Day 1

Hi all :)

Just wanted to write a quick post to let you know how i got on at the doctors yesterday. After lots of deliberating, i went for the patches and the gum as a back up. I do have a vape around the house, but i am going to try and not use this daily, and just use it for the times i have a drink etc.

I woke up this morning at 6 and felt a little bit anxious that i couldnt have a cigarette. Once i put on the patch and started getting ready i didnt feel any cravings or anything. I think the hard part is going to be on my lunch at work, so i have bought a book, and am going to go and sit in the comfy chairs and read, to try and distract myself.

I will let you all know how im getting on, fingers crossed i can do this :)

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  • that is awesome Jess - all the very best of luck

  • thank you xxxxx

  • Good Luck with your quit Jess - it does get easier...drink lots of water (well sip) That helps and its great for your skin!

  • water is my friend today ;) hehe!

    im doing good so far, its not as awful as i thought it would be. Although i dont want to tempt fate!

    :) xxx

  • baby steps - and water will be your friend for life! It's mine....I Read, Sip, eat blueberries too...and walk!

  • yeah i had a little walk on my lunch just now :) its going OK, i just want to get out of the office and get home so i can occupy myself :)

  • Great news Jess, well done and yes you can do it😊

  • thank you :) xxxx

  • All the best!

  • thank you very much :) x

  • Well done jess... one day at a time ☺

  • thank you very much :) xxxx

  • Hi Jess, best of luck to you. We are all here for you. Take it slow and steady for the first few days and watch them turn into weeks. Come on here and off load when it gets tough. Good choice with the patches and gum that's what I'm using and they work very well together. Ax

  • Hi Andrew, thanks for your kind words. Quick question for you about the patches, do you find that your patch wears off towards the end of the day? I felt fine this morning but am having a few more cravings tonight, my patch has been on about 14 hours at this point? Thanks 😄 Xxx

  • Hi Jess. No the patch doesn't run out. It is because it's day one and the nicotine from cigarettes is leaving your body. The patch and gum only help to a certain extent. You will still get cravings just use the gum to get through it. 😀🚭👀

  • Ok brilliant thanks, I just wanted to know so I can tackle it :) again, thanks for ur help, I appreciate it 😊 Everyone has been so kind to me 😊

  • Good on you for taking the Leap Jess, it's one we never regret-This site offers superb support. stay close, ix

  • I will do iris, thank you for your kind words :) I appreciate it xxx

  • A wonderful decision for your future health and happiness Jess.

    I wish you every success

    Ngaire xx

  • Thank you ngaire, it means a lot. I hope you are well also, I have seen a couple of posts and my love goes out to you and your family xxxx

  • WAYYYYYY HAYYYYYYY Jess, you've gone and done it gal :) :) :)

    I see you've had lots of great reply's already :) :) and have well and truly logged your quit date in :) :)

    Jess, you hold your head up high and be PROUD of yourself :) :) cos you've gone and beat that flippin mr nic :) :) and you carry on kicking him out a your life eh cos I know ya can :) :)

    Stay focused and strong and above all, stay POSITIVE :) cos if you have any doubts in your mind, that is when mr flippin nic will strike :o

    Sooo, your using the patches and gum, both are excellent NRT's :)

    Patches -- as Andrew has said, they dont wear out, cos they give you a constant supply of nicotine for the 16 hours :) BUT, it maybe cos you have got to the end of the day and feeling a bit tiered eh :o Jess, ok, its time to relax, BUT, try to keep busy doing something, walk into another room, try to alter the normal life style for a few days :) and if ya need that vape, then flippin have it gal, you can chuck that away later :) When you go to bed tonight, put a patch in its little envelope under your pillow, this way, it will be nearer to your body temp in the morning and will start to act faster :)

    Gum -- chew it when you get that urge and then sort of park it up to one side of your mouth until you get that urge again :) this way it will last longer :)

    Jess, I have the fullest ever faith in ya gal :) :)

    NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)

  • Awwww thank you, you guys are the best! You have really helped me through today! I seem to have misplaced my vape, but I'm sure I will find it soon 😝 Thanks again for ur kind words, I'm off to bed now, ready to face day two early in the morning 😄 Thanks again and I will talk to you all tomorrow and let you know how I'm getting on ❤️❤️

  • Good luck! You can do it!

  • thank you very much :) im onto day two now and i think its getting a little easier :)

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