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Back on Day 1!!!!

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dawlol18 Months Winner
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Morning all,

I'm back on day one! Dissapointed with myself but hey ho what can I do.

Will just stay focused now and hopefully I won't be tempted again. 1 day at

a time as they say! Hope everyone is OK? Jillygirl I'm glad it was OK on

Friday and good luck for thursday.

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Good morning dawlol

Well done on setting a new quit date and coming along to Quit Support this morning.

Don’t be too disappointed with yourself. We learn from a relapse; what was it that tempted us to start again and how can we try and avoid that situation again.

What is it your using to quit?

Either myself or Emjay will be back to check on you soon ;-)

Take care

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good morning dawol,dont be too hard on yourself at least you are not giving in ,and prepared to try again. I know you can do it just persevere and keep focused. thanks for the wishes you sent me. Its so nice to have such a lot of lovely supportive friends. :) xx

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dawlol18 Months Winner

Hi Jarvo,

Thank you. I am using the 16 hour patches which I find really good, I hardly

get any cravings whilst wearing one. I'm determined this not to give in to

temptation this time. We had a bonfire party, the wine was flowing and I was weak.

So onwards and upwards with Day 1 again.


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Thanks for getting back to me.

The 16 hour patch is really good but don’t forget to praise yourself. The patch is giving you the nicotine which your body craves but your still doing the hard work. Make sure you put a new one on everyday alternating which arm you use.

Well done in planning and thinking ahead. You knew you would struggle at the party, therefore there was no point in setting your quit date before.

Try and look at the times you struggle and if we can get around them at all. Some local Stop Smoking Services can use combination therapy; using a patch alongside another nicotine replacement product.

Speak soon

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Kazzachoc2 YEAR WINNER

Hi Dawn

You did say last week that you were a bit worried that you may relapse over the weekend with going to the bonfire with friends who smoke and the alcohol would be flowing. It is difficult when you are at the beginning of your stop smoking journey and you are in a situation like that. At least you are straight back to it today, so well done for that.

Keep strong, and come and have a chat when you need to, it certainly helps me to get through those tough times :)


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Hi Dawn, never mind, onwards and upwards - you can do this - just make sure you get rid of all the temptations! :)

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dawlol18 Months Winner

I think that will mean getting rid of my!

It's very difficult when there's somebody else smoking around you,

but I just have to focus on why I'm doing this: Health and most importantly

finance!!! I'm sick of paying all that money for something that is killing us.

OH reckons he's quitting today but I'll believe that when I see it.

Dawn xxx

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Kazzachoc2 YEAR WINNER

I keep thinking of the next budget. When cigarettes go up yet again, it wont concern me :D

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Aup Dawn,

Your probably at home now with your feet up, while your other half is cooking your dins :o :D cus not long got home myself :)

Its only a little set back thats all gal, just think of the practice your getting, and you know what they say dont you :- practice makes perfect :) :)

A big big well done to you for setting another quit date this quick, i think thats best as well.

Speak soon i hope, Pete :)

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jane5831 Months Winner

Dont beat yourself up! You are probably still in the position where you are "envying" your friends for smoking... Just remember there is nothing to "envy". - Its an addiction and well done to you for recognising this and are working hard to end that perpetual itch! I used to "envy" my friends who still smoked but I dont anymore. I have been stopped now for nearly 10 months and although I still think about smoking I dont have cravings and the thoughts vanish in seconds! Keep up the good work oh and one last thing. You will get to enjoy a drink or two and not make the connection with the cigarette as I am an avid wine lover and Ive kicked that connection too! Well done keep going!

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monkyAdministrator in reply to jane58

Aup Jane58, long time no see gal, ha ha i was just going through the old blogs to see when we all appeared on this site :) :)

A massive well done to you Jane, yey hee :D :D 10 months, just ace gal just ace, loads of hugs and keep with it Jane :) :)

Pete :)

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