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What supplements do you take and which do you feel are the most important ones for hypothyroid?

And not just supplements - things like coconut oil. The ones I hear all the time are Vit D3, and B12.

I take a few things, but I'm always wondering if I'm missing something important!

This is my current regime -

Vit B12 in the morning,

2 tbsp coconut oil,

3 brazil nuts for the selenium.

Iron with orange juice (for Vit C) late afternoon

Magnesium and Vit D3 supps in the evening (with a yoghurt for calcium.)

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Do you know if you actually need any of the above - have you been tested, and found out to be low, in anything.

Mu view is that loading yourself with supplements on a "just in case" basis can do more harm than good, which is why I am asking if blood results show you are low in any of the above.

Moggie x


I had some tests, but not for B12 or D3 yet. My ferritiin was low (20 on a scale of 10-200 I think) and also my C Reactive Protein was high.

I would assume I am vitamin deficient because my diet has been very poor, and I can not be getting adequate D3 from the sun! After 5-6 months on these supps I am genuinely feeling brighter and more energetic, and the pains in my knees and neck/shoulders have improved greatly. And now I am feeling better I'm starting to make better food choices (trying gluten and sugar elimination from Monday).

I will ask for these things to be tested soon, though I believe you have to stop taking B12 for a few months before a test can be done?


Unfortunately if you get tested now for the above then neither you, or your GP, will be getting a clear picture of what is going on. Most of my vitamins where, like yours, were low and my GP sent me to a gastro for test which has revieled a hiatus hernia and gut issues. I am only saying this to make the point of how improtant it is to get tested BEFORE you supplement. Now if your GP tests the vitamins that you have been supplementing in they will show a lot higher that they would have done and your GP may not be able to make a correct diagnoses.

Moggie x


Yes, maybe a test now would only be good to discover whether I'm over supplementing! I'm only taking recommended does, not going over with anything - and I definitely would not like to stop supplementing, not until I'm sure I'm getting adequate nutrition from my diet.


I would be more concerned about the CReactive Protein if I were you. Is the doc investigating ths?

I had Pheumonia 4 weeks ago and mine was 200, test this week shows I have no inflammation at read of <1 that's how quickly it can reduce if you know the cause.

Reply's is good in one way that you are taking control and supplementing. However if you have absorption issues caused by gut problems then of course it can be more difficult. Do you have Hashimotos ? sorry have not read your profile or previous posts.....lazy ol 'me :-)


I was diagnosed hypothyroid over 15 years ago and was taking 100mcg levo for over a decade until last year. I'm taking 80mcg of liothyronine now, split into 3 doses.


Sorry - do you have Hashimotos - the Auto-immune version of Thyroid illness ? It would help to know so that I am able to answer you more thoroughly ....Glad you are doing well on T3.

I have Hashimotos and am also T3 only - taking 50mcg in four split doses. I live in Crete where the T3 is 25mcg.


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