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Endo visit

Hi, I just thought I'd post an update on my endo visit of this week.

It went almost as badly as it could!! I saw an endo that I saw about 9 years ago at a different hospital. He caused me a lot of trouble with various GPs back then because he told me I had to stop taking T3 completely. He had not changed his opinion since.

He was not interested in listening to any of my symptoms or health issues. He told me that his advice is to stop taking T3 completely. I told him that was not going to happen. He then told me if I would not take his advice then he could not help me. He told me that it is not possible to have both hypo and hyper symptoms. ( As I definitely do! )

I persisted that I could not continue feeling so unwell all of the time and that it was time that my symptoms were investigated. He asked me what I wanted investigated. I said I thought I might have a cortisol imbalance. He answered, "You do not look like a person with a cortisol imbalance." I asked what such a person looks like. He said they have " patches on their skin." I said I have patches of dry skin. He replied, " You don't have a cortisol problem."

I then asked if I could have low stomach acid. Reply was, " You need to stop T3." He did elaborate and state, " 99.95% of people do not need T3." Whilst I would argue the figure is nearer 80% from what I have read, I do not understand how he can state I am one of them when my health after taking T3 improved tremendously.

I realized I was not achieving anything, but I persisted that I wanted something done. He then said I could have some blood tests done - which were a " fishing expedition and nothing would show up. " He also insisted I have a thyroid test. I said I would see my GP and arrange it. He said that it had to be done now otherwise he would not get to see the results.

I told him that I had taken my T3 only three hours ago and my levo late last night. He said it does not matter. I said thyroid bloods should be taken at least 24 hours after last meds. He told me he had never heard that before and no reason for doing so.

He would not tell me what is being tested - not necessary for me to know?

It is hospital policy to allow patients on T3 to remain on it whilst refusing it to new patients. So he can't actually make me stop T3.

I had no choice but to have the bloods taken immediately. I feel conned. If I'd refused to have the thyroid test, I could not have the other bloods done. Having had the thyroid test done so soon after taking meds, I know the results are going to be very high. This means my GP will tell me to reduce meds again. Once again I'm put under unnecessary pressure.

The consultant I saw in August told me I definitely am hypo and hyper and that it would be extremely dangerous for me to reduce meds whilst I still have so many hypo symptoms. My symptoms are worse now than then. I am very worried again.

I would not have seen this endo if I had known he was the same endo I'd seen before. How can these people be so unhelpful and uncaring?

I'm going to wait until I get the blood results. If they don't show up anything, I will arrange for some private testing to be done. I can't continue as I am. My life is slipping by.

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I have just put up a post by a Dr who was most concerned about the bullying patients face nowadays because they cannot follow the protocol the Endos suggest and remain unwell.

It may interest you.

These bullies cannot make the patient well as they take no interest in them. Don't examine them for their clinical siigns/symptoms. Levothyroxine has had research results published in which it is inferior for many patients who then are given 'extra prescriptions for the 'symptom' rather than the necessary hormone needed to run their bodies metabolism.

Dr Lowe called them medical technocrats.

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Where may I find this post please?


I believe the link is in this one in the teleseminar.


Shaws, what was the tile of the above mentioned post, please?


It was within this :

Cursor down the page and topics are listed - some wont work as it is archived now.

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Hi, Thanks for the links.

The problem is that this particular endo has been against T3 treatment for many years. I tried to convince him 9 years ago how much better I felt when I was put on one tab T3 a day. Then what a vast improvement I had when this was increased to 3 a day by a different endo at the same hospital three months earlier. He believes it is a placebo affect! There was no convincing him otherwise.

I would not have kept the appointment had I known it was him again. I tried again to convince him of the benefits of T3. He was not so rude to me this time, but still would not listen to me.

There was no consistent policy for T3 at the last hospital. Treatment views varied among the different endos.

This time the policy is to continue treatment with T3 for those already on it, but not to give T3 to new patients except in very exceptional circumstance. So his view went against hospital and department policy. Yet he still told me if I would not take his advice and stop T3 completely, he could not help me.

It's disgraceful.


Well, if he a 'Specialist' refuses to help - go it alone and you will get better without him. What kind of doctor is this - who gets gratification in denying a patient whose done well on T3. So you've to suffer, maybe develop heart problems due to his stance. I know full well how unwell if levo doesn't suit.


It's OK to take the blood three hours after taking L-T3 you just need to adjust the fT3 figure down a little. Within an hour or two the result goes haywire but I've found it is OK after three or four hours. If you leave 24 hours after taking T3 medicationt the result is useless due to the short half life. My guess is four to eight hours will give the most reliable figure, assuming your take the T3 medication twice daily.



Thanks for replying.

The problem is that this particular endo has no intention of adjusting the figure to allow for only three hours. He told me that it makes absolutely no difference leaving a big gap. He's anti T3 for everyone and wants to prove he is right. He will write to my GP and tell him I am over medicated and should reduce T3. My GP will want to follow his advice to the letter. It really is deja vue as this is what he did last time, 9 years ago.

The only difference is that the previous hospital supported his view of no T3 for anyone for any reason. Whilst this hospital supports those already on T3.

I take T3 three times a day - as I get up, about 3.30pm and last thing at night so don't know how that relates to best gap for bloods.



It's your RIGHT to refuse to see an unhelpful doctor. I have done in the past. It's also your right to request a second opinion and to ask to be seen be a specific doctor. You mentioned that the consultant endo you saw in August was helpful. Why don't you ask to be seen specifically by him?

It's sad truth but people who complain usually get what they want. Don't let them walk over you...

Take care


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