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Hi everyone, I am a bit infrequent on this site these days, but would just like to say to anyone out there that it is soooooo worth stopping smoking! I prefer to say quit or stopped rather than giving up. To me "giving up" insinuates that it was a pleasant pastime, rather than an evil addiction!!

I stropped around 18 months ago in preparation for some minor surgery and to avoid anaesthetic problems. It was hard - but stopped on the 8th April for surgery on the 10th April.

3 weeks later I started with breathing problems and chest pains. Long story short - It turned I had inoperable lung cancer.

I was given a chance at a very heavy chemo and radiotherapy regime, and on many occasions was rushed into hospital with the side effects of the treatment.

I wanted to smoke so badly as I (like many others) had gone through my funeral arrangements, wills etc etc.

However, I vowed that for one day at a time (or one minute!) I would not have a drag or steal a fag from someone else. It is very true that if you don't have the first fag - you can't possibly start smoking again!!

After 40 years of smoking - NO it wasn't easy. Rather than being a cold turkey person I took nicotine replacement in various forms. I still do have my vape, but really I don't care. I call it my dummy.!!

On the 19th November I am due to have major surgery, they have found a tumour on my bowel, but think it is benign.

I don't have to get stressed out, thinking when and where I will be able to go for a fag. Even now, when I smell them outside - I think they smell good.

My only tips are to do whatever it takes to stop, but DON'T have even one puff, in that past, for me, it has always been the start of smoking again.

I am pleased to say that I saw my Oncologist on Thursday, and she says I remain in remission. The outlook for lung cancer still remains poor, but despite extensive damage from the radiotherapy, I live to fight another day. I have FREEDOM and can go anywhere and do anything within my physical limitations. Now that is worth kicking out the fags for good.

If one person stays stopped because of what I have written here, then it has been worth every word I have written.

Keep at it, don't ever think you are a failure, dust yourself down and start all over again!! Vee xxx

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Veecatz you are truly inspirational, thankyou :) x


WOW!!!!!...very inspirational Vee Thank you so much for sharing xx


So good to hear from you vee :) !

What you've been through, written, and

your courage and determination is just brilliant. Thanks for sharing your story to date. Wishing you lots of great days enjoying your freedom. It is inspirational, and fantastic re the remission. We have absolutely nothing to lose by quitting, and everything to gain. It's got to be a no brainer, even though we all know it's tough. Got a site full of tough cookies to be inspired by, and you are one :) !

Good luck for your op on the 19th. I'll be thinking of you :)

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Thanks Vee for sharing your story. Very inspiring. Good luck and vibes being sent to you for the 19th. :)

keep us posted. :)


Weyyyyyy Heyyyyyy Veeeeeeeeeeeee its lovely to see you again gal :) :) :) xxxx

Thank you, thank you sooooo much for letting us know how you are feeling and what you have gone through and are going through at this time '' BUT '' you have done it :) :) you have beat that terrible, ruthless, supposedly our friend mr nic :) :)

I bow down to you Vera, like our Jillygirl :) :) you have gone through soooo much on your quit journey, but have come out the other side smiling :) :)

Most members on here hate the smell of fags when they quit, but I'm like you, I still like the smell :o perhaps were a bit oddddd eh ;) :D :D or it could be our age :o ermmm, how many brain cells you got :o :D :D

You take care now Vee and I will be with you on the 19th hugging you all the way through it gal, as you can see by the piccy :) :)


Pete :) xxxx


Awwww thanks Pete - just love your hugs!! I am busy transferring episodes of Mrs Brown's boys onto my tablet - so I hope I don't burst my stitches laughing - he/she is so funny!! Next year I intend to get fit after the rigours of treatment etc . I just might bring the New Year in this year and hope for a hospital free year, except for the checks that say I am still cancer free. I fully intend on being one of the 2% that make 5 years - BRING IT ON!! my puss cat poppy is well settled in but cowering under the settee because of the fireworks. She licks and kisses me when she wants feeding - a real cutey. ;) xx


Hi Pete, hope you are good and behaving yourself - well actually blow that for a game of soldiers, my new outlook on life tells me i can misbehave nicely if you know what I mean!!! :0 Don't forget to send me that hug on wed morning - will be on a ventilator in critical care for 2 days - so am hoping to come out looking like Twiggy (does that give me a clue to the my age??) :8 tee hee.

