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Update on Endo visit

Just an update on my previous blog. Just back from my private endo appointment and what a difference. Apparently listening to a patient is a good thing and listening to their symptoms does help.

He has given me a 3 point plan. Firstly to try an increase in my medication to 75 T4 and 20 T3 (increase from T4 50) and see how I do on that. He says I may well go up a bit and then come down again as that seems to be my pattern. He would like for me a do a blood test at the end of 6 weeks to see what is happening but if the TSH is surpressed that is fine as long as my symptoms have gone! If my body is happy on that I can stay on that he would just like to do a bone density scan to keep an eye on things at some point. He also wants to do a vit D test as that can have a bearing on Thyroid patients. If after 6 weeks I have come down and it is unacceptable he says to transfer over to 25 of T4 and 40 of T3 and see how I do with that. Again with a blood test after 6 weeks. At this point, again, if I am fine on it I can stay on it even with a supressed TSH. However, if I am not good I am to go back to him he will try me on Armour then.

Feels like finally, I have a plan and I am pleased with it. He did not dismiss me, he listened, explained, chatted generally and agrees that some people just do not do well on synthetic medicine and that the medical profession just don't know all the answers. I believe the word we are looking for is human :-)

Thank you everyone on here for giving me the courage to fight this and the determination to get better. Thank you.

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Thats brilliant news poppy. Hope you feel much better soon. love angie xxxx


Brilliant news Poppy and what a star! I nearly dropped my cuppa when I read this! You can't say his name on here but please can you put your comments in the hospital compare.

It will take time, but you will get there! Did he say to split your T3, as some people find it helpful to have half in the morning and half a lunch time?


Thats great news , keep us updated as to how you do , have you got to stay private or will they now see you on NHS ?

Jan x


It is wonderful that there a some humane endocrinologists. I wish you well.


I know, I am really pleased too :-) I am already splitting my T3 so will continue with that if I have to move onto more T3. I will put it on the hospital compare bit under the NHS hospital he works at, although I saw him privately. Feeling I might have a life soon.

<b>Updated on Jan 14 2011 2:36PM:</b> I will stay with him as private for the time being but that is my choice. He said about being referred to the NHS hospital from my GP.


That shows how considerate he is - making money is not his main object. It is trying to get his patients to recover their health.


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