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I have been experiencing serve pelvic pain for a month now. I was eventually diagnosed with PID after being admitted to hospital two. The second time I got IV antibiotics (3 different ones) and then I was sent home to finish a 14 day course for metronidazole and doxycycline. Swans for chlamydia and gonorrhea came back negative. A bacterial culture allegedly showed nothing either. I have 2 days of antibiotics left and I am still sore. Is this normal? I would be very grateful to hear other peoples experiences for PID x

It took ages to get diagnosed as for the first week week I kept being told I just had an upset stomach/constipation. I was then being tested for gallstones and appendicitis when they discovered my ovaries were enlarged by accident. I'm really worried I've been given the wrong diagnosis to be honest. Thanks so much x

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  • Hey i was diagnosed with PID almost 6 months ago now, i've had 3 seperate lots of antibiotics and all my swabs came back negative i'm still in pain unfortunatly, and because its now gone on as long as it has mines classed as chronic PID.

    Have you been refered to a gynaecologist at all?xx

  • Sorry to hear about your experience! :( I was eventually referred by my GP who sent me to see an emergency gyno that day. It was then that I was put onto IV antibiotics. I'm just concerned because the scan I had previously had taken in hospital were done while they were investigating Gallstones. So basically there isn't an ultrasound of my uterus etc. I'm just feeling skeptical because I've been on antibiotics for 12 days now and the pain hasn't gone away. I'm going to see my GP again tomorrow :/ xx

  • Maybe request an ultrasound, i've had transvaginal and normal ultrasounds. PID can cause so many other problems, it can cause damage to your womb and tubes and cause fertility problems when i had my 1st transvaginal it showed up that there was fluid in my left tube which is called hydrosalpinx, and they think that PID has caused that, luckily 6 months down the line the fluid is currently not there, however my tube may be blocked and may be damaged, so i'm now on a waiting list for a lap and dye to see wether theres been any damage caused and because i simply can't cope with the amount of pain i'm in somedays. My case was similar to yours they thought it was my appendix causing the pain, but because i have a history of polycystic ovaries they did the transvaginal scan and thats how my diagnosis came about!!! Xxx

  • thanks for the advice! i'll defo be requesting one x I was given an ultrasound scan initially, but they were looking for gallstones, I was told in hospital not to eat or drink anything - so my bladder was empty and they couldn't do a pelvic ultrasound as they could not see anything! All I really know is that a CT scan has shown that my ovaries are enlarged. I had bloods taken and the only thing that wasn't in the normal was my CRP. This in combo with the CT scan is how they diagnosed me. Bit worried because I'm still in pain despite nearly having two week of AB's now :/ x hope that you get your lap soon and you get a positive result and outcome x its such an awful feeling!! I'm not feeling much confidence in my Dr's atm just because of how the whole thing has been treated :/ thanks for your comments, I appreciate it xx

  • Your welcome hun and thank you. Hope you get sorted soon too 😘 xxx

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