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18 weeks and 2 days

Well it has been 18 weeks and 2 days since I last smoked any tabacco. I still use my e-stick but my use of it has almost halved so I'm on track for not needing it at some point. I have been lucky in that I haven't had any craving or desire to smoke. The first week I gave up I did feel that something was missing but that has not happened since then. I haven't had any more nightmares, I'm pleased to say. I've apparently stopped snoring....lol........I'm very pleased to say.

The last couple of weeks have been difficult and I don't know how much of that is to do with giving up smoking because although I seem to have stopped smoking without to many physical problems I know that mentally I haven't completely adjusted and understand that this is something that takes time. I'll get there though.

Sally :)

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Sally :-


keep it up. :)


Thanks jillygirl.



Hi Mad,

Glad there are others who have a similar experience to myself, as I sometimes feel a bit guilty that it has seemed quite easy for my to give up compared to others.




Hi Cleopatra, jillygirl and Sally

You have done so well, many congratulations!

It's a super pic, love tigger!

I am wondering if the ecig is a better route than my patched and inhalator for smokers? I read of people not only being really successful with it, but seeming not to go through such a hard time. You know I find it difficult on a daily basis. I have quite a stock of my NRT inN so will keep going with it. I guess somebody somewhere will be doing a study on which methods are best for which people.

Have a great Sunday everyone!



I receive daily emails that give discounts for various things and yesterday there was an e-cig. In about 6 hours over 4000 people had ordered the product. Clearly there are more people willing to give the e-cig a try. Nothing is ever risk free so my view is that any risk I take in using an e-cig is lower than that of carrying on smoking.



Hello you three and a good SUNDAY morning to you all

I haver to be honest and say I am struggling with the hours never mind the days at the moment, perhaps it's just not the right time for me but there again, maybe no time is the right time for me!

Hey Ho just have to keep having these false starts but I am determined that today could be the end of them - the false starts and practice runs that is - and mind over matter. Certain that my biggest problem is that my body is ohhhh so very willing but my mind is too weak.

Anyway, at least no one can fault me for trying - or can they?

Have a great day and catch you later.




I think you just need to give yourself a break and stop putting so much pressure on yourself. You have already proved that you can go for a long period without smoking. Maybe you should be aiming to reduce what you smoke while you decide when is a good time to try giving up again. I can understand you reasons for wanting to give up without using NRT but perhaps for that reason you need to feel calmer, know what strategies you may need to use to combat cravings and have a planned date to work towards. Just my thoughts.



Morning Kath

You keep at it! I think the journey has a long lead in sometimes, but without the lead in you might not make even the start. We all do it the best we can, however that is. Is there a stop smoking clinic with a counsellor near you? I found that weekly or fortnightly meeting really helpful :)



Hiya Betts

Great minds think alike - and no I am not referring to my mind but the mind of a friend on here who suggested the self same thing - I have pm'd EmJay to ask the question but I don't expect a reply until tomorrow (after all EmJay deserves a weekend too after working all week!) just sent it because it was the right thing to do and if I didn't do it straight away there is a possibility that I wouldn't do it at all.

Don't know why, but I seem to have lost all my confidence in my ability to quit one day it was there and the next it was gone - strange how these things happen isn't it?

Trying to stay positive but really am struggling today but why, I do not know? Any ideas?

So bad that I'm doing some ironing just so that I can hate myseolf even more for being so damn weak!

By the way, my long lead in must be miles and miles long cos I'm just stuck in this mind set and can't seem to go back or forward - hey ho such is life, which if I'm honest is a tad horrible at the mo as I feel guilty at letting myself down never mind others. Can talk about it for ever and full of good advice (I hope!?) for others but just can't do it myself.

Enough of my moaning and whinging - onwards and upwards - please switch the light on at the end of the tunnel for me!

Hope you have a smashing Sunday and enjoy and relax.


Kath, be kind to yourself today! If you feel like this you need some support not a good beating, so please don't beat yourself up all day !! Accept if you can that today is a toughee, and so no good carrying a nasty heavy guiltbag around. I promise you, that won't help! I keep finding it on my back and have to bash the b----- off. It is a very false friend!!

Look after you, be kind to you, and if it doesn't get better during the day, I'll be surprised. By tomorrow it's all new too :)

Now, what could you do that would make you feel good? Must be something - then do it :)

Big hug about to knock you over - ready? :) ! X


Thanks Betts you are a true and good friend. The hug is most welcome and it was smashing as it certainly has made me feel better. Speak to you later.

xx :)


just a thought - my heart goes out to you!! Do try some NRT that mist spray is awesome - better than any other nrt I've tried - but that is just my preference. How about changing ur web name to I'mgonnabe-smokefree - that way you know it will happen instead of just wishing it would. Its very subtle - but hey - worth a try to change our (my) way of thinking. Good luck - and like the others have said - don't beat yourself up - you deserve praise from us and YOU! x


Hello to you all,

Sally - 18 weeks is VERY good... and nothing but good.

I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow. I still use the estick too. But, now I'm using lower strengths of nicotine. Much like folk do with the Patches and Lozenges. My goal is for zero strength as Mad has said. It seems to be working fine, and I too have not really been plagued with cravings very often. Using these has bothered me quite a bit though, as I know I'm still doing the "hand to mouth" action, and of course, still inhaling stuff.

However, this is the only way I have ever been able to stop smoking tobacco - I've tried very hard over a two year period with all other methods.

These include: Cold Turkey (for 3 weeks), Patches, Inhalers, Lozenges, Mini Tabs, Chewing Gum, the Alan Carr Method and others, and lastly Champix, which caused me to be sick each time I took a tablet. The eCig has been the only way that I've had fighting chance.

So, for now, I'll keep on with this. I feel better, I breathe better, I sleep better. And eventually I'll work at at not using anything at all, but fresh air.

My good friend stopped smoking 14 years ago. She still carries in every handbag, an empty biro pen, (with the ink cartridge removed of course), cut down to the size of a ciggie. She still, twiddles it in her hands and holds it like a cigarette, and puffs away on nothing but an empty white plastic stick, several times a day. She panics like the Devil if she can't find it, or loses it. Her partner has, on many occasions been sent out - as an emergency, to buy more Biros, and make some more for her before she will leave the house.

So you see, even after 14 years, she still retains some habit. But - it doesn't matter... she stopped smoking, and that = SUCESS!

So, 19 weeks coming up for you... Now that's something! Keep going, you're doing great.

Gill, xx


Hi Gill,

What an interesting tale. One that inspires me to carry on as I am. I had a friend who gave up with a piece of thin card rolled up and was successful. I think that for some people such as myself, once I worked out what it was I was addicted to, I just needed to find something that was a safer alternative but similar. The e-cig has been that for me.

Thanks for sharing that with me because it will help.



Keep going everyone, we will all get there in the end, one way or another. Perhaps with better weather we can get out more. I find that if I am in the house cigs are on my mind and I eat more. Went to a car boot this morning walked round at a very steady pace though. Went supermarket shopping after a cup of coffee (friend is a driver bless her) I did not think about cigs once !!!!!!! So everybody out into the garden (mine of course and get weeding lol) Talking of gardening I have noticed these fabulous bright yellow flowers which have spread all over my garden, masses and masses of them. Wonder what they are called ?????? x


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