12 days

Hello, its been 12 days today since i quit smoking and i havent touched 1. Ive got a ecig and im doing fine on that. The first 3 day was really hard. Last week i had alot of stress and still didnt have one. Now 12 days in im struggling abit again. I had a cold and cough last week so wen peopke was saying do u taste things better i was like no. Been to the doctors as thought it was on my chest. Thankfully it wasnt. Im back on anti depressants since yesterday for anxiety. Still i refuse to have a fag. The doctor said with quiting smoking it takes up to three months for it to clear out ur lungs proberly. Hes told me to sit up, back straight, breath in thou the nose breath slowly out thou the mouth. Thats for anxiety and the lungs. I have noticed the lasy few days that i am tasting things better and i can say the flavours you get for ecig do taste nice. I like the caramel at the moment x

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  • Hey Ddona😊

    Glad you're getting help with your anxiety and depression💐 .... I say whatever works💃🏿 quitting has been hard for me and many 😡Grrrrr

    Have a great day☀️

  • It is harder then I thought. I thought I had got over the i want a fag after around the third day. It's came back tho. They do say the first 28 days are the hardest but don't know myself how true that is. I'm determined not to have one. think the anxiety is making me feel worser xx

  • Hi D.D., Glad you got sorted out at docs. Seems your getting old Nic out of your system. There are some breathing exercises on the pinned post ,you may find helpful.

    Your doing great! :) xx

  • Hi DD, glad you're getting good advice from your Doc and 12 days is a great achievement so well done👍🏼

    It's a difficult journey and anxiety unfortunately can increase to begin with but the tablets should help. Just remember to be patient and kind to yourself as every day you get a bit stronger. Don't forget to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins and if ya can manage a bit of excercise I think it helps. Keep going coz you're doing great🚭💐😊

  • Keep goin Donna--It will get better--you are on your way--I did E-cig too--Didn't like it but it got me by when the craves were awful--I just let myself do it till I was ready to be done--kinda like a baby with a pacifier--and if I had stayed on it forever--it still would be better then using my body as an incinerator--Hang in there--Freedom will come--MmeT

  • Hi dizzy you are doing really well nearly 2 wks :-) keep that in mind. I recently got through a couple of hellish days prior to my 3wk quit they do come on and they do disappear so stay strong and keep visiting this site for extra support. I think there is also a support group for stress/anxiety as well so it might be worth having a look. The administration team will be able to give you more info. Remember stay strong you can do this :-)

  • Arhhh well done Donna, glad you seen doc, you really are doing Fantastic, strong willed and positive, your also getting your taste buds back😊 Stay strong you can do this. Take one day at a time 😊 X

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