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Daily Chat: Thursday 11th July

Good Morning All!! I can't believe summer is still here. It is lovely to see all the newer ones on the forum, and I have to say that this little site has helped me enormously. I surely would have had a puff or two by now but for the folk on here (would have had to confess). For me personally - I put my present success to not having that first puff. Always always in the past I have had just one puff because the ciggies smelled so good when someone else was smoking. Smokers in general are happy to give you a 'drag or a fag' . I used to do it - at the same time saying 'are you sure - you are trying to give up?'

So - try not to do that - the early days are not easy and it can be that you have to get through one hour at a time. Do keep at it - I feel like I have now joined the normal human race now. I do believe as well, that smokers are becoming a minority race! ;)

Find the best way for you to do it - and do whatever it takes not to have that first drag of a fag.

It is also worth putting the fag money in a pot and perhaps later in the year you can have a lovely holiday abroad on the proceeds! :) ;)

Sooooo everybody have a good smoke free day - enjoy the new freedom which is amazing, and of course I don't think I smell like an old ashtray anymore!

I'm to have more tests at the hospital today - Bronchoscoy to determine which type of cancer I have. I'm only ending on this note because I hope it tells people that it can happen to YOU. I am a warning about the possible end product of smoking. If this stops one person from relapsing to the fags - then harsh as it is - it is worth it! Keep routing for me and will update you when I know the findings and the next steps on this journey of mine :D

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Good morning Vee and everyone.

Vee, I totally agree and that's something I've been tempted with but never done. I did (especially in the early days) enjoy having a whiff of freshly lit fag - still don't mind it if truth be told :o - but that was/is all I'll allow myself. :)

One good thing about your hospital visits is that you won't constantly be thinking about how/when/where you can get your fix in. Down here they seem to have banished smoking to the outskirts of their land although I did spy a smoking shelter erected in a car park of our local hospital. ;-)

It's turned a bit cool here this morning with the cloud cover but they assure me the sun will be back by this afternoon, then I'll be off down the beach again. 8-) :)

Good luck with your bronchoscopy today and see you later. Just off to see my pt now and I think we'll be starting with a run. :o :)


Good Morning Vee,

Like andi says at least you don't have to worry over where to get a smoke. I know I was so glad I had quit, like you had enough to cope with , without Mr Nic knocking on your shoulder.

All the best for the bronchoscopy and positive vibes on there way. xxx See you later.


Good luck today & prayers have been sent (should help / work).

On a natural / oxygen high - day 5 at 12 noon.

Best wishes



Anyone counting calories I found this on the web. For healthy snacks.

30 Healthy Picks

Great snacks with less than 200 calories

By Wendy Giman

Craving salty?

5 olives (any kind) (45 calories)

1 small Martin's pretzel (50 calories)

2 oz Applegate Honey and Maple Turkey Breast wrapped around 2 bread-and-butter pickles (80 calories)

1/4 cup hummus, 3 carrot sticks (80 calories)

1 Laughing Cow Light Swiss Original wedge, 3 pieces Kavli Crispy Thin (85 calories)

One 1-oz package tuna jerky (90 calories)

1 oz buffalo mozzarella, 1/2 cup cherry or grape tomatoes (94 calories)

1 bag Baked! Cheetos 100 Calorie Mini Bites(100 calories)

15 Eden's Nori Maki Crackers rice crackers (110 calories)

1 cup unshelled edamame (120 calories)

50 Eden's Vegetable Chips (130 calories)

One 1-oz package of Planters NUT-trition almonds (130 calories)

1/4 cup Trader Joe's Chili con Queso, 18 baked tortilla chips (140 calories)

1/2 cup pumpkin seeds in shell (143 calories)

2 pieces (30 grams) prosciutto, 4 dried figs (154 calories)

1 Subway Turkey Breast Wrap (190 calories)

Craving sweet?

