Endo visit today

And so when I told him Lots of symptoms came back when the weather went cold he said that my previous bloods wouldn't indicate that it would be thyroid related and suggested a referral to fibromyalgia chronic fatigue service. I said that these strong symptoms only arose when the cold came. I said I thought he told me we can try T3. He agreed to try it but he doesn't think it will work. He is putting off the referral to these services until I have had a test period trying T3. I've just had bloods done today to decide for sure if he is trying me on T3.

Fingers crossed its worth a try. All previous T3 results have been very low in range and my last endo said I had a problem converting. This whole process takes sooo long.

Hope everyone is okay today.

Hugs xx

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Low T3 is VERY much part of the Fibromyalgia story....

Glad you are able to trial T3 - and I hope it does the trick. Personally I think it will take longer than 3 months to sort out long-standing symptoms.

What a pity they have Clinics for Fibro/CFS but nothing for the Thyroid :-(

Have you had other things tested - VitD - B12 - Ferritin - folate ? Thyroid meds rarely work well when vitamins and minerals are LOW !

Thanks Marz yes I've had those done before and they were in range but started taking vitamin d3 as that was very low in range. We'll see what the tests say

It will only 'work' if he gives you enough and for long enough. With increases when necessary. They Don't seem to understand that.

Good luck! :)

Grey goose I'll keep on it. He is instructing my Gp as regards the dose so I may just have to buy it otherwise to try. Many thanks

You will feel much better when T3 is added as long as he gives you a decent dose. If he's going to add it to levo it should be in a 3:1 ratio. Most times they give us too low a dose. Go to page 80 on the following link and read/copy page and highlight the top left-hand column and give him a copy. If you're hypo forget fibro etc which are also clinical symptoms:


Shaws thankyou very much

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