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O.M.G its been 21 weeks and 4 days or 150 days without a cigarette!

i cant believe i came this far and today i realized it's been this long its a milestone for me .

things are getting a bit better feet still swollen but not been taking the naproxen as it made me come out in a rash . trying to lose a little weight now , by walking and gentle exercise but have to stop so often due to my feet but getting there . breathing is so much better i haven't used my Ventolin inhaler for a month now so i guess giving up was the best thing i could of done . i have had a few emotional days at the beginning of the month and i wanted something to calm myself down and yes i wanted a fag but i didn't do it i kept saying to myself you come this far don't give up now , then about a week ago i was so stressed with things going on in my life i could of gone to the local shop and brought 10 fags but instead of going shop i went for a walk but i was still stressed when i returned home . then i decided it is one of those days i cant cope with anything life throws at me , i am very stubborn sometimes . my mantra or whatever it is is " i have come this far ! why waste the time you just have done for one lousy fag . take each day as it comes , be strong you came this far , keep calm and no fags

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Well done! dappyduck, Your doing great. It does get easier as you go along your quit journey. Like you say one day at a time. :) :) xx



Massive congratulations on your 5 month quit dappyduck, fantastic🎈🎉🎊💐

Thanks for sharing with us as it really helps others👍🏼😊x


Flippin Flippin fantastic Dappyduck :) :) 150 days quit now then :) :)

Dappyduck, you've flippin BEAT that mr nic and told him where to get off :) :) you are just one hell of a duck, duck :) :) :D :D


thank you to all but after i wrote the post my other half had a phone call and his grandfather passed away that was 2 days ago and i did not have a cigarette and i still havent had one

i am telling you this as i am not doing very well at the moment but i am taking it minute by minute and i am still going strong without a cigarette and i am just going to breathe and take deep breaths .

got one question to ask can you go back to your no smoking adviser for advise about how you cope or do i keep doing in what i have been doing


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