You really do good on here, juuuust love reading your posts. Am gonna change my pic to the real me today!! However it was taken 2 years ago, and the chemo has now given me a rather up market salt and pepper hair do along with a bit more curl!! perhaps when I come out I will get a new version of how I am now!! :) xx


Aup Vee :) :)

As for me misbehaving myself, noooooooo, of course not gal :o :D :D but if you want to, then flippin goooooo for it gal :D :D

Awww Vera, you'v been through loads already gal :( BUT you'v got through it :) :) cos your a fighter and I admire you for that V, I really do :) :)

Vee, am warming them huggs up for you now gal :) gosh they will be hot stuff by Wednesday gal :o ;) :| bugger the opp, just hope you can cope with my huggs eh :o :D :D

I am not even going to try to guess your age, cos I want to keep living seee :o :D :D

As for your salt & pepper look hair doo, would it look somethink like this :o


Seeee's ya soon Vee :) :) xx


That Pete, looked like tartar sauce with tomato sauce mixed in!!! ;D xx


:P :P :D :D :D xx


To be honest Vee, I aint got a clue what ''salt & pepper '' hair doooooos are like :o cos av only got 1 brain cell seeee :| :D :D xx


This is probably the longest link I have ever copied!! these are samples of salt and pepper hair colour - mine has chosen to be like that by virtue of chemo - but folk tell me it looks better than before and its grown thicker too - doubled my winnings!!!



Let's hear it for salt and pepper! Those pictures show how cool it looks. Same thing happened for my friend after radiotherapy for a brain tumour. Her hair grew back beautifully curly and naturally styled, in glorious salt and pepper :)

Will be sending all good wishes for Wednesday Vee. Mrs Browns boys is hilarious :) Nice one for a tonic :)



Aaaaah now have got ya Vee :)

Thats the Grecian 2000 look :o :D :D


My hairs like that but without the chemo or the Grecian 2000 Gel :D :D

Wayyyyyy Hayyyyyy, I'm salt & pepper Pete now then :D :D :D


Now why didn't I think of grecian 2000???? duh! ;8 :) xx


Congratulations veecatz. You have done a fantastic job to go through all that you have. My days are very early but am staying strong snd reading stories like yours makes me stronger. Take good care

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Hi Swellsave, thanks for that I really hope you get through those early days - they are very difficult but it is so worth it, I love being a non smoker despite everything. x


Thanks veecatz have made 3 weeks and got over a rough patch at end of last week. Made it through the weekend so feel bit proud. About to get up for early morning walk. take care. Kim


Hiya Kim, me thinks you need a new badge so will have to give Monky a shout :)

You should be feeling very proud of your achievement, well done :) x


Thanks briarwood heaps.


Aup Kim and a massive gigantic well done to you for getting through that rough patch last week and keeping strong :) :)

3 weeks now gal, your well on your way to be smokefree :) :) and Kim, you flippin feel loads proud of yourself :) cos I tell ya, I am very proud of you :) :) cos i know how hard it is to quit, especially in the early days :(

Av nipped out over them there fields and court you a lovely new badge, scrubbed it up cos, well, it got a bit dirty while I was trying to catch it seee :o it wasnt my fault, it kept pulling its tongue out at me :P :D and its a cheeky little ermmm, so & so but its all cleaned up and shiny for you now Kim :) :)

You enjoyyyyy being smokefreeeeee :) :)

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Many thanks monky. I love your story to cheer me on.


