Does excessive sweating during and 30mins after 15min brisk walk mean NDT not working?

I have been taking Naturethroid for 3 to 4 months, increasing gradually from 30mg daily to 130mg.

Oct 2013 blood test results: TSH: 8.1 (0.3 - 4.2), FT4: 15.6 (12 - 22).

Had walked to GP who agreed to following tests: thyroid profile, b12, folate, calcium (bone profile), magnesium, zinc, vit d3, iron and thyroglobuin antibody tests.

In Oct 2013 already had Thyroid peroxidase antibodies: 16 (0.00 - 34.00). B12 260 (190 - 663); folate 8.1 (4.60 - 18.70), iron 15 (6.60 - 26.00); serum calcium 2.21 (2.15-2.55). So have been supplementing all these for approx 5 months. Also supplementing Vit D3.

When I asked for a glucose test she said they don't do them any more, but they do HbA1c but only if suspected diabetes. I told her my dad had diabetes (type 2) so she included this test. She refused cortisol, as she said would be pointless.

Should I have any other tests?

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  • CC, I can't think of any tests you should add but you're well overdue a TFT. I don't think the sweating means the NDT isn't working. Your symptoms and the TFT are the best guide on that. Excessive sweating does seem to be an issue for some hypothyroid people.

  • Wondering if both 'excessive sweating' and also 'no longer sweating' are part of Hypo, Mum and myself both have Hypothyroidism and both use to sweat quite a bit underarms, now we no longer sweat. Doctor says it is not to do with Hypothyroidism, but still it is a big coincidence, adding that Mum and I are at both ends of the size chart, (so size is not to do with it.)

  • I don't sweat since my thyroidectomy, Coast. I would have liked to during the heatwave as it was very difficult to cool down but a cold wash cloth and not drying off helped a bit. Like you I think excessive sweating and lack of sweating are hypo related and there have been plenty of posts attesting to it. Thyroid controls temperature regulation and sweating is also a form of temperature regulation. There are other reasons for excessive sweating though and they should be investigated.

  • Thank you Clutter. Also, read posts/threads on healthunlocked stating eostrogen binds thyroxine, so have just stopped my HRT.

  • CC, Sorry, TFT = thyroid function test (bloods). CC, you can take HRT, you just need to take it 4 hours away from thyroid meds, don't have to stop it if it's helpful to you in other ways.

  • Hi Clutter, I'm wondering if I'm eostrogen dominant and should try natural progesterone cream instead of the climesse hrt I was taking?

  • CC, I know very little of sex hormones and HRT so not able to advise. I think you can get your GP to check sex hormones though and that should tell you whether you are oestrogen dominant.

  • Thank you Clutter.

  • Yes it was odd Clutter, not to sweat in all that summer heat we had as I use to sweat buckets, it's the only positive thing about me having Hypo, no more sweaty arm pits and wet patches on clothes. :)

    Thanks for pointing out that the the thyroid controls temperature regulation and that sweating is a form of temperature regulation as that makes sense of the lack of sweating. Yes, there must be more reasons for the excessive sweating side which need to be looked into more. Maybe both types of sweating need to be looked into more ?

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