1st day to work, being a non smoker, tomorrow

 I had a few vacation days last week, but ended up getting sick with the stomach flu, and did not go to work at all.   Tomorrow will be my first day back to work as a non-smoker, there is a person that sits next to me that drives me absolutely crazy at times, and when it gets to be too much is when I would go outside for a smoke.   I can already feel a pit in my stomach, that I'm not going to be able to focus, I'm going to mess something up, or that I'm going to scream at her to please be quiet so I can concentrate.   I have in the past, had to be  very stern with asking her to be quiet, as I need to focus.    My boss unfortunately will not let me relocate to another part of the office and will not relocate her either.  But I am so afraid that I'm going to lose my cool completely.   I've also begun to hate driving, as that was one of the main times for my smoking it is so hard for me to focus and concentrate while driving, any tips? 

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  • Deep breathing.  Concentrates the mind and lets the craving pass.  I used this a lot in the first few weeks of working without cigs.  That and sips of water.  Good luck.

  • Thank you Mo!  At Times I actually find I'm holding my breath, remembering to breathe is a big one for me!   For the health of my kidneys I do drink a lot of water but, I will drink even more now !

  • Hi Carissa, I'm so sorry you had a stomach bug, there's a lot going around at the moment :( 

    Soooo, your back to good old work tomorrow :o Please just remember this, we are all different :o your work colleague is obviously a bit of a chirpy person who loves to chat  :)  it isnt her fault Carissa, its the way she is and that is it gal :) My advice to you is to talk to her and ask her whats been going off while you've been away and tell her you have quit smoking and you have to concentrate on not wanting a smoke :) and ask her for help :) let her know what your going through, how you feel, how hard it is :)  Carissa, if she is half the Lady you are, then she will help you :) 

    If not, then by all means get out the office and go for a walk, BUT, where you cant smoke :) ha ha ha we had a lovely Lady on here some time a go and she used to go to the recreation room in there building and run around the ping-pong table to let her frustration out :) 

    Have a look at the Pinned posts and Topics please, cos you may gat some ideas from them :) Like Mo has said, deep breathing and sips of water really do help :) 

    Driving -- that was one of my bad times, but, fruit pastilles helped me, I love the taste of them and just started eating them at the times when I would normally light up :) I have a drive of at least 1 hour, to and from work :o and I used to smoke 4 cigs on that journey, always at the same places :o and I just replaced the cigs for pastilles and that did the trick for me :) :) 

    Carissa, you are never ever alone gal, cos your only a couple of clicks away from your quit family :) :) xx

  • Thank you so much!! I've been using different flavored tic tacs in the car!  Even going out my door when I leave my home that's where I would first light up :) thank you thank you for all of the support!!

  • Hi Carissa - i use tic tacs as my crutch at the moment :-), feels like i will turn into a tic tac one of these days, but it has really helped me a lot, also had the issue with driving, was one of my favourite smoking locations - after two weeks it is much better now and i have to say my car smells a lot better, which is a big bonus.

    Hope your day at work is OK. 

  • Thank you!!  Yes Tic tacs are amazing, I had NO idea how many flavors they offer until now!

    I do find the moment I sit in the car and buckle my belt, I reach into my coat pocket for my smokes, and then think, oh silly me, they are in my purse (which clearly they are not) and my hand lands on one of the 10 tic tac packs I carry with me so have those instead :)

  • Sorry my first post disappeared so I'll keep this one short😊 You've got some great advice already and if you feel you're getting a bit anxious, just pop to the toilet for a few mins and remind yourself how well you're doing. You are a non smoker so chin up, shoulders back and smile, you can do it🚭😊

  • Thank you!!!

  • try looking for her good points ,???? Honest it works . tell her you need to concentrate . No use getting rid of one toxic situation and going into an other ,  tell her you need her help in stoping smoking  ( I want to be alone this week please !  am not myself ) you would appreciate some time to get your head round the stop smoking thing , if she's a smoker she will understand and if she s a decent person she'll do as you ask , don't think about it too much don't let yourself down , stay calm with the advice from your friends on the form deep breaths etc. Ask yourself this , when you feel ajitated is it her , or is it Mr Nick , he has cunning way of letting us blame others  I know iv done it myself , and hey after my first drag when it s to late  ive realised it was nicotine calling for its fix  and I said too much ! be prepared you can and will do it , I too am back at work tomorrow  oh well no rest for the wicked as they say 

  • Thank you!! I know I will most likely snap when it is mr. Nic calling, she unfortunately is a crazy maker, she reads her emails out loud and then reads her response as she typed, instead of looking stuff up she'll sit and ask me the same question over and over sometimes, I'll sit so quiet to pretend I'm not there, or I will walk away, come back and she will still be talking!! I will breathe, a lot and try to keep calm!!! Thank you again!!

  • Hi Carissa as mo says deep breathing and drink plenty of water - maybe keep a bag of apples or mandarins in the car to munch on - good luck 

  • Well done carissa on a week quit 😊

    We all have annoying people at work, I was probably annoying to someone too🤔😊 

    There's nothing you can do about it so you have to make the most of it. Maybe there's a reason why she reads out loud to herself, she could suffer with a lack of confidence or low self esteem. Maybe you need to ask her, over a cup of tea, why she does that..... You may be surprised at the response. As to a craving, go walk up and down the stairs for a bit, great exercise and will keep you away from the smoking area. Also tell your colleagues that you have quit, they won't ask you to go for a smoke with them 😊.

