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Just another day .... not quite

Just another day ....  not quite

Good morning everyone. Beautiful day here and it was proper daylight before 6 am this morning which was an added bonus of being able to walk the dogs and see (a) where I was going and (b) the gorgeous countryside.

Have to be completely truthful and say that I did have another cigarette last night at about 8.50 pm but didn't have one before going to bed (which I always used to when putting the dogs out in the garden) and haven't had one this morning - as Steve McQueen once said 'so far so good'.

Will be going to work shortly so that shouldn't be a problem as I have never smoked at this job just gone out at dinner time for one but at least today I will be able to stay in the warm.

Knitting, reading and 'blogging' will now occupy my idle hands - might even go back to my very much younger days and start French Knitting again - any one got any ideas on what to use 60 foot of French Knitting on? Polite answers only please!

Have a good day everyone and remember we can all say NO should we choose to.

Positive wishes.


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Good morning buttons.

You really sound positive today. Good for you. French knitting that takes me back in time.

Like you say keeps your hands busy. Have a good day. and catch up later. xxxxxxx


Buttons, I'm really excited for you :-)

Have a lovely day and remember that any ups and downs are all part of the exciting journey of quitting smoking :-)

Speak to you later :-)


Hi Emjay ..I like that..the exciting journey ..I will store that one :) xx


Good morning buttons

I hope you have a lovely day, it's great you are positive today, keep it up it really does help on this journey, as does keeping hands and minds busy, you can do this :)

speak to you later :)


Happy Monday Buttons :) good luck flower,youve the right day ..just think of having to go outside in this weather lol. You can beat this little so and so,keep telling him to buzz off or worse lol. Lots and lots of big positives coming your way..and remember one hour at a time,one crave at a time dont think about tomorrow or next week or later..just think of now..you have made the choice be strong stay firm..its a great choice :) hugs and love jan xx :)


Thank you to you all for the positive thoughts and good vibes - reading these is like getting a letter from the postman only better as they can be enjoyed by more people.


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