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Hello I have since 2007 9 laparoscopy operations for endometriosis, hysterectomy, gall bladder removal, and last year adhesiolysis.. In 1999, laparotomy for an ectopic which resulted in left ovary and fallopian tube being reomoved.. I have been in pain really on and off since last years op and have been diagnoised with gut motility dysfubction because of adhesions to the bowel. I have this past week been in excruiating pain, have been to a& e 3 days ago after wg=hat can only be descibed as an elastic band strectching and then popping around the site of last years surgery. The pain since then has come and gone in waves that feel like contractions.. I was sent home with a diclofenac supossitory.. I am now at a loss as wht to do next,, I am sure the symptoms are nit right and am sick of not being taken seriously..Any advice would be gratefully recieved Thank you Emma Davis

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Hi Emma,

Do you know whether anything was used during any of your surgeries to prevent adhesions ? if you don't know, it should say in the surgical report (s) which you can request a copy of. People on here can help you with this.

Also, have you read the page about adhesions on ?


Hi Judy

I'm presuming the last surgery they did as the Consultant had perfomed a couple of my others.

I am so at the end of my tether, and without sounding too dramatic, am now beginning to doubt my own sanity.. Some drs say you can't get pain with adhesions, others say you can..

So I don't know who to believe anymore. All I know is that I am in so much pain most of the time.. I had to give up my job as a cardiac tech which I loved as I was having more and more time off work and the prospect of getting another one is so far away at the min.. I know that surgery to relieve the porblem of adhesions causes more adhesions but what to do, to say anymore to drs is a mystery.

I have a 22 year old daughter..

Thank you for getting back to me, it's the first time I have ever used a site or message board like this!



hi judy I've read at the link you posted: "Peritoneal injury may be minimized by using filtered, heated and humidified gas instead of the frequently used dry gas (there are currently very few centres or surgeons using warm/humidified gas)."

would you please tell me some names of those centres or surgeons using warm/humidified gas? I'm looking for someone very expertised because I'm full of adhesions all over the pelvis and around the terminal branches of the pudendal nerve.


Unfortunately no one in the UK as far as I know.


maybe in europe?....


I think the Netherlands and France, would have to look into this further.


Is there some way you can find out about this for sure ? I also presumed things which turned out to be to the contrary. After that I resolved to get all the information for myself. This was essential and the only way to find a way through the mire.


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