isn't suppressed. You're right to ask for it though, it gives a better idea of thyroid function than just TSH and FT4.


thanks clutter.

The list is basically the same as the last one my Doctor requested with a few things added like zinc magnesium and B12 selenium and iodine. I don't think there is much wrong with my Thyroid but more likely my autoimmune system but hopefully these tests will show what is going on with my endocrine system and why Levo is not making me any better

I have decided to supplement my minerals and vits but I need a baseline from which to measure any improvements if any.

It was only at my insistence last time that we discovered my VitD3 at 30 . Otherwise we would not have known it was so low.

I don't think the labs can refuse to test for something if it is requested by a Doctor


Johnny, post your results with the lab ref ranges when you get them and members will advise whether vits/mins need supplementing.

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The lab can refuse to test anything at any time. There might be a rumpus, the doctor might be annoyed, but realistically it couldn't be otherwise.

What is, in my view, unacceptable, is for a lab to fail to report back the lack of a result and to explain why.



johnny - Good list & prioritised. Also first thing is better.

... but you may not be that lucky asking for all tests - £1 for TUK they'll do diabetes anyway... (& an FBC)

please bear in mind that if TSH is within range - it's unlikely the lab will run FT4 or FT3 - even if specifically asked for (cost) also Selenium, Iodine & Zinc are unlikely to be done (not on tick-list).

You should fast before Cholesterol really - but take no notice anyway!!!

Sorry I haven't done my homework & found out your specific symptoms - how's your magnesium with migraines? - sorry that may have some across wrong & harsh.... not meant to be at all - just too tired to re-phrase.... with apologies...

Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how you fare.. J :D

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That list is fine

if you are taking thyroid meds DO NOT TAKE THEM for 24 hours before any test


My GP requested zinc. Took a bit longer to come back but didn't have any problems at all. GP said that they usually don't test selenium on the NHS.

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thanks everyone for all your support and advice.

The phlebotonist took about 10x phials of blood and requested everything on the list that I asked for. She even added cholesterol .

I get the results back on Friday so I'll list the results then.

Last year my Doctor printed out my TSH T4 and T3 results since 2005 on a graph which is a brilliant way to visualise any changes or trends in long term results.


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