Morning all,

Day 3 and it has been awful so far, massive argument with hubby this morning (we never argue)!

Tears on the walk to work, get to work...argument with my boss! Can this day get any worse, probably but I'm not gonna give in. My brain is screaming at me to have a cig but I WILL NOT!

Just let me get through today and I'm sure I'll be fine.

Hope everyone else is having a good day...hopefully mine will get better!

Dawn xxx

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  • Keep at it Dawn, I have tried on numerous occasions and the first week is always the worst for me. Day 3 will lead to Day 4. I found that becuase my hubby still smokes I just kept out of his way. Your day will get better, when you feel stress go into the loo and just shout! Will message you later I am thinking of you lots of love Sue x

  • Stay strong Dawn..these things are sent to try us :) You are doing brilliant DO NOT LET NIC don't need him or want him really its just a knee jerk reaction . I let him win and regret it big time.As Simba says day 3-4 can be the worst ..however you hang in ..hang in can do this ! Well done for getting this far,now remember who is boss !! :) love n hugs jan

  • Hi Dawn :)

    Like the others have said, the first week is the hardest :( you just have to stay with it and kick that nic into touch :) maybe try one of Emjays breathing exercises :)

    Erm it may be a good idea to buy a bunch of flowers and a box of chocs for your hubby, on your way home from work eh :) :D

    Hey if he dosnt want them :( thennnnn you will just have to have them, wont you :) :)

    Speak later, Pete :)

  • Thanks for your comments - they really help!

    Pete I think hubby should buy ME flowers and chocs - I'm the one struggling after!

    Feeling a little bit better now - just had my coffee break which I substitued with an apple,

    pear and banana!

    I tell you guys I have fought some battles in my time, but this quitting smoking is one

    of the hardest, but I am determined NOT TO GIVE IN this time because I AM A SURVIVOR!

    Hope everyone else is having a good day!

    Dawn xxx

  • Well done Dawn positivity helps and you sounds as thought you have plenty of that now:)

  • keep going are stronger than your addiction right!!? it is extremely hard and i too have never experienced anything like this in my life! have a good scream, cry, wail, sulk fit whatever it takes to get you to the end of the day then have a long, hot bubble bath as reward with chocs and tea and a good book then go to bed proudly having got through another day will/does get easier honest.stay positive, thinking of you. :) . jane x

  • Thank you so much - I feel better already! It was the argument that really threw me,

    you know usually at times like that the first thing you do is reach for a cig but I didn't

    so am proud of myself for that. I just keep telling myself that's one of many situations

    when you would have had a cig to "make you feel better" but it doesn't does it?

    So bad morning over...onwards and upwards!

    Thanks again everyone for your support!

    Dawn xxx

  • The AAAAAAARH will mellow withe each passing day.

    I know it's hard but it does get easier.

    The first few days are bitching, try to hold out.


  • Keep it up Dawn, your doing just fine. Day 3 was the worst ever for me. Burst into tears at work, couldn't concentrate, felt really miserable. As each day passes NIC gets weaker. Remember cravings are short term, they do pass, I do my best to keep busy, exercise takes my mind off smoking. A good work out and you won't feel like a ciggie after I promise xxxx

  • Keep Going Dawn i have made it to day 9 not so tense cravings a lot better i agree with bellabella try the gym or a walk it will get better

  • Thank you Gary - Day 4 today and feeling much better! Yesterday was

    the pits but I got through it and didn't cave in!


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