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Well I'd just like to say hello to old and new members - it has been quite some time since I posted on here. As the oldies know I stopped smoking in April 2013 and got diagnosed with lung cancer 2 months later!! anyway long story short - I had some pretty rough treatment via chemo and radiotherapy but have come out at the other end and remain in remission. So . . . . not only am I celebrating over 12 months without the weed - I am celebrating life. Had my wish to go on holiday come true and went to Lanzarote in april. Yo!! For those who have just started on their no smoking journey - keep at it. a friend of mine stopped for 7 years and for some unknown reason he took a puff of someones ciggy. He is now back smoking again. As I have said many times its the first puff that gets you going again! So keep at it guys and gals and treat yourself to a holiday and avoid Lung cancer - just ain't worth it!! :)

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Hi ya Vera, its lovely to see you again gal :) :)

Gosh, sounds like you've been through the works gal :( just sooooooooo glad you came out of it ok and back in the land of living again eh :) :) :)

Soooo, your 12 whole months quit now then, that is just amazzzzzzzzing Ve :) :) I bow down to you young Lady :) :)

Stay cool now gal eh :) :) xx


Hi Vera welcome back :D Wow you have been through the wringer, what an amazing and inspirational woman you are. So glad to see you are in remission and over a year smoke free.... that's just superb :D :D

Its good to have targets to aim for and what lovely memories you now have of Lanzarote... well done Vera :D -x-


Hi Vee and what an inspirational story, wow it must have been such a shock after finally managing to kick the habit to end up with cancer, such a shame. You are at the other side of it though now and enjoying life, well done to you and Thank you for sharing your story with us newbies, we need all the inspiration we can get and you defiantly are :) x


Welcome back & so very very glad that you're in remission.Must've been an awful shock & horrible treatment.Just glad you're out the other end and feeling better.


H x


Hi Vee, Oh, how totally weird or what. I was only thinking about you this weekend. It was when Jillygirl was taken ill, plus my son has had chemo last week and I thought I wonder what happened to you, it has been such a very long time since we last heard anything I did wonder. I often wondered whether you were OK. Soooo glad you are and came back to fight another day. I remember you giving away your cats because you wouldn't be able to look after them, have you got them back now?

Brilliant that you are alright now, I don't need to wonder any more. Funny thing is I could never for the life of me remember what you were called, so you've answered that question too. xx :)


I started to reply to you and a little furry object walked over my computer!! I couldn't get Ollie my other cat back - it wouldn't be fair on the owner. However I have a newer model called Poppy who I got from the cats protection league. She is gentle and loving, and they will take her back if the necessity arises. My odds of the bigC coming back is 50/50 in next 6 months. I have decided it will be someone else and not me!! By the way - what has happened to Jillygirl - I saw that someone said she isn't well? Hope you are still on track and its great to be back on the scene xx


Hi Vera, positive thinking is what you need. Poppy is with you for keeps as your going to keep fit & well :) We are all going to send you positive healthy vibes, keep the faith lovely :D



What an inspiration you are can't think of anything worse than giving up the weed only to find you have the big C so glad you seem to be through the worst of it now and inspiring others thank you for sharing your story it certainly helps others on their journey well done x x


Welcome back Vee :)

So good to hear your news and your holiday, and your life! So pleased you are through that, I have thought about you and wondered how it was going. So good to hear :)

Keep well, and let's keep hearing from you, Lanzarote eh, got that on my bucket list too



Congrats on both ;) x


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