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Please help me decipher results💋

I'm hoping that some of you,

with a less foggy head than me,

and a lot more knowledge, can help me?

I had RAI 21 years ago

I was on 150mg thyroxine daily when these tests were carried out.

I recently reduced my thyroxine to 125 and added 10 of T3 morning and afternoon (since getting private endo appointment )

I've recently bought -

b12 lozenges


Vit c 200

August 2015 results

T4- 18.3 range(12-22)

T3- 4.0 range(3.1-6.8)

TSH - 0.65 range(0.27-4.2)


B12- 303ng/l range (191-663)

Folate- 10.7ug/l range (4.6-18.7)

Bone profile

Calcium- 2.38mmol/L range(2.10-2.60)

Phosphate- 0.76mmol/L (0.8-1.5)

-Flagged as LOW

APL-54 U/L range(30-150)

Albumin-44gl range (35-50)

Adjusted calcium-2.38mmol/L range(2.20-2.60)

VIT D test

Vit D-97nmol/L

>50nmolL sufficient

30-50nmol/L vit D


<30 nmol/L vit D deficiency

(Using Nat osteo society guide 2013)

IRON profile

Serum iron-14umol/L range(10-30)

Transferrin-2.30g/L range(2.0-3.6)

Ferritin-30ug/L (FER)- pre-menopausal (13-150)

Transferrin saturation -24%


Cholesterol -3.9mmol/L range (<5)

Triglyceride-0.79mmol/L range(<1.7)

HDL-cholesterol -1.1mmol/L (>1)

LDL-cholesterol-2.4mmol/L (<3)

Non-HDL-cholesterol -2.80mm/L

Chol/HDL ratio- 3.55


T.bilirubin-8 (<21)

Alp-54 (30-130)

Ast-14 (5-40)

Ggt-31 (6-42)

Alt-8 (4-33)

Albumin-44 (35-50)


Magnesium - 0.86 (0.7-1)


Sodium-137 (135-145)

Potassium-4.7 (3.5-5.3)

Chloride-105 (95-108)

CO2-18 (22-29) Flagged As LOW

Urea-4.1 (2.5-7.8)

Creatinine-69 (40-110)


Thanks 🌸💞

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Suin, T3 should help raise FT3. FT4 may drop a little as T3 will also stimulate better conversion to T3, and TSH will drop lower too.

B12 is low but 1,000mcg should raise it. You should take a B Complex vitamin to keep folate good and the other B vits balanced.

VitD 97 is good but you will need 2,500iu D3 daily to maintain levels Oct-Apr when ultraviolet light is too low to stimulate vitD.

Ferritin is low. Halfway through range is optimal. Supplement Ferrous Fumarate and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitC to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

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Thanks clutter, I'll take your good advice

🙈I'm worried about the links,

What do they mean,

Kidney ?


I'm on no other medication, and rarely drink, as it leaves me so ill.

Addisons ? Cortisol?



Suin, efgr >60 pretty much rules out kidney problems. The low CO2 may not be significant as your other U&Es are normal. The link suggests some possible causes, it's not a diagnosis. Discuss it with your GP if you are concerned and ask for a cortisol test.


Ok, I've been tested for addisons before, but was told the result was "normal", I didn't see on paper though.

Do u mean saliva test for cortisol?

All I know is, I can barely function 😐


Suin, NHS does serum cortisol. If it's below range it means adrenal insufficiency which can be Addisons. Private saliva tests show cortisol levels at 4 points through the day. I don't think NHS recognises saliva testing.


If I remember rightly, I think they took blood before and after an injection.

This was 2 years ago. If I'm asking for cortisol test, what grounds would I give?


Suin, you could print the low CO2 link and show it to your GP.


They'll just love that 😳, it's a wonder I'm not banned!! It was the NHS registrar at endocrine appointment that signed these off, as normal.😐


Suin, because they were normal 2 years ago doesn't mean they are today. Adrenals fail over time and are 90% shot by the time a crisis presents. If you don't want to show your GP the link how do you justify why you are asking for serum cortisol? Ask your GP what low CO2 means and whether it needs monitoring.


Thanks, I'll go armed to the teeth. You know the way they put you on the spot? 😐

I'll ring NHS endo's secretary and ask her to pass on my question too👍🏻 yes you're right 2 years is long time. Many many thanks 🌸


I'd meant to post this sooner, in October I had the synacthen response test

At 11am, fasting,

The results were, cortisol 302 nmol/L, 30 mins response 714 nmol/L (>550nmol/L)

Also my NHS endo argued she wasn't concerned about the low CO2 😬, thanks 🌸


Suin, I don't have a clue about cortisol and low C02. If you want interpretation please write a new post.


Ok thanks clutter🌸


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