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Nearly 4 months going strong

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Andyoct19835 YEARS WINNER

Well on the 20th I would have been quit 4 months. The time has flown by and seen the money I have saved from quitting. Just bought a new cooker as we needed one didn't have to save here and there which was fantastic. Even noticed my anxiety has settled since stopping. The last time I stopped I will admit I snuck the odd fag but not even had the craving to do that. I spend £15 a month on my eliquid which is such a better sum than almost £30 a week on fags. I don't miss it one little bit.😄😄

Onwards to a better future

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Hiya Andy, good to see ya and nearly 4 months now, terrific👏👏

Hope you're enjoying ur new cooker and delighted you're seeing the benefits of your quit in lots of different ways😊

Being a non smoker is sooo much better, well done and here's to a healthier wealthier future👍😊

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Well done Andy, isn't it great when you can see the cash you've saved and buy something substantial with it 😊

Cant wait to see your new badge😊😊

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WAYYYYYYYY FLIPPIN HAYYYYYYYY Andyyyyyyyyy :) :) am just flippin looooooving it gal :) :) :)

Yes Andy, I have you down for your 4 month Winner badge on Wednesday 20th January :) and am just going to love catching it for ya and shining it up to a rite flippin BLING for ya's young Lady :) :) :)

You just carry on reaping the benefits of being smokefree :) :) cos like I said, am just loooooving it :) :) Hmmmm, I might even do a Monky bum wiggle dance for ya's :o :D :D

See's ya soon and you just ENJOYYYYYYYY :) :) :)

Hi Andy, well done on four months that's fantastic. So glad ur seeing the money pile up and you can spend it on things you need then things you want. Brilliant. 🍻🍾🍺

Good for you now I will pick your brain, how many yrs did u smoke. Did u get side effects from the withdrawl, if so at what point (m0nth, week) did they stop. Im asking because Im doing my own poll for side effects to stop. Ive been told 12 weeks where u r then I was told 4-6 months and I flipped out. I get constant headaches and no sleep and no way can I do that for 4-6 months Ill die. Now I have to ask what eliquid is I have never heard of it. Please explain. Congrats on stayimg strong.

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Andyoct19835 YEARS WINNER in reply to bandit2

Eliquid goes into a ecig its a fake cigarette with different levels of nicotine to help reduce or quit smoking the highest is 1.8mg of nicotine the lowest I think is 1.2mg I'm in the middle atm. I smoked for 18yrs on 30 or more a day a few months before my quit.the only side effect I have had is lack of sleep which was in the beginning but that passed over 3 months ago. I think it depends on the person rather than how we quit. I went from 30fags to 1.8mg of nicotine in one day and not looked back 😀 Hope this helps ur poll

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Hi Andy, so good to hear how well you're doing 😊 four months is great and seems to have whizzed by! Well done x

Great work Andy. Fantastic to hear how well you're doing.

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Hi Andy - That is just awesome :) :) Great to hear that you are doing so well :) :)

Keep up the great quit you have going there :) :)

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Wtggggggggg keep up the great work amazing

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