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Blood results help please! I FEEL underactive, but as per usual, am told ...NORMAL!

RAI treatment 2010 - so no working thyroid of my own.

(no ref range written for Free T4 and most of the others are missing - but verbally over phone Doc said - range is 6 - 22 (?) so perfectly acceptable within range! I feel LOW!)

Serum Free T4 - 9pmol/L

Serum TSH - 0.06 (LOW result - 0.30-5.00)

No T3 as don't offer that usually!

B12/folate level

Serum folate >22 ug/L HIGH

Serum Vit B12 = 667 ng/L

Serum Vit D = 78.6 = adequate (>50 replete >200 Poss Toxicity)


Lymphocyte - 1.9 10*9/L

Total White Cell Count - 5.6

RBC - 4.91

Platelet Count - 261

Neutrphil Count - 3.2

Monocyte count - 0.3

MCV - 83 fL

Mchc - 330g/L

Mean Corpusc. haemoglobin (MH) = 27.3pg LOW

Haemoglobin Estimation = 134g/L

Eosinophil Count = 0.1

Daily each morning I am taking at the moment -

Thyroxine 75mcg

Liothyronnine 25mcg

150mg Meloxicam for joint pain and inflammation.

I have recently had a course of 1000 Vit. D, B12 and some Folic Acid as these were considered low over the last two lots of blood tests. A locum doctor authorised me to add 5mcg of the T3 about three months ago, so I have already had a slight increase from 20mcg of the Liothyronning - can't decide if it has made much difference though.

I did expect to see a big increase in my levels, because this last fortnight I have been having heatwaves and not sleeping much at all, even though am totally exhausted and achey - partly because of the constant ITCHING!

I am 58 years old, female, and just over 15 stone which I can't shift no matter what - although I could do with more exercise I have no energy or inclination to do it - I know - my fault! But the brain fog is back and struggling with words - it has taken me all afternoon to write this question, which normally would be a ten minute speed type session. Apologies - am feeling sorry for myself and should be just grateful I am not suicidal! (Have read some really sad posts lately, and I seriously am NOT that bad, but don't want to end up that way either!)

I have made a copy of the results which I could pm to an Admin if that is helpful, with the previous bloods included.

I am asking what, if anything, I need to say or ask for tomorrow morning when I have an appointment with a different doctor. I feel awful, freezing cold with a temp. of 34.9, not functioning so well. I spoke with one of the docs this morning as you are only 'allowed' to have a copy of your results if they speak to you and agree! I told him how ill I felt, and cold I was, and that if my results were LOW then maybe I could up my dose of Thyroid meds and it would help - his response was that 'it doesn't work like that - changing dose would take WEEKS to work so that wouldn't necessarily be the answer! He told me to rest, get a blanket and have a hot drink and try and stay in the warm. (!!!) Anyway, I just thanked him for his help in authorising my printout and said I would get a slot tomorrow, so if anyone has any thoughts to share with some 'evidenced info' to substantiate my requests I will at least feel more confident when I go. I was wondering about asking for Adrenal tests but not sure what/how they might help?

Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!


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Hi Jackie, looking at you blood results didn't see Ferritin (iron) on the list. Have you had thyroid antibodies tested.

I agree with you thinking your T4 is low on my results the range is 12-22 but some paths use different ranges.

I wonder if taking your 150mg Meloxicam at the same time as your thyroxinne if it might interfere with the absorption of the thyroxinne. I take my thyroxinne at nite so I can take my vitimins and iron in the morn with breakfast.

I am sure others on here will be able to advise you on Adrenal fatigue tests.

Hope your appointment goes ok and you get sorted soon.


This Dr. Clark explains why very clearly. This is #1 in a series of #24.


Thanks for the responses! I have made notes, and am hoping to tackle some tomorrow if I manage to get up in time! LOL!


Hi I would be sure to have a Free T3 test, even if it means paying on line.How is your feritin/iron, ( needs to be well in range) vit D ( hormonal and autoimmune) B12 and Foliates, needs to be high in range,Diabetes, hormonal and autoimmune.?

Best wishes,



Hello = it is just possible you might be gluten intolerant. It is worth cutting out all gluten from your diet for at least 2 weeks to see if it makes any difference. I am making this suggestion because of your complaint of itching, a very common side effect of gluten in the system.


Well - that was quick! I printed out a ream of 'notes' but when I saw the Practice GP he just said - 'nothing I am prepared to do - I don't know any where near enough to interfere with your medication - you MUST see the Endo - I could make it a whole lot worse!'

Honesty - very refreshing! He promised to request an URGENT referral since I feel so unwell, and I just hope it won't take the usual 3 months! In the meantime - I just have to keep taking my normal dose and hope for the best!

Any more suggestions as to requests for tests, I would happily read and remember (ok - my foggy brain won't but a piece of paper will!) - and also to note that they are all still very much guided by the TSH above all else - mine is Very Low - 0.06 so this indicates they won't do anything radical!


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