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Help with blood results for TSH


Please can someone help me with my test results. I am new here so please be gentle! I have been experiencing underactive thyroid symptoms (thin hair, tired, can't lose weight, constant blocked sinuses, snoring etc) and was surprised to see my TSH so low. I take 50 msg levotyroxine a day and have done for the last few years.. My TSH normally hovers around the 2 mark.

I would really appreciate an insight. Many thanks


Serum TSH level0.03 mu/L Abnormal result0.35 - 5mu/L

Serum free T4 level17.4 pmol/L9 - 24pmol/L

Serum free T3 level5 pmol/L3.5 - 6.5pmol/L

Total white cell count4.1 10*9/L4 - 1110*9/L

Red blood cell (RBC) count4.21 10*12/L3.5 - 5.510*12/L

Haemoglobin estimation132 g/L115 - 165g/L

Haematocrit0.43 ratio0.37 - .47ratio

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)102.5 fL75 - 105fL

Red blood cell distribut width11.711 - 15

Mean corpusc. haemoglobin(MCH)31.3 pg26 - 35pg

Mean corpusc. Hb. conc. (MCHC)305 g/L290 - 350g/L

Platelet count213 10*9/L150 - 45010*9/L

Percentage hypochromic cells17.5 %

Neutrophil count2.4 10*9/L2 - 7.510*9/L

Lymphocyte count1.1 10*9/L1 - 410*9/L

Monocyte count0.2 10*9/L0.2 - .810*9/L

Eosinophil count0.2 10*9/L0 - .410*9/L

Basophil count0 10*9/L0 - .110*9/LSerum ferritin45 ug/L15 - 250ug/L

Serum total 25-OH vit D level34 nmol/L Abnormal result75 - 200nmol/L

Serum calcium2.14 mmol/LN/A

Calcium adjusted level2.15 mmol/L Abnormal result2.2 - 2.6mmol/L

Serum inorganic phosphate1.1 mmol/L0.8 - 1.5mmol/L

Serum albumin43 g/L35 - 50g/L

Total alkaline phosphatase65 iu/L30 - 130iu/L

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Welcome to the forum, Hcb1976.

TSH 0.03 is suppressed and is flagged abnormal because it is below range. You are not overmedicated because FT4 is only just over halfway through range and FT3 is halfway through range. If your GP suggests reducing dose because of low TSH resist and refuse unless you feel overmedicated.

Your full blood count evaluations are all in range (normal).

Ferritin is low in range. Ferritin is optimal halfway through range and needs to be >70 for hair regrowth. You can raise ferritin by eating more iron rich foods and supplementing iron with 1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Retest after 4-6 months and take iron 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

VitD 34 is insufficient.

Calcium is deficient.

Low vitD can cause hypocalcaemia but ideally your GP will order a parathyroid hormone (PTH) blood test + calcium to exclude a diagnosis of hypoparathyroidism. PTH is time sensitive so blood should be drawn in the phlebotomy dept at your local hospital so it can be sent to the lab for analysis straight away.

If hypoparathyroidism is ruled out GP should prescribed vitD3 and calcium.

Phospate, albumin and alkaline phosphatase are in range (normal).

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thank you so much. This is so helpful. I have a phone appt with the doc on Friday so shall put my point across - as I definitely do not feel overmedicated. Thank you for taking the time to answer



Actually taking calcium is not recomended because it gets deposited in the arteries

You are better to take codliver oil ( natural vit D ) plus at least 500mg of magnesium this ensures that calcium from your other food is deposited in the bones not the arteries

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Many thanks for the advice. This is great.


To add to the great advice you’ve already had...

Your red blood cells are on the biggish end of normal. That *might* mean you have Vit B12 deficiency. Very common with us hypothyroid folk. Did the doctor test that? If not, would be worth asking for it to be tested as the symptoms can overlap with hypothyroid symptoms.

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Thanks for the response. I don't think I have been tested. I shall put it on my list of requests. Many thanks


thanks for your help everyone. I spoke to the doc today. She has prescribed vitamin D and is happy to keep me on the same levo prescription. To be retested in 3 months - or sooner if I don't feel any better .


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