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Tuesdays are always the odd day to me of any week. They are not actually the beginning, middle or end they are just there and we have to have them I suppose or else we wouldn’t have seven days equalling one week. Mondays mark the start, Wednesdays the middle with the good bit in the early afternoon when you realise that you have less to do than you’ve already done (unless of course you work Saturdays and/or Sundays). Thursday is the day before Friday and as Friday is the end of the week then Thursday has to be a good day as it is the day before! Not very logical I know but one way of viewing a working week and it’s my view and I quite like my logic. :D :D

So today the auditors said that they would be finishing tomorrow – thank goodness for that. We can get back to normality in our little office. There are only two of us and we, even if I say it myself, work very well together. We are nearly the same age (old!) and both enjoy our jobs and together we get the job done. My workmate is actually one of our local vicar’s wife and she has an absolutely brilliant sense of humour and she does make me laugh :D out loud really – nice to pass the day in friendship and the time really does go quite quickly. She has an Alaskan Malamute dog (definition - bl***y big :O ) which was adopted and she is beautiful but like most dogs can be stubborn and obstinate and the tales she tells of their walks – well you have to hear her tell them because her words enable me to ‘see’ what happens.


Still grey and very cold here now – no sign of blue sky or sun and it’s never been proper daylight at all today. Cold walking to work but himself picked me up as I had a nurse appointment at the doctors for tests which weren’t in the least painful and at least they are done with now. Time and the results will tell if I have to have any more tests or needles stuck in me – sometimes I feel like a pin cushion – good job I don’t leak as that would be a bit messy. Hopeful that the results will be good and/or on the positive plus but shall have to wait and see.

Significant other (yes I have been watching old Only Fools & Horses) is watching Wigan and Arsenal so I am sitting looking at the box containing my new piece of equipment wondering if I dare open it. Stupid really as I really should open to check that it is not damaged (poor excuse) but our next door but one neighbour who when I told him what I was after very kindly looked on his computer and found this for me says he will pop round on Thursday evening and set it all up for me and as I really do not have any idea how to do that, I may just open it and have a quick look and then close it up again.

Just been reading LilyMay’s blog where she says she is learning to crochet. May see how she gets on because somewhere I have a Ladybird book on how to crochet and may have another go myself. Having tried before, I have always gone back to knitting but maybe LilyMay and I can help each other to learn. Definitely worth thinking about that is if she’s willing.

Keeping busy is something I have no difficulty in doing whatsoever. It sometimes gets too much as the time passes so quickly and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that I want or need to do. It’s strange how we are at times bored and automatically reach for that cigarette and there are other times when we don’t even think about them at all. Funny how our minds work and we are all so different and that’s probably good as if we were all alike it would be an extremely boring world, would it not? Even the most mundane jobs help pass the time and as I commented the other day straightening and folding up all the used carrier bags is very soothing and it is one of those jobs that for me I keep saying I will do those today but just never seem to get round to it. That reminds me, aroundtuit is on a plate I have somewhere in my loft so will have to dig it out and put it on a wall somewhere and look at it when I have a craving. Just proves though that we can all get ‘roundtuit’ at some time or other!

Talking of differences, even within siblings there are some great variances. As for friends and acquaintances, well the different thinking of people is what makes it interesting. It’s like when you see ‘partners’ – they appear to be so different sometimes to the extreme - like chalk and cheese, but you can see that they are actually made for each other and are true soul mates. Lucky me in that I seem to have found mine in my other half and we celebrate 39 years together this year. Not bad considering we had only been going out for 5 days before he proposed and I married him 5 weeks later – definitely worth celebrating.

That’s why smoking is strange because you wouldn’t think that something that is so bad for you would feel so damn good or would you? Sometimes, with certain illnesses, they do say that it HAS to get worse before it starts to get better and I suppose you could liken that to stopping smoking. It does get bad and there are times when it is really terribly bad – some would call the pain of stopping at these times absolutely excruciating – but it does get better and for each of us these ‘symptoms’ for want of a better word can last a day, or days or sometimes for a week or more and sometimes they may never go away ever but we do learn how to cope/deal with them. There is though light at the end of the this particular tunnel and it does vary from person to person how long they have to go before they see it and then reach it but again, an old saying, there is no gain without pain which is apt and perfectly true. Success must give the person a wonderful feeling of victory over adversity and hopefully, in the very near future this will be how we all feel including little old (and probably fat) me.

Life is occasionally extremely hard work but the rewards of putting in the work are many and well worth the effort. Even though those occasions are sometimes more frequent than we would like and seem to occur one after the other, it is soooo worth the effort of doing and reaping the rewards of our labours.

Off to watch some telly now with a cup of tea and then bed – work tomorrow but it’s Wednesday so nearly half way through the week and well on the way to the weekend.

Have a good evening all and will close wishing you sweet dreams with no nightmares.

Luv, hug and a great big :) from me to you.


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Night night Kath (O) x



Night Betts and sweet dreams.

Hug :)


Hi Kath. I can crochet too, but it's been awhile. I hope you don't have to wait too long for your test results and that everything is fine. Wow talking about love at first sight:D :D :D . I've know my othher half for 28 years and we have been together for 4 years... I think you and I demonstrate extreams. Sleep well and chat tomorrow on your day 3 :-)

Sue xx


Blast posted my reply as a comment so sorry Sue wanted you to know that I had answered. Drat I really will have to check on EVERYTHING before I press the 'button'.


Hiya Sue

Good morning to you and definitely won't say good as it's raining!

Not bad going for us two really as most people said 'it won't last - you'll see - it won't last' but it has and if possible I love him more now than I did then. Ironically, most people with a downer on it were my Aunts believe it or not! Oh well, as the old saying going you can't please etc., etc.

Hey if you can crochet maybe LilyMay, you and me could start a Crochet Circle for Quitters - aka CCQ for short. There may be others on here that would like to join and then we could all sit together and 'croch et' as my dear old Dad used to pronounce it - hope you can understand that.

Would like to catch up later so until then

Luv Hug and a :) just for you




Good morning all :) despite the rain and the gale blowing I'm still feeling cheery now I'm over that 1 week mark! And that I've managed to crochet a pretty ok blanket for my partners new granddaughter :) Crochet was just what I needed to keep my hands and my mind occupied during the evening which for some reason now seems to have extra hours in it! Does anyone else seem to have more time on their hands? I'm now setting myself a challenge to learn how to crochet flowers in squares so if anyone out there knows how to do this I would love to have some guidance.

Have a great day everyone :D

Lily x


Morning Lily

Know exactly what you mean about the extra hours in the evening but sometimes even then the days just don't seem to have enough hours in to do everything on my 'to-do list'.

Will check by step by step guide after work today and let you know.



Hi again Lily

Have found a pattern for squares with what I think you could call flowers in the middle so if I do a blog with a pic of the picture of the finished item if you let me know if this is alright for you I can then pm you the full instructions.

Hope that is OK but if its not what your're after just say and I won't send to you.



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