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21 one days and counting

I made the conscious choice to quit smoking on Jan 1rst not as a resolution but just because i am getting older and my rememberer isn't what it used to be so the first seemed like the logical choice.

I did the first week with the step one of the patch which was a hell in itself LOL because of the crazy dreams but then it was a mind game as well because i was thinking i really was going to give it a good effort to quit this will be my second serious attempt at quitting and I have been smoking for the better part of 35 yrs aprox a pack a day,but with the patch i was still putting nicotine in my system,so the second week i cut the patch in half for two days and now I am 12 days without any aid.

Some days are better than others,at work I avoid breaks with my smoking friends,but at home my partner smokes,he tries to be considerate but i can still smell it and believe it or not it doesn't bother me.

I feel tired all the time but do think i am going crazy or something isn't quite right because I am not finding it difficult at all most days. Yesterday I really wanted to smoke so I took one from my partner and carried it with me all day right now it is sitting on my desk still not lit and looking a bit ragged from being held and then in my pocket i think the point here is I really wanted one and no one was denying me the choice to have one,the choice is totally mine to light it and start over because i know you can not just have one and think that's it,

Hopefully I will be a forever non smoker I just know I have to take it one day at a time.

It is like a constant battle with good and evil so far the good is winning.

Yesterday was an interesting day I was out with my sister to an event were you could smoke

and looking back at it today i am giggling at myself because I was looking at all the people older than me that were smoking and thinking just look at them they are smoking and they all seem fine why cant I haha just like a little kid i still had my smoke that my partner gave me but i did not light it, again another battle with good and evil and so far good is winning by a landslide.

My biggest issue is I do not feel any different good or bad?? I dont feel any change whatsoever and this is a danger area because somewhere in the back of my mind it is saying why bother quitting then,although the logical side knows there has to be some improvement hmmmm

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21 days is a great start, and even better day 12 without any aid, well done you.

Did that people not have loads of wrinkles?

They might 'seem' fine but you dont know, one of them might have lung/throat cancer because of yeats of smoking,

Yet YOU are 21 days intoreducing your chances of getting it

Think of all the hard work you have gone through and the 21 days younhave achieved and the extra money in your bank account ;)

What you should do is calculate your pack a day and calculate how much you have roughly spent over the 35 years and im sure you will be shocked.

Write up a list of why you like smoking and underneath why you want to stop.

Is there anything you would like to treat yourself too? Or your other half, children or mayve grandchildren?

So many things to think about.

You have came on here and told us all a bit about yourself, this place is a good place to come to if you needing support or have any questions.

We are all going through the same or have gone through the same and we need your help as much as you need ours.

We will all look forward to updates on how you are doing



thanks Sarah

I have done all the calculations and I do know the benefits,i was trying to express the battle I am going through and I do appreciate the feedback it is crazy hard isnt it

but i hope i am successful


Its a battle for everyone but its good you are coming on here and expressing your feelings.


Well done Leeanne, 21 days is great.

are right it can be a battle but you will win. I think you were very strong carrying a cigarette around with you but I understand why you did it, to tell yourself it was your choice not to smoke it, I think that would have been too much temptation for me so well done that you resisted.

I am the same as you as I haven't found much benefit from giving up as in better sense of smell, taste etc. I had a pretty good sense of taste and smell prior to giving up so maybe that can't be improved. I have noticed some small changes as in my nails are whiter, I don't smell of smoke, I don't have to stand outside in the cold and the main one is the money I've saved.

I do think that even though I've not noticed any major changes, I know that I am giving myself the best chance I can for a healthy future.

Keep up the good work Leeanne because you know it's worth it which is why you chose to give up.

Kaz xx


thanks for the support Kaz, LOL i know my partner said i was crazy too actually we work together so just now I gave it back to him and said I dont want it anymore .You are correct though it was basically to reinforce in my mind that I am making the choice to smoke or not and no one is denying me kind of a mind over matter thing if it makes sense.I have to believe there are benefits I cant see that are from not smoking as we all know there is no benefit to smoking .


Well done on 21 days smoke free Leeanne, like Kazz i doubt i could have resisted carrying a ciggie round with me, just shows what a strong person you are :) so you will succeed in staying off the cigs :)

The main changes will be taking place inside your body, lungs clearing e.g. i'm the same, i haven't noticed any difference in my taste or smelling things better, which i found odd at first

Keep going strong Leeanne you can do this :)

Susan xx


thanks a lot Sue I am hoping so I mean I have come this far I would hate to have to start over LOL To be quite honest I dont know why I quit in the first place I think some people at work were tossing around the idea and thought i would give it a go and here I am LOL...I am a bit of a nutter so my friends say


That's even better Leeanne, you've stopped for 21 days without a strong reason, I could never have done that either :)

I'm sure if you sat and though about it you could come up with a lot of reasons why it's a good idea, have you bought yourself a treat yet with all the money you've saved? some people on here have treated themselves to a Kindle.

You stay strong, and if you need a moan come on here, join us on the daily chat, we're all nutters on there so we have a good laugh :) xx


not yet although I am putting in a bank account as I have heard that so many people gain weight I may need it to buy fat pants LMAO but seriously i am trying very hard to eat proper and I am swimming 6 times a week so hopefully if i dont need the money for fat pants I will save enough for a vacation in November??


LMAO think i've beaten you to the fat pants, good idea to save for a vacation, I'm saving up for my first Grandchild :) the vacation will have to come later, probably when he's 15 and I'm not baby sitting anymore :D :D :D


Aup Leeanne :) A massive well done to you for getting to 21 days quit, and a warm welcome to this lovely friendly site :) :)

Erm I think the gals have said the rest, but good luck to you on your quit trail :) and I hope it all goes well :) :)

Pete :)


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