my endo app

hi all just a quick follow up on my first endo app that i had been waiting for 5 months.

they are still saying that they doubt there is a thyroid problem as my tsh is within range even tho i have alot of the symptoms and have insomnia they have taken blood to check t3 t4 n ft3 etc and antibodies also doing a 24hr wee sample and also have to go back for a blood test to be taken first then inject me with something then re ake blood a hour after not sure hat that was for he also mentioned sleep apnea which i no i havnt got as i cant fall asleep etc he said i need to be on a higher dose of vit D and if my tests all come back with no answers then its prob going to be chronic fatigue syndrome which to me is a way of telling u there is nout wrong like they do when u have a cold ect n they say its viral there excuse of i dont no whats wrong grrrr they also said that my basil temp was a very good temp it was 36.3 this was taken over 7 days so im nopw still no further forward

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  • well, I hope they find something with those tests, not because I wish you unwell, but you know what I least it will shut them up and let them help you? :(

    please post a follow up of how you are doing, especially your test results when you get them x

  • At least they are doing the tests. Hopefully they will reveal what's going on. The test where you drink something and have another test an hour later could be the glucose tolerance test which tests for hypo/hyperglycaemia, insulin resistance etc.

    They say your temperature of 36.3 is very good, but basal body temperature is not the best indication of your metabolism as it tends to be the lowest reading of the day. It can be more helpful to take your temperature an hour after getting up and again 3 hours later and then again another 3 hours later. The first one is likely to be the lowest and should hopefully go up to around 36.8 (if you are taking it orally) by the afternoon. If it doesn't ever get this high during the day, it is likely you are hypothyroid or at least aren't using the thyroid hormones available to your body, resulting in a slower metabolism.

    I hope you get some help with this soon. It must be so frustrating!

    Carolyn x

  • leanne said they will 'inject' her with something :)

    maybe it is a 'synacthen' test?

  • thanks nobody i think he mentioned something to do with steroid in the body to determain if my body is producing 2 much or 2 little i think as there was alot said so cant be definite

  • Before the TSH blood test was introduced to diagnose thyroid gland problems, people were dosed according to their clinical symptoms and given medication.

    About 10/15 years later three 'new' diseases were named - Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue or ME and this is a link which explains how Dr Skinner became involved in thyroid gland problems. He is a virologist. If you wish you can sign his petition

  • My Endo said I had fibromyalgia. A year later my thyroxine dose has been tripled (by my GP) and no more fibromyalgia symptoms. I'm so glad I ignored everything that stupid woman said and insisted on better treatment. It's too easy for them to diagnose one of these illnesses because there is no test for them, the symptoms are vague and there is very little treatment. An easy way for lazy doctors to get rid of difficult cases when they can't be bothered to do their job properly.

  • its rebellious isn't it im becoming to tired to fight now i feel like telling them to stick it and just try and carry on and face facts this could be my new life xx

  • You cannot give up the fight as it is your life which is in danger by untreated/undertreated treatment.

  • The problem is that nowadays GP's appear to be untrained in the clinical symptoms of thyroid problems and who cannot give a trial of thyroid hormones to see if alleviates the symptoms and we, the patients, suffer unnecessarily due to the reliance and diagnosis by the TSH blood test alone and GP's told not to prescribe until the TSH reaches 10, although some GP will do so earlier.

  • thank u everyone i will keep u all posted with whats going on i do hope they find the cause as i am sick of it all now xx

  • You sound just like me!!!

    My endo has said that it is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    Still waiting for more vitamin results, but as I wasnt seen again before Christmas, I am suspecting that I wont get another appointment till at least March!!

    To him I am 'within the normal ranges' and therefore do not require treatment of any kind.

    As far as I was aware, we are all individual, and that what would be a normal range for one person, would not be normal for another!!

    I am banging my head against the wall trying to get someone to help me!!

    Good luck xx

  • hi chemical what's ur tsh? what symptoms do u have its sooo annoying isnt it i feel like giving up im not sleeping prop cos i told them am not feeling refreshed he was thinking of sleep apnoea which i no i havnt got as i cant fall asleep during day n struggle to at night its awful if its not a thyroid prob;em then y do i have vitD deff b12 deff and low iron and low folate there must be something going on i get sooo annoyed as i am tired and stressed all the time i feel like a cant be bothered to do much with my 6yr old because im tired its nice to know im not the only 1 with a norm reading thanks for writing to me xxxx

  • Your low B12 could be causing your sleep problems. My insomnia went when I treated my low B12. Please don't give up on getting better. A few months ago I was feeling terrible and had almost given up hope, but I am feeling so much better now and am so glad that I kept on pushing for the treatment I needed. You will get there in the end if you keep on trying. X

  • tanks woochan its hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel i am having b12 injections so it shud b within range now they r thinking it could be to do with my low d i think xx

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