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Blood test help

Please can some help me my dr has been no use, I constantly have a headache, feel sick and often be sick. I have night sweats (soaking everything) my right arm is very sore and hands and feet go numb or pins and needles in them all the time. Can anyone help me with my blood test please

Hi can u help me with my blood test results please

Basophil 0.1

Haematocrit 0.39

Lymphocyte 2.7

Total White cells 7.7

Nucleated red blood cells 0

Red blood cell (rbc) 4.03

Platelet count 303

Neutrophil 4.2

Monocytes 0.5

Mean corpuscular vol 96.7fl

Mean corpusc. Hb. Conc (mchc) 331g/l

Mean corpusc. Haemoglobin (mch) 32pg

Haemoglobin eat 129 g/l

Eosinophils 0.3

Gfr calculated abbreviated mdrd >90ml/min/1.73m*2

Serum free t4 level 16pmol/l

Renal profile gfr units ml/min/1.73m2

Serum urea 5.3 mmol/l

Serum TSH 1.3mU/L

Sodium 140mmol/l

Potassium 4.8 mmol/l

Creatinine 55 umillions/l

Corrected serum calcium level 2.25mmol/l

Calcium 2.45 mmol/l

Total bilirubin level <15umol/l

Alanine aminotransferase level 23iu/l

Alkaline phosphate 66iu/l

Albumin 50g/l

Blood glucose 52 fasting blood test

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate 12mm

Many thanks Gemma

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Gemma, we really need to see the numbers in brackets given after each result. These are the reference ranges for each test, and theat differ from lab to lab.

However, The numbness could be to do with b12 levels and the sweats could be linked To progesterone, estrogen or testosterone levels.... None of which have been measured. If your doctor won't measure them, you can get private testin by dealing with the lab yourself. Details under testing at the thyroid uk. Hoe page.

I get very hot if I don't eat regularly, something to do with insulin levels.... Are you eating at regular intervals?

Not taking any antacids or proton pump inhibitors are you? These can play havoc with foods you eat and lack of minerals....

G xx

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Thank u for the quick response most of the numbers after the tests are 10*9L if that helps, I am a night time care worker so my eating pattern is all over the place, but would this affect night sweats? I am not in any medication at the moment came off antidepressants about 2 months ago.

I got tested 4 years ago for tb and have told my dr this could it be that this in now active and my friends mum and brother now have it but I don't see them

Many thanks Gemma


Gemma, the ref ranges are the figures in brackets after your results. TSH, for instance, may look like TSH 1.3 (0.35-4.20).

Numbness, nights sweats and, I think, nausea can be B12 deficiency symptoms. Ask your GP to test B12 and folate.


I don't have numbers like that after it I will do a picture post with what I have thank u


Gemma, don't bother with the picture. It looks like you haven't been supplied the lab ref ranges. You'll have to ask your GP practice to supply the ranges. Results can't be interpreted properly without them.

Your TSH and FT4 thyroid results look ok though.


That's probably the point of not giving them!

Gemma, ask your doctor for Vit D, too.


Clutter, I didnT now that about b12, I only knew about numbness and brain cell die off... Wow! We really do need to keep a close watch on our b12.

Xx. G


Galathea, and research showing 1mg folic acid can help with menopausal hot flushes

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