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Well, the long and the short of it is he wanted to play the big I AM and tell me that I was over medicated and should reduce but I told him that I'd rather have a short active life than a long miserable one. Apparently they won't test for T3 at the labs if TSH and T4 are within range even if the doctor specifically asks for it, Vit D won't be tested if Calcium and Phosphate are within "normal" range, NDT can't be monitored for effects, and T3 on its own can cause heart problems. On the plus side, he did re-order the antibody blood test for me, which I had done after. I'm not sure if this needed to be done at a specific time of day, but assumed if you have antibodies they are around all the time?

Just to add to it all, I asked about Vit D and B12 and he said it was an Endocrinology clinic and he wasn't going to discuss that, he only had a limited amount of time with each patient, and there was a lot of stuff on the internet that was misleading ... Oh yeah, I bet there is.

I'm really not sure what to do next.

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  • Report him for gross negligence, perhaps? Because clearly he isn't up to date with developments in endocrinology. I suspect he knows a lot about diabetes and precious little about the rest of the endocrine system. T3 on its own doesn't cause heart problems if you actually need it! In fact, if you need it and you don't get it, you're more at risk of high cholesterol. And of course NDT can be monitored - you'd need to monitor T3 and T4. I find it unbelievable that he couldn't over-rule the labs - I'm pretty sure there's a way if he could be bothered!

    Are you in a position to afford private testing?

  • Well I couldn't quote him verbatim, so that would be hard. As to the labs, I can only assume that he was telling me the truth, since I did ask my GP to request T3, but it wasn't done.

    I am going to investigate vitamin/mineral deficiency first, and if that doesn't work I'll get a private test done.

  • He's probably best buddies with the prat I've seen! :'(

  • Haha! Very likely! I told him it was arrogant of NICE and the NHS to treat human beings as algebra ...

  • Quite! Boy I'd love them to be ill!

  • That would be karma, wouldn't it?!

  • My endo told me FBC was fine therefore vitD, ferritin, B12 and folate must be fine. 4 months later GP tested and vitD was deficient <10, folate deficient, ferritin high and B12 low! I made sure to tell him that at the next consult. This recent consult he actually asked what supplements I was taking and was particularly interested in vitD. I assume because of recent NICE consultation guidelines.

    My endo had his faults but has redeemed himself. Yours sounds like an arrogant dickhead and patently knows nothing about thyroid replacement else he wouldn't have talked such rubbish.

  • To be fair, I expected nothing and wasn't disappointed! He had no idea about the relationship between deficiency and uptake of T4/conversion. Muppet.

  • Hello Mistydog,

    Sorry to here you had an unhelpful endo as well, they are just so cold and exceptionally unhelpful - (I am being diplomatic) I have been in the same situation and the advice I would give would be to do what makes you feel better - Their tests in my opinion have never reflect how I feel. It maybe worth you having a read Paul Robinson's book - recovering with T3, it also has loads of Information about Vitamins. Thyroid medication (in any form) can be problematic not just T3 as I have found out. They do not have a clue, no idea how much we all suffer and worse of all they don't give a dam. Their are lots of great books, lots of info from this site, some good places to get meds from and I believe you will be able to help your self in a much better way than they ever could.

    Best wishes

  • Sometimes when I read certain posts I just shake my head in despair. How can this sort of thing be allowed to go on? You get referred to a "specialist" who hasn't a clue! My GP has asked if I would like to be referred to an endo but based on most people's experiences on here I have respectfully declined.

  • Yeah I agree. It's lucky we here are halfway intelligent enough to help ourselves. I feel for those who aren't.

  • Infomaniac

    there are just a few endos who are good it much depends on where you live and who you can get to see

    sadly though your right about the majority

  • I got the list from TUK but nothing in this area. I'll probably find something in London if I don't get any joy myself.

  • I've found a private specialist in my area who has done research on autoimmune thyroid disease but am dithering about making an appointment in case he turns out like all the rest.

  • Can you ring and ask some advice? Does he prescribe T3/NDT/a.n.other thing? You're wondering about supplementing vitamins, does he have any advice? Something to draw him out?

  • Good idea :-) The hospital have printed an email address so I think I will quiz him-better that than getting there, shelling out and finding I've wasted my money.

  • They never get it do they? I said much the same to my endo and he couldn't believe I would prefer 5 years of normality to 15 of misery!! What to do next? Find a better endo!!

  • Yes - or do research and treat myself! My husband has even suggested I try alternative medicine ...

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