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Todays endo visit

Hi, I have been for my very first endo appointment today and I must say it has been eye opening. After all the awful reports I have read on this forum I think I might have struck lucky first time. Mind, I was recommended to try this one by another member and a friend of mine who has also seen him.

He actually asked me what I would like to talk about then sat and really listened to what I was saying. He was pleased I had taken the time to write down what I wanted to say, so I didn't forget anything, and he thought it was a good idea that I had printed a copy of symptoms and ticked the ones that are relevant to me.

He asked quite a few direct questions which I was able to answer and he actually suggested having a trial of T3 BEFORE I asked for some! So I will be having a four month trial of 150mcg levo/10mcg T3 (I am presently taking 200 mcg levo).

I also asked about getting B12 as my last was rather low (237 I think) but he sai he didn't want to prescribe that as it was in range. I did point out that it was very low in range and that I was probably only about the lowest 5%. I said that the majority of any range would be in the middle and the rest would be about 5% either end. He smiled at that until I pointed out that I also studied maths and understood averages. I did say I would look into self medicating with B12 as I knew I couldn't overdose on it. He said that was up to me, but didn't seem upset or anything.

He has ordered loads of bloods, including TPO, and a dexamethasone overnight test for cortisol. He has also ordered an endoscopy as he can see no reason for my iron being so low (not looking forward to that, had one before!)

I see him again in 4 months.

Overall I am rather pleased with this appointment.

(ps he is quite nice to look at too, :-) )

I am mailing Louise Warvill with the endo's name and hospital.

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Barb, you're a hussy, all that money on his education and you're taken by his good looks! :-D

I'm glad the consultation was so positive and collorabative. Just slightly concerned he may have reduced your T4 too much. 10mcg T3 is equivalent to 30mcg T4.

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I did wonder about the T3 and actually asked if that would be enough. He said he thought it would, hmm we'll see. I may decide to add some of my own. See how I get on to begin with though.

I have friends who tell me I am a tart, lol. First time I've been called a hussy, hehehe. I think I will tell my BF that one, it will, I'm sure, give him a good laugh.



Barb, I'd have to send myself advisory guideline breach PMs if I called you a tart on the forum :-D

See how you go on 10mcg. If you feel good initally but hit a wall in a few weeks that can be a sign that you need more T3 and another 5mcg may be enough.


Cheers Clutter.

But do tell, what's the difference between a hussy and a tart, lol?


Barb, at one time or another both meant lady of easy virtue :-D


Yep, that's what I thought.

I have tried to email Louise Warvill with details of the endo but the mail failed to go. Any ideas?


Barb, Perhaps members should attach photo's of the goodlookers ;)


That's the address I put in and double checked but it failed.

Sorry, I can't oblige with the pic as I haven't got one. But since I am a volunteer in the medical school at the hospital you never know what can be acquired!


Low iron? Let me guess. With thyroid issues you might have heavy periods? I did and boy was I ever anaemic on occasions. To the extent that 14 years ago my doctor looked me straight in the eye and said "basically you have no iron left in your body".

I told him why I was anaemic, but he ran the usual tests to rule out anything more sinister.


I might have a problem with that one Rosetrees, I am 65 and had a complete hysterectomy when I was 32, for intrauterine cancer. He's checking for a stomach ulcer first. In the meantime, I'll just keep taking the iron till I feel better and the tests come back good. :-)

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Oh, woops. How embarrassing. Sorrrrrry.


Hey, what's to be embarrassed about? We don't put much on our profiles so you have no idea until you are enlightened, hehe.

In a way I could have taken that as flattery, it would make me a good few years younger than I am. (But I am NOT old, I am only just beginning middle age!).


Wow! That's a good start! Except for the B12, of course, but then they Don't learn anything about nutrition at med school, so par for the course.

Don't worry about how much T4 equals how much T3. It's only a guess at best, because if you're not converting the T4 to T3, the T4 doesn't equal anything at all!




Don't worry about the endoscopy I have had one and it was no big deal x


Ali, I have had one before, but this time I have a problem as I have an autoimmune disease called mucus membrane pemphigoid which causes the connective tissue, in mucus membranes, to break down and leads to very bad blisters and ulcers. Putting the camera down my throat is going to be a rather careful operation.


I'm seeing an endo quite soon however I don't think I'll be so lucky to have such a positive experience. I've recently started to self medicate 50 mcg of Levo and 25 mcg of T3. I do feel better having intoduced the T3 but I have a feeling it's not quite enough as I have little energy however think I will wait until I've had a blood test which is one week prior to the appointment with the endo. I also will be making notes, why do we feel bad about self medicating when GPs only care about following their guidelines and not about how their patients feel. So he was rather attractive 😍😍😍


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