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Operation day

Hi everyone,

This will be the last weekend i will be on here for a while, I have a large tumor on my left kidney, which is benign, the doctors have said they have to remove my kidney so I'm going into hospital on Sunday, surgery on Monday morning.

After tomorrow i will be back on as soon as I can, I'll be thinking about you all, stay strong, we can all do this together :) xx

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Oh Sue I am so sorry, hope everything goes ok I will be thinking about you lots of lvoe Sue x


Thank you Sue :) we're like twins with the same name, we'll feel like we're talking to ourselves :D :D


Sue, you have all our hearts with you and we will be thinking of you. See you soon X

Love and best wishes Dave :)


Hi Dave,

we were all wondering where you were, I hope things are going well for you :)

Thank you so much for your kind words :) :) they mean a lot :)


Hello Sue Have only met you this last week but you will be:

In our hearts and in our minds

Precious friends like you are hard to find

Thinking of you and looking forward to your return - stay positive and don't give the nurses (or any dishy doctor) too hard a time!



Sue if anyone can pull thriugh an operation its you. Wont be long before your back on line with us all Love you loads. xxxxxx



Hi Buttons, thank you for your kind words :) i'll leave the nurses alone but i can't promise not to chase the dishy docs round the ward :D :D

I hope everything goes great for you next week, kick nics butt :D :) xx


Thanks Jillygirl :) I hope to be up dancing soon :D :)

I hope all goes well for your daughter :)

love and hugs to you both :) xxxxx


I know a lovely lady and so do you,

She isnt very well , and her name is Sue.

Sunday will be the day she goes and gets ready for her op.

I`ve got a favourite list and Sue`s on the top.

Sue is a fighter and that is for sure,

so any bad gremlins are out of the door.

She is our favourite lady , and we wish her well,

Just give her a couple of weeks and she will have a tale to tell.

So Sue if your reading this, our hugs cuddles and our love,

Go with you to the hospital ,so do the angels from above.

xxxx:) :) :) xxxxx


awwe Jillygirl, that's so lovely, thank you so much :) :) you've brought a tear to my eye :) I'm gonna keep this, if that's okay :)

big hugs and love to you :) xxxxxxxxx


you know who the 2 angels are dont you. mums the word. :)


Bless you Jillygirl, i know i'll be fine with them looking after me :)


Good luck and God bless.



Thank you Kevin for your kind words :)


Take care of yourself Sue, we will all be thinking of you and sending you loads of love and hugs xxxx


thanks Kazz, I hope you stick around for a bit :) xx


Oh I will, be checking in to see how you are and sending loads of love and hugs with everyone else. :) xx


Sue all my love and best wishes go with you take care and we'll see you soon xxx hugs


Hi Sue, all the best for tomorrow, I'm sure you will glad when its all over, I have just come out of hospital after having my second hip replacement last Tuesday, still in quite a bit of pain, thank goodness for pain killers.

My other one was last September and when I went into hospital then I gave up the old fags and still free from them :)

you are so helpful to alot of people on here I am sure they will be glad to see you back soon, take care, will be thinking of you tomorrow xx


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