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day two

jaglan22 Months Winner

Hi guys, day two and Im in bits! crying and losing my temper. Couldn't sleep last night so thought I might sleep better tonight but it is not happening.. I am desperately trying to find a way for this continuous anxiety in the pit of my stomach to go. I seem to have an ALL DAY craving. Im not on nrt or any other form of help as I feel it will elongate my suffering.. plus I have heart that has decided to pump more slowly than it should. I have not given in and am getting so angry at myself for being such a weakling.

I am worried about slipping in to depression, but having read a few posts, it seems quite normal to be in bits, gosh I can't wait to feel a little better. just looking for a bit of support to tell me it will get better. :-(

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Hiya jaglan and welcome to quit support😊

I can tell you that what you are feeling is quite normal and most definitely will pass. Withdrawal is painful because your body is crying out for nicotine so there's a battle going on in your mind and body. This is probably one of the hardest things to do and you really have to fight. Let go of the anger and turn your aggression into positive thoughts. You CAN do it. Hang in there and ride out the storm coz it will all be worth it. Our mantra is NOPE not one puff ever👍🏼 unfortunately not sleeping is really hard and can make us more anxious so perhaps you could try the breathing excercises to help you. Stay strong and we're here to help you😊x


Hi ya Jaglan, a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) and a massive well done to you for making that initial decision to quit :) :)

As for you not sleeping well, thats pretty normal at your stage, but if you have a look down the posts a bit, our lovely Glolin has reposted the breathing exercises and No 3 is excellent :) Try practising it before you go to bed, so you know what to do :)

Maybe try some exercises, get out into the fresh air for a walk, drink plenty of water, when you get the cravings, get up and go into another room, thump a cushion :o :D these all help :) :)

Try not to get angry with yourself, cos it will make you feel worse :( FEEL PROUD of yourself, BE PROUD of yourself :) :) we all know how hard it is Jaglan, but it will soon pass :) just you remember that you dont want to go through this again eh :o Take every day as it comes and try to smile :) :)

Maybe write a list of the WHY's you want to quit and stick them around your house to remind you :)

I think your at the worse part now, sooooo, it can only get better :) :)

Good luck, Pete :)


Hi Jaglan, well done on your quit and welcome to this fab quit site!

As you know, what you are experiencing is perfectly normal (even through quite frankly it's horrible) however, it does fade. I used to just think of it as my body pushing out all of the nasty toxins and addiction and would turn the negative anger into something house was never cleaner :) and I would rant to the lovely people on here who never judge, regardless of the complete toffee I waffles and even if there was nothing to be said would offer virtual tea and sympathy. It does get better, just hang on in there as it is so worth it!

Good luck :)

G'day Jaglan, Monky is right. Try not to be angry. It may sound a little delusional but keep telling yourself, "I'm not smoking & I'm happy". There's a lot of mind over matter going on at the moment along with the nicotine withdrawal pangs. Your schizophrenic self is fighting over wanting to be a non smoker & at the same time wanting to smoke. You can't be in a fight without getting angry & so the battle rages. Focus on the positives. If you can isolate the nicotine withdrawal symptoms you'll find they aren't really that intolerable. Sort of like a "nagging hunger" but not painful or unbearable. They'll pass in a week or two anyway. In any case, two weeks of discomfort is worth never having to again endure that "feed me" feeling that smokers experience every day of their smoking lives.

deb979511 Month Winner

Hi Jaglan, sorry that you are having such a tough time but it is normal to feel this way. It does get easier but it takes time.

Just think about the wonderful thing you are doing for yourself and keep reminding yourself of all the reasons you are quitting.

Take care Debby xx

jaglan22 Months Winner

thank you so much guys! I'm crying as I type ( surprise!!) its nice to know its normal?? I try and think of the positives, but the negatives seem so bloody HUGE!! It is such a battle. I am finding that any of the things that aggravated me as a smoker are now IMMENSE..... this is where my anger is directed..... its as if my wall of bullet proof material ( the fag to calm me down ) has now disappeared and the people, things, me are now so in HD its knocking me in to a spiral. I feel like every now and then I gasp a mouthful of air before disappearing back in to the crying weeping wreck!! I hope you all don't mind my writing this, but thought it might help someone else who finds themselves on day three not wanting to give up giving up but find these feelings so horrifying. Im not gonna smoke NOPE! I just wanna sleep and feel better. My beautiful son ( autistic ) makes me feel worth it. :-)


Hi Jaglan and welcome to quit support :) :)

You have been give lots of advice from our lovely members :) :)

Try real hard to turn this around to positive thinking - By this I mean focus on being a non smoker and all the reasons why you have quit..don't see it as giving something up.

Each new day you will get better at this :) :) and it does get a whole lot easier :) :)

Maybe having a read of the allen carr book 'Easy way to quit smoking" as this will help how you view smoking

Hang in there :) :) you are doing well :) :)

jaglan22 Months Winner in reply to glolin

Thank you (sniff weep weep) I will read it.. I had a moment this morning after my initial sob where I felt a glimmer of hope... I shall battle on till the next reprieve!

Hang i n there Jaglan, we are all thinking of you, :-)

Happy smoke free days to come, :-) :-)

jim22448834 Months Winner

Please never think of yourself as weak. We have all been where you are. It is a horrible addiction that purely serves itself. It doesn't get you high, it doesn't make you feel better. It just keeps your nicotine levels up.

Your brain is crying out for that nicotine because you have stopped it.

You are well on the way to wiping your body of it and you will suddenly have moments of clarity as your brain stops working overtime.

This time , and im 5 months in , I used patches and gum, and now still just on gum.

I wanted to break the physical link between lighting up and nicotine. S 5 months in it is rare for me to even think about smoking.

I use 3-5 gums a day interspersed with ordinary gum.

This is suiting me at the moment and I will stop the gum when I feel ready.

The best thing I ever did was stop, same as you . Keep going.

Come on here and tell us how you feel, its like therapy because you know we have all been where you are now.


jaglan22 Months Winner

Your advice and support is so great!! Thank you...

Day FIVE!!! It's been HELL!! I wish I could blame my erratic eruptions on the age but unfortunately went through that 10 yrs ago!! :-/

I'm finding I have a constant nag in my solar plexus . I burst in to tears at the drop of a hat. My patience has gone walkabout. I truly am finding this a journey of soul searching... The things I would let ride pre-quit, the running around to make others happy so as not to rock the boat have full on stared me in the face. I've explained how I'm not smoking and need space and time, but end up being thrown a guilt trip!!! I'm in shock... My young son begged me not to buy cigs yesterday so I didn't. I am going to read Alan Carr and the road less travelled again... My mind is so confused. Want to stop being sad but I guess I gotta roll with it for a while yet! I have smiled and felt free momentarily and I AM sleeping now :-) so that's good. Thanks for letting me rant!! It helps.. But sooo wanna punch this rock in my stomach!!!

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