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Hi Everyone

It's 2 weeks now without a cigarette.

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naughtynan1 Month Winner

I had a couple of days where I just wanted to cry I was missing them so much. I'm afraid Allan Carrs words can not have sunk in. But I'm proud to say it is 2 weeks today since I was a smoker xxx

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Ahhh....well done....can't wait to get to two weeks like u...I too have had tears!! Really really missed them!! But pushing my way thought it!! Keep going.xx

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Well done on your two weeks before you know it it will be four. You have a cry, shout, moan anything as long as it's not a cig. It's not an easy thing to do this stopping smoking lark but the longer you go the easier it gets (well generally). Def what helped m e (apart from chocolate) was spending my fag money each weeks on treats like getting my nails done, purchasing some games for my ipad etc Xx

Hi Naughtynan - it is so good to see you and even better to meet you!

2 weeks ago today I came on to this site for the first time and one of the first posts I read was yours from 2 weeks before that, when you had just joined the site - so I followed the posts and you were introducing yourself and setting a stop date (15 March I believe?) - so then I just had to find you 2 weeks later so see if you did it and you did! You had been stopped 1 day and you were finding it hard after eating a meal I think, and I was like Wow, she actually did it!

That was when I had to join up and I have to tell you that I've been waiting to meet you everyday since then! :)

Massive congratulations on your success naughtynan, you have done so so well and I for one am very pleased to hear it as you were actually my very first inspiration to do this as well!

ps I promise you , I'm not a stalker or anything like that! ha ha ha :D

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monkyAdministrator in reply to ChrissieG

:D :D

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Aup Naughtynan :) or is it ( Naughtyman ), as some called you when you first joined us :D :D :D

Its just great to hear that your still with us and 2 weeks quit toooooo :) :)

As for reading Allan Carrs book, your not alone, cos it didnt do anything for me either :o

You feel proud of yourself, cos I tell ya, its a great achievement to quit the smokes gal :) :) Take care now and see you soon, Pete :) xx

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Hi Naughtynan, I remember I was tearful the first two weeks of quitting, but it does get better believe me. 2 weeks is fantastic. :) :) :)

Could have had a fag today. Dunno why thou guess its the miss of doing. Didnt thou. Tomorrow a new day. Not doing well at at the mo

Struggled today.awful bring on new day so tempted. Hint leave yr purse at home

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Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

Don't know if this helps but I went to the shop every day and bought myself something little that was a treat, i.e. an ice cream, nice shampoo less than a pack but little things I wouldn't normally allow myself, daft as it might seem I really missed my daily going to the shop routine! Well done all of you, You are gonna have badges before you know it and guess what? I still miss smoking but I no longer crave it, think it is a bit like losing an old friend. But it does get better I promise, and cry away, it's good for you and should help you sleep better when youv'e dona bit of tension busting. Love and Good Luck. XX

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naughtynan1 Month Winner

Hi ChrissieG

This is the first time in my life I have been an inspiration to anyone, Thank you. How are you managing? Are you using any NRT or cold turkey? We can do it :) :) :) Love and Luck

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naughtynan1 Month Winner

Thank you to everyone just for been there. It is sooo helpful to read other peoples experiences xxx

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