Well can't believe it tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I gave up and I've discovered the positives of giving up smoking my teeth are whiter my skin is brighter and smoother my hair feels softer my confidence has improved because I know I don't smell dirty I not saying it has been easy because it hasn't but the days its really hard I take it a minute an hour at a time and before you know it you've made another day I'm also not rushing to get things done so I can have a fag I'm stll vaping but I don't think this is anywhere as bad as smoking.So thank you to everone on this site who helps me through the bad days.

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  • Hi Donesmokin :)

    I'm soooo happy that your reaping some of the benefits of quitting the cigs :) :) there is also the money your saving too :)

    Yes, vaping is nowhere near as bad as smoking a real cig :o cos your not getting those other 4000 toxins that you will find in a cig :) When your stronger and ready, we will help you to cut the nicotine down in your e-cig eh :) :)

    Your doing ever so well Donesmokin :) and I will be out and about to catch your new 2 weeks Winner badge bright and early tomorrow morning and of course, polish it up for you :) :)

    Not One Puff Ever :)

  • You're doing great Donesmokin 👍

    You are so right about the positives of quitting they far outweigh the positives of continuing to smoke coz there is none 🤔

    Keep positive, enjoy your new smoke free life


  • H donesmokin

    You are doing awesome :) :)

    Love how you are seeing the positives :) :) .. Keep on seeing them :) :)


  • Well done donesmoking, delighted you have seen positives so early in your quit😊 If that's what you have noticed on the outside, imagine what must be happening on the inside 😊

  • Well done it's all good ain't it😀

  • Congrats 👏 Donesmokin🎉🎉🎉 you're doing awesome!!! I as well take one hour at a time to get through each day.......

    Have a great day 🌍


  • Well done, great work Donesmoking!

  • Well done congratulations on 2 weeks 😇

  • Thanks andrew how are you doing?

  • I'm doing really good having a few chewing gums and a patch every day but that's ok.

    I will be 2 weeks on Sunday funny seems to have crept up on me this week where as the first week seems like I was waiting forever to get my one week badge I didn't like being Newly quit!

    Hope ur doing ok


  • Yes I'm fine thanks a couple of times I've wobbled but not given glad I'm vaping but trying not to do that so much now I even have times where I don't even think about smoking like I say sometimes I just take it min by min hour by hour but things are improving.

  • Yeah it's a rollercoaster sometimes I'm ok sometimes really get bad cravings. Am feeling much better tho and happy that I'm persevering 😇

  • Woo hoo Andrew, you're nearly 2 weeks now and doing great, so well done to you👍🏼😊x

  • Thanks briarwood


  • Fantastic to hear you're feeling the benefits of your quit donesmokin and be very proud of yourself, well done😊x

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