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7 weeks today, I can't believe it!

I can't believe it, I really can't believe it. I almost feel sane now, still getting cravings but the NRT is dealing with those little sods.

Reasons to be cheerful Part 1:

I smell a whole heap better.

My teeth are whiter.

My house smells fine.

My car smells fine, especially with a cleaned out ashtray and a little rosemary oil dropped in it.

My complexion is better.

I am drinking less, how did that work??

Having cups of tea in bed in the morning rather than shivering on the back door step.

Staying up late reading in bed, rather than shivering on the back doorstep.

The lunatic dreams have gone!!!!

Beginning to sleep better now.

Watching a TV show all the way through rather than breaking off to have a fag.

OOOh smelling people after they have nipped out for one after a meal. I had forgotten how strong it really is.

Reading of 1 on the carbon monoxide indicator at the smoking clinic, it is usually 0 but is calibrated to always go back to one.

Getting through to the end of the week moneywise, not working at mo and that has been a real stresser.

Depriving shops and supermarkets of my income.

I feel much more confident, I didn't realise how inferior I felt as a smoker, I know they are not, but surrounded by my non smoking friends I always felt at a disadvantage, they are of course too lovely to ever have those views that was just me.

Reasons to be not so cheerful Part 1.

Still look longingly at passing smokers, wishing it could be me but also knowing it wont be, as Johnathon says. NOPE or I'll be back there.

Loving still, the smell of cigarette smoke, but knowing it won't be me producing it. My Mum who quit 28 years ago still loves that smell but has no desire to smoke.

Still thinking of cigarettes at key times, i.e first thing in the morning, after a meal, when feeling stressed and learning a whole new way of reacting to these triggers.

Well as a list of pros and cons that isn't bad is it. Never thought I would be saying this but to all of you who have supported me on here, a huge huge thank you, and to all of you earlier on in the journey, if I Ms Fagash can get this far then I'm sure you can too. Good luck. xxx ;) :)

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What a fantastic inspirational post. I am only on 17 days and this has made me even more determined to stick with NOPE! Thank you! Dawn xxx


Hi Friezfriend

Yes agree Dawn "What a fantastic inspirational post" and what a great attitude.

With you on everything you say and glad you put NOPE in as this does the trick for sure.

Best wishes & congratulations on 7 weeks.




Hi Dawn

Such a brilliant post. I can feel your liberation and positivity and I bet you have inspired lots of people to crack on with their quit effort.

Bloomin' marvellous. You have made my day



Totally agree with the inspirational post theme and most of what is contained in the post. I'm 5 weeks and 2 days quit and the absolute joy of not standing on the step, getting panic attacks when I'm down to my last 5 cigs (I'm not working either and choose to ask hubby for Money when I need it) not running out in the middle of t.v. shows for that much needed cig. Love and luck to you Friezefriend, you won't need the luck because you absolutely have this thing beat.


Big well done Friezfriend. Nope is the word. Its amazing how one small white stick can change your life. Keep on being strong you NON SMOKER. :)



Aup Frieze :)

Thats a fantastic post :) :) I agree with everybody else, just magic gal, just magic :) you keep focused and positive now, cos your a none smoker now :) Erm, here's a little something just for you :o :)



Hi Friezfriend

Haven't posted here before although read the posts each day.

I gave up smoking 4 months ago today going cold turkey. This was following vascular surgery for a blocked artery which was caused in part by smoking. While I'm glad I did and had to to save my leg, I still really miss it and find myself very envious of other smokers. I feel very guilty about missing it so much as everyone rejoices at quitting. Your comment in the reasons not to be so cheerful section has made me feel so much better as I felt it was only me feeling this way.

I'm still struggling and have to take it one day at a time, but your post was inspirational and really helped me. Thanks!


Hi, yes it is one day at a time for me too but Wow, 4 months is pretty impressive, I know lots of people are euphoric when they stop but we are all really different, I knew there was no way I had the bottle to do it cold turkey and in some ways I'm quite happy to rely on NRT until I feel a bit stronger, just don't want to go back. Good luck with it I hope as well as guilt you have at least impressed yourself!, Everyone on here is great, it really is ok to come on and have a shout or say if you feel a bit low, people on here are really supportive and have been there and come up with great ideas and advice as well. Like you Jilly was faced with serious health problems and had to quit but she has it whooped now! . I'm so glad I managed to help a bit, feel great about that. Thanks :)


Hi TW and welcome to our community. 4 months is just brilliant, and yes, it is a bit like a bereavement and will probably be like that for a while longer yet. Like Eye says, come and join in the daily chat, have a rant or a laugh - it really helps. I managed to quit cold turkey too and have now been quit for over 17 months. I also smoked for over 40 years and I think (hope) I managed to quit just before all the nasty things started happening to me. Stay strong and remember Jonathan's NOPE (Not One Puff Ever). :)

(Still enjoy catching a whiff occassionally though - don't think that's cheating. ;-) )

Andi :)


Just noticed your post (bit behind at the mo) Please dont give yourself a hard time because you miss smoking I did too. I packed in the cigs managed for six months but still missed them. My elderly dad was very ill and died within two days, (he was 92) Without any thought I bought 10 cigs thinking it would help and I would only smoke a few. However I am still smoking three months later and feeling quite ill with my copd getting worse every day. I have noe gone back to the local non smoking clinic and will be trying once again to kick the evil weed. I am writing this just to say always be on guard as you never know when you may weaken, it only takes a weak moment to have a rotten fag in your hand and back down the slippery slope we go. Well done, keep going, I know just how you feel, good luck

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Hi Nixy, thanks so much for your encouragement, it really helps. Sorry about your dad, I think I would have does exactly the same as you. Good luck at the clinic, I'm sure you'll kick the habit. It was only the fear of losing my leg which made me give up, perhaps your copd will be your turning point? Good luck.


Hi There TW62,

lovely that you have felt you wanted to comment on the forum. Congratulations on being smokefree for 4 months, that's a fantastic achievement. There is nothing unusual about your feelings about missing smoking, its really normal. I saw a lady in one of our groups yesterday and she had been a smoker for 40 years and had a small slip but got herself back on track quickly. She said that the cigarettes were like an old friend who had been beside her through all sorts of lifes ups and downs and it felt as real as losing a person to chuck the white sticks out. I think a lot of people would recognise that.

A little tip....guilt is a self imposed thing....only you make yourself feel guilty. No one on here will criticise you for those feelings....welcome the feelings in....think about them and then politely kick them out the door and start thinking about what benefits you have gained. Lifelong habits take a long time to change and so do the thought processes that underpin them.

You have done brilliantly....you probably wont believe this but your feeling wont last for ever....all things pass....good and bad.

Welcome to our forum and please do post ....there are always people here who can help.



Thanks so much for your support and comments Eye. As a 40+ years smoker I can really identify with the feelings expressed by the lady in your group - giving up is just like losing a friend.

I'll not be scared to post in future and you're quite right about the guilt thing!


Aw thanks everyone. :)


Hello & very good evening everyone

About to go out but just wanted to do a quick post to say with you all .... "Team A NON Smokers".

Friezfriend - just re-read your post above (from yesterday) to remind me of all the good things about quitting,

I am still having very vivid & crazy dreams so you may get them back but so what if it is all part of recovering.

Have a great NOPE evening everyone




Friez, brilliant post - and very inspirational for lots of people. Glad you found lots more reasons to be cheerful than not. Well done on getting to 7 weeks quit and don't let your guard down now. :)


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