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Blood tests for hypothyroid

Til now I have taken only ft3 ft4 tsh blood test alone... Am 29 unmarried ,slim and recently diagnosed hypothyroid and am on my 7th week of takin eltroxin 75 mg and vit d 2000 , and am planning to check why i got hypothyroid... And this is my first blood test after taking eltroxin for 6 weeks , So for tat are the blood tests below.. enough? Pls reply...




4.Vit d


5.Thyroid antibodies




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The only test there that will give you a clue as to why you became hypo, is the thyroid antibodies. The other tests will be high/low because of becoming hypo. And, whilst most are necessary, I wouldn't bother with cholesterol, if I were you. It'll probably be high because you're hypo, but that really isn't a problem.

It's extremely difficult to find out why you became hypo. Obviously if your antibodies are high, it was for that reason. But, why are the antibodies high? What's the test to tell you that?

There can be so many reasons why people went hypo. An accident to the throat, endocrine disruptors in our food, ingesting excess iodine or iodine deficiency, etc. There's no way to find those out. And there's not much we can do about these things, anyway, I'm afraid. :)

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Why I wanted to add cholesterol too is , it's opposite to what u said , am having low cholesterol only 124 , starting range is 140😞


And am so so so lean too just 50kg for 5'4" height...


what are the levels of hdl and ldl?

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Only total cholesterol level they did ...


Ah, you're like me! Difficult to get doctors to take that seriously. I was told repeatedly that your cholesterol 'can't be too low'!

I think that's to do with the liver. That's where cholesterol is made. I had mine checked, and everything seemed to be in order. So, no-one has ever suggested a solution.

There are quite a few hypos who lose weight due to their hypothyroidism, or who just stay the same. Not all hypos gain weight. And weight has nothing to do with cholesterol.


I too lost weight instead of gaining it at the start of my journey, but I was a smoker too, it was only 20 years later when i stopped smoking and had a perforated duodenal ulcer repaired, that I began to put on weight ( 8'8 to 10'6 in 6 months) hysterectomy the following year and weight up to 11'10 and not shifting a pound :-(.

you can't reall go on total cholesterol as the hdl could be higher than the ldl which is a good thing, mine has only ever been normal/high.

greygoose what problems would low total cholestrol cause? I know its needed for quite a few things but I am only just learning about it, links would be fabulous if you know of any reliable ones thank you

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What are your results?


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