Endo that was very happy that I'd decided to take NDT!!!

He's also written to my GP for a Vit D prescription ( 35 ) >70 and is going to take a load of bloods next week, as he said Im low in so many things....B12, Folate, Calcium, Cortisol. Sodium etc. He also wants to add a little T3 to the Nature Throid I'm taking to get my TSH levels back down to a normal level,which is (25) at the mo and also my Free T3 and Free T4 up that are below range. T3 gave me headaches daily last time I tried it with Levo, hoping it won't happen with NDT. Any thoughts Guys?

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  • No, just that you have an amazing endo! You should begin to feel much better soon.

  • Congratulations! I hope all goes well and you notice wonderful improvements soon :-)

  • Thank you, I'm in Somerset and not sure if he's on the list for Endo's with an open mind??

  • That's great. Don't think negatively at present as he is acknowledging your clinical symptoms as a whole which is rare, I believe. Did you mean to get your TSH 'down' - you said up.

    Pass his name to Louise, if you didn't get his name from her - louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.

    We look forward to following your progress.

  • I did mean TSH down lol I'll edit that in a mo. I'll pm Louise now as I didn't find him through her, think I just got lucky Shaws x

  • It was definitely more than luck. I think it is miraculous.

  • That's great news. Hopefully you will be bright eyed and bushy tailed very soon.

  • I really hope so, soon can't come quick enough!! thank You

  • Can imagine - from what I remember you've been feeling absolutely awful for ages. I agree with Shaws - has to be more of a miracle than luck but great result anyway :-)

  • I have!! It's been over a year now and I can honestly say, I felt a little better but not 100% in November and December. I started nature Throid back in August and then Gp decreased meds in Jan (should of Increased) and now I'm ready to crash tenfold. Lets hope he's the miracle man x

  • Hi, so glad you've got someone on your side! Did you just switch yourself to NDT?

  • Hi Harry,

    I did...I told my GP just before Christmas and he didn't really comment but the Endo I saw yesterday, seemed pleased I'd made the switch. I must say up until Gp told me to decrease, I think I had the best 2 mths in 14mths. Probably felt 60% better, so still a way to go but seemed to be getting there steadily. Then reduced and plummeted!! I buy it online and am back to 2 grains as I was on before the decrease. I'm going to see if this lovely Endo will sort me out a prescription to save me buying online.

    Nat x

  • It must be some sort of a miracle :D! Like a dream Endo!

    I would try to add t3 if I was you, if you feel unwell you can always stop taking it. E xx

  • He sounds great. Did he prescribe NDT or are you taking it on your own? You are lucky to have found him.

  • I was on Levo but decided to try Nature Throid Aug 2013. I buy online at the mo but I'm gonna ask for a prescription next time I see him x

  • Yes ................what about FERRITIN //////////////must be over halfway in its range

    but otherwise congrats to this endo

  • Yes who is this Endo & where is he in the Country I need him desperately. Thanks.

  • Somerset South West England

  • Which hospital is your endo at ? I'm also in somerset.

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