    As to the driving, this was a trigger point for me so I started to vary my route a bit coz like monky, I had parts of my journey where I would automatically light up😊 If you haven't already, get the car valeted to get rid of the old fag smell... That really helps😊

    Good luck today, you'll be fine 😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Thank you Droopy!  I used Febreeze over the weekend in the car which worked wonders!

    yes I know her self esteem is low, and she craves attention, she does the baby talk when there is a man around, it's a real shame, I am 30 years old, she is 64 years old but she craves attention like a 3 year old!

    thank you for the advice!  we do have 1 staircase here that I can run up and down, the folks upstairs may think that I have lost my mind but I'm OK with that :)

  • good luck today :-) 

  • HI Carissa,

    Well done on your first of many more weeks smoke free 😀😀🍀🚭🚭🚭

    YOu have been given some great advice from our lovely members - I would just like to add. _ Focus on you - This is your quit journey..Believe in you and you will take control 😀😀

    WE are always here if you need us 👍👍😀😀🍀🍀🍀

  • I'm struggling a bit more today, as a smoker I feel that I was a great multi-tasker...right now, I can only focus on completing one thing at a time, and it's stressing me out and making me feel overwhelmed, I'm watching the emails build up and feel like my fingers are as heavy as hammers slowly typing and not accomplishing much and falling behind...I am sipping water, chewing on carrots, breathing deeply...wearing an ear plug in the ear my headset is not on, and just want to faceplant on my desk and cry!!

    oh-forgot to mention, when my job got to be too much 3 years ago after 9 months of being quit was when I gained Latin America as part of my sales territory and started learning Spanish, I feel the Spanish emails are taking me even longer, it's like I've completely forgotten any of the words!

  • Get some ear plugs lol

  • Hey Carissa😊

    I know it's your dreaded Monday with your  vocal co- worker.... Hmmm  well... I would get some ear buds  and have low soft music playing to drown her out.... I wouldn't be able to handle it..... Or... As droopyj mentioned.... If you're able to go out for coffee or lunch with her and ask her why she talks constantly.... Maybe she would tone it down .... Hmmm... That's a hard one..... I would be approaching my boss with a pleasant letter asking to be relocated in the office due to intense distraction...

    Sending good luck across the miles🇨🇦

    Ps  watch out for mr Nic when you're at your wits end.... Not one puff ... Maybe a walk around the block

    Arizona xxx

  • Thanks Arizona..i think God is supporting my prayers right now, my chatty officemate was yapping and I zoned out...due to my not responding, she is silent right now.

    this day is kind of dragging, but I've been slowly telling people 1 at a time that I have quit smoking and have actually found there to be more former smokers here then I realized.

    And yes!!  I have already taken several brisk walks the long way to the printer and such just to keep Mr. Nic @ bay!

    thank you again for the support!  I hope you have a lovely day!

  • Hi Carissa thinking of you today, one day at a time . Get through this week and your smoking friends will realise you are no longer a smoker. It's tough I have started to notice the smell of my smoking pals,when they have just had one . (it stinks:) I use to use lots of expensive perfume to hide the smell, no longer because I have never liked the smell of it , even though I was one of them. You will become more confident, smell nice as well as all the health benefits you are going to gain :) 

    Welcome to our quit family, a big Congrats  on quitting , before you know it you will already have done a week :)  stay strong always someone here to chat to you on your good and bad days.

    You show em Carissa you can and will suceed 

    Maddy xx

  • Thank you Maddy!!  This was just what I needed, my day started at 7:30 for a meeting, and I'm currently sitting at my desk, my head is in a fog, my body feels a little shakey (which is a new one) and I'm doing my deep breathing, sipping on tea and thought...oh my gosh...it is only 9:30 how am I going to get through today.  Then I logged in....and saw your comment...Thank you so much that was the encouragement I needed to go back to my email box and get some more work done for my customers :)

    Today is day 7 for me, looking forward to day 8!  one breath at a time!

  • Good for you Carissa, see a week already, not going to ask , first day at work I know was tough for me, looking a clock and thinking smoke time, especially hit me when my smoking colleuges went down stairs for a smoke, but you know what doesn't bother me now. I go down with them for the fresh air, but don't get in the lift with them coming back to the office as the smell hits me. I am sensitive tell them I need the exercise and walk up the stairs 4 flights, rather than say why. But hey could do with the exercise :) lol

    I hope your day was not to bad will get easier , here if you need a chat stay strong 


  • Thank you, oh yes, I seemed to  notice the time specifically when it was the time I took my breaks!   I've now told many people at work that I've quit smoking, and they are being extremely supportive which is also helpful.   If I do smell the cigarette smoke, there is a hint of sadness that surrounds me.   You are so strong to be able to be around people that are smoking, that is not something that I can do right now !

  • It will get easier, I suppose I don't like missing out on the gossip :) lol . You keep away till you feel stronger and it will come. Have a good day at work day xx

  • Driving was a trigger for me, I used the Nicorette inhaler the first couple of times I had to drive a fair distance, other than that I used gum. Seemed to work for me

  • I have quit cold turkey, I fear the NRT that I would easily slide back to smoking, I am glad it worked for you!

  • Wow!!!! great job and marvelous discipline. I really didn't need it that long but nice to have it as a option. You are incredible to be able to do it cold turkey.... deep breathes and keep up the good work

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks Carissa,

    Glad you are tuning her out👏👏👏👏👏

  • I am so glad that in 10 mins I can take my quick drive home for my lunch break, I think Mr. Nic is really realllllly attacking me right now, and feel as if I am about to burst to tears at any moment, and prefer to do that at home!

  • You need to be gentle with yourself.  Expect that you are going to be different right now, as you are dealing with your body going through withdraw.  Just go with it.  And getting fresh air is the best thing to do.  Deep breaths.  In the car I have been really turning up the radio and singing along.  Know that sounds crazy but getting into the music even more seems to help me with a large bottle of water I sip ont he way to work with lemon.  You will find what works best for you.  Just be gentle.....

  • thank you for your kind words!!

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