1 package Original Apple Nature Valley Fruit Crisps(50 calories)

1 packet O'Coco's Mocha cookies(90 calories)

1 Jelly Belly 100-calorie pack (100 calories)

One 100-calorie pack Trader Joe's Chocolate Graham Toucan Cookies (100 calories)

One 100-calorie Balance Bar(100 calories)

1 Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino bar (120 calories)

1 package Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks (120 calories)

1/2 banana rolled in 1 tbsp frozen semisweet chocolate chips (123 calories)

2 tbsp Better 'n Peanut Butter, 4 stalks celery(124 calories)

1 bag Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop Butter Mini Bags topped with a spritz of butter spray and 1 tsp sugar (126 calories)

24 Annie's Chocolate Chip Bunny Graham cookies(140 calories)

Half of a 1.08-oz container of M&M's Minis mixed with 1/3 cup lowfat granola (145 calories)

1 McDonald's Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait (160 calories)

1 container Fage Greek Total 2% fat yogurt, 2 tsp honey(173 calories)


Good morning all,

Vee, thinking of you and the is a big hug waiting for you when you need it...xx

Have a good day everyone.

Sally... :)


Good Morning Everyone :-) It's Thursday already which can only mean the weekend is almost upon us, which then brings us to our 2nd weekend in July already! Whoosh! We'll be in the August Bank Holiday before we know it :D :D

Vee, lovely to see you opening up the daily chat today :-) Lots of smiley smiles and positive vibes being sent along with you to your appointment, they aren't too heavy but you will need to a huge bag to carry them all in :-) :-)

Andi, enjoy your session this morning. It will probably feel nicer if it's a bit cooler, especially if you're starting with a run :-)

JillyGirl, thats a really helpful post, lots of people look at the calories before eating these days. I'll copy and paste it into a healthy eating folder so we can use it again sometime :-)

Jonathan, a couple of days away from your first week. Now how does that feel?! :D :D

Hey Sally, I hope you are already starting to have a nice day :-)

Keep up the positive momentum everyone, it really works wonders :D



Morning Emjay - you're a bit early this morning! Careful now, cos the next thing you'll be going on about is Christmas! Please don't cos summer's only just started! :D :D

Had to wear a jacket to start as it was only 12 degrees! :o Clouds now all gone so it's water the garden (something I should have done yesterday) then off to the beach. :)

Jilly, maybe we should translate some of you posts into English before we preserve them - they are very good lists though, and useful for any of us. ;-) :)


Ha ha ha ha :D :D :D

I reply at the bottom, and my comments come up top :o

I reply at the top and they end up down the bottom :o


I'm catching myself up at my own desk this morning so took the opportunity to pop on as soon as :D Enjoy your watering of the garden exercise :-P

There's quite a few items on JillyGirl's list that can be found in Home & Bargain or Aldi and Lidl and at a decent enough price too :-)


Hey Everyone, looks like we're back up and running again :D This may take some getting used to though! Not sure what's happened to my photie. In fact, I'm not even sure if I know what I'm doing :-/

Oh well, I'm going to press the 'submit my response' button and see what happens.....

Here goes.....


Well at least I know that part worked :-/


Is it going to get any better cos as this moment in time I prefer the old version!


My reply to you is somewhere else I think!!


My comments gone elsewhere tooooooo Emjay :D :D :D :D

This is goin to take some gettin used to gal :o :|


Im not sure if I should reply to this, your comment above or reply below in the 'add your response' bit... :-/


Heloooooooo Is there anybody theirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :o :|


You still there Pete?

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Emjay, I'm erm somewhere around :o :D :D :D


Hey Kath and Pete, it's taken me forever to get to this part again! I could spot both your posts but couldn't actually get to them! I'm on my iPad so don't know if it's that?! I'm sure everything will work out eventually, once we get our heads round it! :-/


Now your reply is in the middle?!! :-/ Are you on a laptop?


Aup Emjay, your at the top now :o :D :D

I'm on my computer, and thats not moving, am sure of it :) :)


Aup Emjay if your still awake gal,

If you look under Vera's blog, on the left it says how many responses, but on the right there are 2 little arrows, hover your mouse over them :) :)


I tell you what Emjay, I'm just gettin worn out, trying to find out where I've gone toooooo gal :D :D :D


Nite nite everybody and sweet dreams to you all, cos a luvs ya all :) :) xxxxx

Hmmm as for this new site, I can see we will have some fun :D :D :D

I hope everything went ok for you today Veeeee :) :) love and huggs headin your way gal :) xxxx


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