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Please help with my current vitamin results


December 2017 vit D blood result, confirmed vitamin D deficient 2013, taking 1000IU D3 from 800IU D3.



April 2018 ferritin blood result, confirmed iron deficient 2014, finished course of iron 1 week ago

FERRITIN 23 NG/L (30 - 400)

April 2017 B12 blood result, confirmed B12 deficient at this time, taking 3-monthly B12 injections since September 2017, no idea what B12 currently is, probably very high

VITAMIN B12 226 PG/L (190 - 900)

April 2018 blood result, confirmed folate deficient in November 2016, taking 5mg folic acid since then.

FOLATE 2.31 (2.50 - 19.50)

Thank you

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Just to confirm from your rather complicated list of results ( previous results, dosing of supplements and most recent results some Dec 2017 , some April 2018) : Vit D : 54.1; B12 : 226; folate : 2.31 ; ferritin: 23. Folate and ferritin need to be above half way thru range - both deficient not even in range at last test. Vit D needs to be 100-150, so over twice what you are now- the 1,000 and 800iu doses of D3 are totally inadequate, you might find a liquid spray or drops of D3 with K2 easier to use as can be absorbed under the tongue quickly ( bypassing gut that might have poor absorption if got Hashimoto's plus reducing the long 4 hour slot when you shouldn't take T4/T3 , food, other meds etc). Look up SeasideSusie's various previous replies to posts on Vit/ min levels and recommended supplements re. D3, folate and ferritin. It is essential to get VitD, B12, folate and ferritin up to optimum levels for good thyroid health / good conversion; also consider supplementing selenium( 200 mcg selenomethionine), magnesium, zinc etc. Gluten free diet suggested for Hashimoto's.

Not sure if Hashimoto's

I have TPO and TG antibodies as TG antibodies 385 (<115) and TPO antibodies 171 (<34)

So you are Hashimoto's: unfortunately it is characterised by poor gut absorption meaning even nutrients from food/drink or supplements are poorly absorbed. Try to get TSH to 1 or under, and try period of gluten free - both help to reduce antibodies, which in themselves cause fluctuating thyroid hormone levels- peaking as antibodies attack the thyroid gland mistakenly believing it to be 'alien', and dumping the dead thyroid cells along with thyroid hormones into the blood cells.


Credo in reply to Hollie2345

Hi Holly,

Just noticed your post, sounds like what I am going through right now ,still recovering from Thyroditis, was recommended Betaine HCL for gut absorption,worst I have ever felt ,don’t want to eat.Betaine should arrive tomorrow,reviews seem positive,can’t wait to try it. Right now my TSH is 0.178 . Hope your health has improved.

I always take Levo in the morning and supplements 5-6 hours after and 2 hours before food

Do you separate iron, Vit D, calcium supplements out from everything else( including each other) as for various reasons they stop absorption of other things thus the 4 hour window I mentioned earlier? I saw you posted earlier re your thyroid results too, and possible pregnancy.... you look undermedicated re levothyroxin, but it is of utmost importance you get your Vit/ mins improved for pregnancy, as well as thyroid health- show the endo.these results and perhaps he/she will retest , and then you might get better doses of folate/ferritin/D3 and if necessary B12! Good luck Hollie.

Hi again, I take no calcium at all, just that my calcium has been dropping. I separate iron and vit D by about 5 hours.


Ok then...I find it difficult to fit in all my supplements, thyroid and other meds, food and drink ( and sleep) into the 24 day!

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