Good evening Briar :) and as you see I heard you :o and sorted Kims new badge for her :) :) xx


Wow, you really are very good at this adminininin lark :D

How are you doing mr Monky today :) x


Am not just a pretty face you know :o :D :D

Yep I'm sound thank you for asking :) now the loooooooong day at work is done :)

What you been up to today ? anything exciting :o xx


You sure you've got a pretty face :D

Well a bit of this that and the other :)

My daughter is moving in to a new house and I've been helping with packing up stuff etc, so been busy all weekend doing that :)

My cat left a little pressie on the step for me :(

Poor little mouse :(

Couldn't be resuscitated I'm afraid :(

Hope you're not working too hard :) x


Whats up with me face then :o


Yeah, I know just what you mean with cat flippin pressies :D :D




I will send her a message and see if I get any response :o :)

Its not like Droopy to be this quiet and av not got any other means of contacting her :( xx


Yep that's a good idea :) x


Monky - you get better looking every day!! that pic is errrrm errrm . . . . . err JUST YOU!! ;) :0


:P :P xx


Hey Briar, have you seen Droopy today ?? just had a quick look around and cant see her anywhere :( thought she would be on today cos she's 8 months gone :o ermmmm quit !!

I hope she's alright :o :) :) xx


Yeah I'm worried coz it's not like her to be missing :(

Hope she is ok :) x


I've sent a pm to Droopy :) just hope she gets back to me :) :)

Am off up that wooden hill now, soooo nity nite Briar, Vee and everybody :) sending you all loads a warm cuddly sweet dreaming get to flippin sleep huggs :o :) :)

you all get a good nights sleep now and see's ya's tomorrow :) :) xxxxx


I am proud of you - it's a knee jerk reaction to light up when something goes pear shaped. I often found myself with a fag in hand - not remembering even lighting up.!! you seem to be doing the right things there, all the things you wouldn't do if you smoked! early morning walks sound good to me - go girl I'm on your side! ! ;) xx

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Good evening Veeeeeee :) :) I hope your well :)

I'm charging my huggs and vibes up ready for to send to you on Wednesday gal :) :) xx


Oh yes indeed! I am relying on that as I set off - you do realise you have to be up pretty early - I have to be there by 7.30am - so get them there vibes all revved up! ;


I leave for work at 5 am, soooo, I will be up gal :) :) orrrrrrrr, I might send em the night before, just so they sink in eh :) :) and help you to get ready :) :) xx


Thanks very much veecatz your a fantastic support.


Just wanted to send my very best wishes for you tomorrow and hope everything goes well for you :)

You are a very courageous lady, sending good healing vibes your way :) x

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Vera :) all the bestestestestest for tomorrow gal :) :)

I will be thinking of you Vee trying to tie up that back-to-front gown :D :D and am sure the doc will have read a book about your opp :o or perhaps googled it eh :D :D soooo, no worries there then eh ;) :D :D

Vee, am sending you flippin loads a warm cuddly sweet dreaming slow down a bit just relax huggs for tonight :) :)

Am sending you loads a stay strong, keep your pecker up and dont let the ermmm , grind you down :) :)

The warmest and lovinginginginging wishes and support vibes are rite here :) :) soooo, when your want em, just come and get em :) :) cos they will be their for a long time :) :)

Good luck for tomorrow Veeeeeee :) :) :) an hope it all goes well and you are back here soon to keep us on our toes :) :) As Briarwood has said, your a very courages Lady, soo we flippin need you gal :) :)

See ya soon Vee :) xxxxx


Thinking of you today Vee, sending hugs and warm wishes for a good op and speedy recovery. Be careful with those stitches when you start watching Mrs Brown :) ! . Xxx


Lots and lots and lots of positive vibes and get well really quick hugs being sent to you for today Vera :-)

Thinking of you today and we'll all be waiting here to hear from you about how well you are recovering :-)



WOW Vee, you are one inspirational and courageous gorgeous lady :) I am thinking of you today & am hoping that everything went well :)

Look forward to catching up with you and I will definitely be wishing you a healthy 2015 when Big Ben strikes :) -x-


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