Difficult Day

This is my 3rd day smoke free and first without a patch on. I only had a couple left and decided it would be better without them. Today has been so far awful to the point that I am about to go along the shop and by 10 fags until I can get to the stop smoking walk in centre later. It blowing a gale outside and raining cats and dogs and the plumber came to fix my boiler which has been without hot water for over a week and now I have NO Heating either, so as well as stinking, I am freezing also, which isn't going to be fixed until tomorrow. I am in a murderous mood. Just thought I'd vent sorry.

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  • Hi Chrissy,

    DONT DO IT, dont buy the fags, you dont need them, and just think by day 3 the nicotine is out of your system so you are feeding a beast that doesnt exist, it is your mind tricking you hun.

    Get a Patch on NOW lol,

    It does get better, but seriously you have done brilliantly getting to your 3rd day, and you are stronger than any stupid mind tricks that the nicotine receptors are trying to play :)

    Be the tiger groooowwwwlllllllllllllllllllllll ... i know its proper tough, and today I have been all over the place like a mad womans poop trying to distract myself, but noooooo way am i being a slave to the smoking master again.

    COME ON we can do this :)


  • Thanks :-) Do you know I actually started to calm down after I had written the post and sucked another lozenge. You are so right. I have this app on my phone called My Last Cigarette which shows how your body is repairing itself and that made me think do I really wanna go back to the beginning? You are so right, I don't need the fags, and if I even bought 10 I would just have to start all over again. Funny how we believe Fags to be the answer to all of our problems. I am so glad that this site exists and other people like yourself are going through and have done through the same thing. Thank You and You're right. WE CAN DO THIS x

  • Woohooooo <shakes butt> good skills hun, and that cheered me up too, as it is really hard, but I do exactly what you do, I sometimes just come on here and mooch around until the feeling goes, or post something, it is a brilliant distraction :)

    And you know it is ridiculous that we think by having a smoke it will calm us down, but medical fact...it doesn't!! it is the feeding the craving that makes us feel calmer, But as soon as the fag is put out and the nicotine starts to leave our system, the anxiety starts to build until we feed the beast again, we are creating the anxiety by feeding it, its actual insanity I tells thee :) non smokers don't go around anxious all the time lol, so its mental that we think we do!

    I am so proud you didnt go and get those little white sticks of trickery, as you cant just have one, and also ......WHAT A WASTE OF CASH!!!, so with the money you have saved on them treat yourself, just think 3 days is nearly £30.00 better off :) that sounds like a fab hand bag to me lol x

  • So glad you didn't cave in to your cravings, Chrissy_Fur! The nicotine monster is dead, as Pinkiezoom said, but the habit part is still speaking to you and that's where you need a list of things to keep you away from smoking, such as coming on here and posting and your lozenges (which you've already done so you know you're rocking this) :)

    Come up with a few more things to help you in your battle if you want to as there's nothing wrong with having a full arsenal.

    Even if the cravings do come often they still only last a few minutes. I used to go brush my teeth, or read the forum, or down a glass of water (helps get rid of the manky toxins)!

    Keep up the amazing work, keep patting yourself on the back because you are doing a kick-butt job.

  • Just think if you get through today ,its got to get easier. stay strong. Like the girls say treat yourself to something luxurious not horrid ciggys. How about some bath or shower gels or lotions so when the boiler is fixed you can pamper yourself. :)

  • You didn't do it! Good for you, that's when you begin to show what strong stuff you are really made of. Well done! X

  • Thanks Everyone :) didn't smoke and got loads of inspiration from here. I went to stop smoking service and got my carbon monoxide reading which was nil = non smoker. You lot are amazing and given me loads of food for thought xx

  • Nil!!! That is amazing Hun. Proper proud of you today, just remember you kicked it into touch today when things were tough, so next time you will pull on the strength pants and do it again. X

  • I'm glad you didn' t cave in.Like Al (pinkiezoom) says you're so nearly Nic free(it takes 2 days) & after that anything else is your mind playing nasty tricks making you think you want to smoke.You ABSOLUTELY DON'T.Just look how far you've come, 3 days is one check of an achievement when I bet probably before you would be getting panicky after 3 hrs (I know I used to) The feeling you get from knowing you no longer rely on those nasty smelly expensive little white toxic sticks is priceless,you CAN do this.If it all gets too much come here and shout.Well done on your journey so far.H

  • Today has been a good day. I came on here and ranted and you all gathered around me to keep me going. All of the other times I've stopped smoking, when I've been stressed I've had no where to go to vent etc, and have ultimately started smoking again! Instinctively I knew that I had to let you all know how I felt and that you'd help me through! I even declined patches today. I'm sure that my mind will tell me again that I need fags, but after today I know I don't need them. Thank you all who've offered words of wisdom, strength and support. I salute you. Chris x

  • Well done Chris. Now you've had the day from hell and proved to yourself that you CAN do it, you can take on any little thing life can throw at you and still say no.

  • Just remember Chris, you're the star of this show, you're the one who stopped smoking and decided to join us, so rant away my friend. We're all here to support each other.

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